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Kim walked slowly down the halls. She knew where she was going, but she didn't know what to do when she got there. Sighing, she stopped at a nearby water fountain, cleansing her mouth of the dryness.

Sadness had overcome the redhead girl. She was currently feeling… well, like a screw up. The occurrences in the last few days had made it official… Kim Possible was just another stupid screw up.

She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes tightly, folding her arms with a hunched back, all the while placing one foot in front of the other. If only she had just stayed out of the room like she was told. If only she had gone back for Ron. It only she had just turned down the whole stupid mission.

Too many if only's. Not enough good thing's.

She closed her eyes and wished herself back into the park with Ron, kissing him softly and lying in his arms. It almost seemed real, until she crashed into a nurse and fell into a plastic chair.

"I'm so sorry. You okay?" The nurse asked, holding out a pudgy hand to Kim. Kim took it and forced a smile.

"Yeah. Thanks…"

"Rough day?" The nurse curled her upper lip sympathetically. Kim just shook her head and began to keep walking down the quiet halls.

"You don't know the half of it…" She said to herself when the bumbling nurse had waddled off in another direction.

Kim finally reached her destination and pursed her lips. She didn't know why she was here. She had no idea what to say to him, and she really didn't want to scare him again. You can play it cool, Kim, right? Right? She swallowed and turned the handle, sticking her head inside.

Ron turned his head to look at her. He had a look in his eyes that Kim couldn't comprehend, but it sure wasn't happy. She swallowed again and cleared her throat, as the blonde stared at her expectantly.

"Um, hey…"


"Do… do you mind if I come in for a little while?"

Ron blinked a few times and Kim almost expected him to say no. "Sure." He gestured towards the seat beside his bed. Kim turned and closed the door behind her quietly. Arms folded, she casually strode over to the chair and sat down. Ron watched her silently, and then quickly looked down at his hands when she caught his eye. There was about a minute of awkward silence, and finally Kim decided to speak.

"Uh, look, I'm sorry if I, you know, freaked you out during our first meeting. I was, well, a little freaked out myself."

"That's okay. I understand." In truth he understood less the he could imagine, but he wanted to be nice to this girl. There was something about her that just… was different from all the other people he had met. Ron smiled and placed his hand on hers. Kim looked down, surprised at his gesture, and he quickly pulled his hand away, blushing.

"Sorry." He croaked out quietly, and then coughed.

Kim smiled at him. "No… it's okay…" There was another lapse of silence. "So… you can't remember… anything?" Kim said, propping her elbows on the side of the bed.

"Not really. It's like one big blob in my head that I can't straighten out."

"You must get lonely with no memories to dwell on." Ron just nodded and laid back into his propped up pillow, staring at the place where the wall and the ceiling met. Kim knew she had said the wrong thing, and when she actually thought about it, she realized that it must feel terrible to not know anybody, or anything. To not have a purpose. Or even a dream.

"Well…" Kim continued softly. "I know you don't know me very well, but I know you. So if you ever need anything, just- just ask." Ron turned to her and smiled.

"Thanks," he said. They stared at each other for the longest time, but this time it wasn't awkward. "Hey, uh, Kim?"

Kim smiled slightly at him using her name. At least one good thing had come of her little ordeal with him- he remembered her name. She looked towards the window and rested her head on her forearms on the edge of the bed. "You used to call me KP…" she said wistfully.

"I did?" Ron also gazed towards the window. "How come I did that?"

Kim sighed and smiled at the memories. "I duno. They were my initials. I never asked you to, you just did. You were the only one who could call me that… I liked it." She doubled blinked and tilted her head. "I miss it…"

"Oh…" Ron was smiling too, although he didn't know why. "So I was your best friend?"

"In the whole entire world. We've- we were best friends since pre-k."

"That's a long time." Ron commented quietly.

"Yeah…" Kim propped her elbows up and stared back at Ron. "We would do everything together. We especially like to go to this Mexican fast food place, Bueno Nacho." She laughed to herself. "Now that I think about it, we practically lived there, despite your gross eating habits."

