Chapter Two: Christmas Morning

The next morning, Dean was awoken by Seamus shaking his shoulder.

"Wake up, sleepyhead! I want to open my presents!"

"Piss off. I'm tired." Dean was not a morning person.

"That's your fault for staying up late."

"I wouldn't be tired if you let me sleep. And what makes you think you've got any presents?"

"Because it's Christmas, and I know you got me something because you love me. And I know you're waking up, because you're using words of more than one syllable."

Dean groaned, and Seamus switched from pest mode into charming mode.

"Come on, precious, please? Don't you want to see me open your present?"

"I don't bug you when you want to sleep," Dean said, ignoring him.

"Well I like to sleep at night, like a normal person. I think you must be a vampire."

"Why do you think I bite your neck?"

"Ah, the truth is revealed!" Seamus could tell that Dean was waking up, so he hopped out of bed and put his slippers on. Sure enough, Dean got up a minute later, finding the bed less comfortable without his heat source.

"I need tea," he mumbled. Seamus gave him a hug.

"Good morning, angel. I'm sorry if I was a pest. I got a nice Christmas present for you, come open it. You can have tea when we go downstairs for breakfast."

Dean simply nodded, and rested his head against his boyfriend's shoulder. He loved Seamus dearly, but sometimes all he wanted him to do was to shut up. They made their way down to the Common Room, and Dean was soon his usual cheerful self, upon seeing the number of gifts awaiting him.

Harry and Ron were also having difficulty waking Draco up. He, like Dean, was not a morning person. However, without Seamus' Irish charm, the two Gryffindors had to resort to crueller methods. They pulled the covers off of Draco, and began to tickle him. Well, Ron did. Harry stared at the sleeping teen and murmured,

"God, he has a gorgeous body."

"Don't get distracted!"


"No, I understand completely."

Draco woke up, hit his tormentors with a pillow, put his head under it, and went back to sleep.

"Just leave him," said Ron.

They went downstairs, neglecting to replace the blankets. The combination of cold, and the loud chatter of happy, avaricious, voices woke Draco a few minutes later, and he quickly ran downstairs.

"You started opening presents without me," he said accusingly, and flopped down on a sofa to sulk.

"Sorry, love, but you wouldn't wake up. Here, open this one first," Harry said, sitting down next to Draco and handing him a lumpy package. When he opened it, his jaw dropped. Inside was a thick green sweater, with a silver 'D' on the front.

"My mum made it," Ron explained, sitting down on his other side. "Me and Harry got them too."

"Your mum made me a sweater?" Draco asked incredulously, "That is so sweet!"

He hugged Ron, then Harry, before pulling the sweater on. He was sure that this was his best Christmas ever.

The End

Happy joy! I love fluffy Draco. And I sympathise with him and Dean. I'm not a morning person either. I stayed up until 5:00 AM on Christmas Eve this year, and then got woken up at 8:00 by my cruel family. Bastards. Grumble. Okay, I'm better now.

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