"Jesus you almost shot me" Logan said looking down at his arm, swearing he could see scorched fabric.

Lydecker contained his laughter for the moment, there were more pressing things to accomplish, even though the kid was rather funny.

"We had a deal" McGinnis said from the floor.

"Renfro. What's she doing to the X5's?"

McGinnis stood up, "I don't know!"

"Wrong answer" Lydecker wretched McGinnis' arm behind his back

"I swear to god Deck I don't know."

If McGinnis refused to answer that then he would get another answers first, answers he needed to know and he had been unable to avoid thinking about all summer, "What happened to 452?" Lydecker said with the gun still trained on McGinnis, "What did Renfo do with her?"

"Buried her, burned her, I don't know."

Lydecker gabbed the gun into his ribs, relief flowed through him that he hadn't imagined possible, "You're lying. They saved her didn't they." Lydecker didn't know if it was true or not, he didn't dare think what this would do to Logan if he thought even for a moment Max might be alive and it turned out to be false. They'd both spent 3 months thinking she was gone for good, they'd both grieved for her.

"What are you talking about Deck? The girl was dead."

"If she was dead then her organs would have been salvaged." He knew the routine and he knew an x-5's organs could been taken long after a normal person's.

"I'm sure they were. Look Deck."

He took another chance, after all what did he have to lose, "Help me get her back and I'll let you live."

"How do I know you won't just betray me again?"

Lydecker contained his relief, it hadn't just been wishful thinking, Max was still alive, "I want Max and Zack back."

"I can't help you with 599."

"What happened to him?" Lydecker said swallowing hard.

McGinnis groaned as the barrel of the gun was dug more deeply into his ribs "452, her heart was too badly damaged."

"So you took his?"

"He gave it."

"I want her back."

"How the hell do you expect me to accomplish that?"

"Arrange transfer for her."

"To where?"

"To wherever Renfo has been testing my kids."

McGinnis nodded and Logan finally allowed himself to breathe.