The corners of Ron's mouth twitched into a smile. "I had gross eating habits?"

"Oh yeah. All the time. I don't think you knew what silverware was." The two chuckled together. Maybe this isn't so bad after all… Kim thought. Maybe we can still be friends… She was trying to be positive, although she couldn't help wishing for the old Ron back.

"What else was I like?" Ron asked, clearly interested.

"You were funny. You always knew how to make me smile. You and your naked mole rat." They both smiled.

"Yeah…" Ron said laying back into his pillows again. "Rufus was cool…"

Kim's eyes widened. "What did you just say?" She asked in astonishment.

"I said Rufus was cool…" he replied. "Why?"

"I… never said anything about your naked mole rat's name…" Kim said slowly. Ron raised his eyebrows and a surprised look crossed over his face. A tiny flicker of hope burned again inside Kim. She suddenly jumped out of her seat and leaned over Ron, looking him directly in the eye. "What else do you remember?" She said trying to sound as calm as possible, but failing.

"I… I…" Ron closed his eyes tightly and Kim didn't see the faint green wisp that left him. "My name is… my name is… R-ron… St-toppable…" He suddenly opened his eyes and slowly turned his head towards Kim, eyes welling up with tears.

Kim's heart stopped and her eyes widened. It was… impossible….

"Kim…" the blonde whispered. "Kim!" And with that he threw his arms around the surprised girl. He was crying, but a joyous cry. "Kim, I- I missed you so much…"

By this time Kim was hugging him back tightly, clinging to him for dear life. It worked… Shego did it… she did it… "I missed you too Ron," she said, now also in tears. "More than you'll ever know…"

They embraced for what seemed like forever, but they didn't want to let each other go. Finally, after what seemed like years, they were together again.

"Ron, I'm never letting you go again…" Kim said as she rested her head in between his neck and shoulder. She pulled back to look him straight in the eyes, arms still around his figure. "You… you truly are my everything. And if… if I ever let anything get in the way of that, I'm so sorry, but… oh god Ron, I missed you so much!" She reburied her head onto his shoulder, shaking slightly.

Ron smiled as he looked at the redhead who was currently resting in his arms. He knew this would be the right time, so he pulled back, smiled brightly, and kissed her lovingly. Kim immediately kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck and running her fingers through his tousled blonde hair. They eventually pulled apart for air, a dazed look on both their smiling faces.

"Wow… I forgot how much I missed that…" Kim said, and she moved in for a second kiss.


Kim opened her eyes and rubbed them gently. It was the middle of the night; maybe one or two in the morning? She had fallen asleep with Ron after bit of cuddling; it had already been late at night.

She rolled over to see Ron staring wide eyed at the ceiling, deep in thought. She poked him and he jumped, making her laugh out quietly.

"You're awake?" he asked.

"I just woke up." Kim replied with a yawn. "How come you're awake?"

"Oh, just thinking…"

"About what?"

"About how much I want to go home." He inched closer to her and curled up next to her warm body.

"Yeah, me too… I'm just so glad you're here and better now… if it weren't for Shego…" Kim stopped. Shego… she had never thanked her or anything. She would do it tomorrow morning… wait. Shego was being transferred to a prison at six… "I doubt she'll ever be seeing the light of day again…" The doctor's words echoed through her mind.

"Kim?" Ron asked. She looked troubled to him; her head was bowed and she was frowning. "What's up?"

Kim was still thinking about Shego. "Ever be seeing the light of day again…" Kim sighed and sat up. Even if she was evil, even if she could be a sarcastic bitch, she didn't deserve that fate. After all she had done for her, and for Ron, Kim was not planning on letting that happen to Shego. She knew Shego was a free spirit, and deep down an okay person, and where she was headed she would never have any freedom or happiness again. And right then Kim made a decision that surprised even herself.

She hopped up out of the bed, dragging Ron out with her. Then she headed quietly for the door, a confused blonde following.

"Where are we going?" Ron asked in a loud whisper. "What are we doing?"

Kim stopped, hand on the doorknob. "Helping out… a friend." And with that she opened the door.


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