Summary: Sai is back! His past meddled with the present and his presence complicates things for Hikaru, Akira and Ogata.

Author's Note: This is going to be Yaoi / Shonen ai / Slash. Ogata Jyudan is my second favourite character (right after Sai!) in Hikaru no Go, but I hardly find any stories involving him, so I decided to try and make one! Of course, Hikaru and Akira are going to be the main characters as well. Please read & review! Thanks!

Additional Note: Thank you Aspar Lenis Lalapaya for being my beta reader!!

Part 1


A red sports car zoomed past the deserted country road at a dangerous speed, with little care for safety. It was obvious that the driver was either drunk or in a very bad mood.

The latter applied in this case. Ogata Jyudan was rather unhappy. 'Extremely mad' would more accurately describe his current state of emotion- he was having one hell of a day. First, the dry cleaner messed up his expensive white suit; they had somehow accidentally dyed it with yellow spots. Next, his girlfriend dumped him, telling him the only thing he was good at was playing Go and he couldn't satisfy her. Finally, he had had a really bad game. He nearly lost to a kid. Hikaru was the name of that kid.

All in all, he wasn't in a good mood. That's why he was taking his sports car for a ride outside of the city and trying to break every speed limit that ever existed in the process.

Something suddenly caught his eyes.

A young man was walking alone on the deserted road.

The reason Ogata chose to come this way was because this stretch of road was almost completely empty. There was nothing along the way; no houses, no shops; a bare, ugly area with trees that were half dead and a muddy lake at the end of the road. There were very few cars travelling, let alone anyone walking along the road.

Ogata slowed down slightly as his curiosity was perked. Taking a few glances at the young man, Ogata couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. The man was dressed in a strange outfit, with a tall hat and long, white dress like those from the Heian era. His shoes, which should have been blue or green in colour, were already covered in so much mud that the colour was no longer visible; a sure sign that the man had been walking for hours.

"What a strange person…" before he finished his line of thoughts, the man suddenly stopped walking. Without any warning, the man collapsed face down onto the dust.

"Damn!" Ogata pulled his car to an emergency stop. The tires screeched loudly, protesting against the sudden change of velocity.

Getting out of the car, Ogata approached the man on the ground.

"Hey, are you ok?" Ogata touched the man's shoulder not too gently with his foot. He had read too many stories about traps luring travellers.

The man gave no response.

Ogata looked around. There might not be another car passing by for a few days. If he just left the man here… Who knew what would happen to him?

Heaving a heavy sigh, Ogata bent down to pull the man up. He was surprised at how light the man was.

"Hey, you…" Ogata gasped in surprise as he wiped the young man's long, purple hair out of his face, revealing a face prettier than that of any woman he had seen. Delicate features, almost too feminine to be a man… If not for the completely flat chest heaving up and down against him, Ogata would have certainly doubted the gender of this beauty.

"What's your name?" Ogata asked, this time with a much softer voice.

"Hm…?" the young man in his arms stirred, but didn't open his eyes.

"Who are you? An angel abandoned from heaven?" Ogata sighed again as he picked the man up and put him in the passenger's seat.

"Fujiwara… Fujiwara Sai…" the stranger mumbled, before falling out of awareness again.

Ogata stared at the unconscious man.

"… Sai…?"

That was a familiar name.