"When I'm with you I feel safe... like I'm home."

Sam closed her eyes to keep from crying. She had never felt so utterly wonderful and loved as she did in this moment. And home was the perfect word for it.

Home. A place where everything was just the way it should be; and as she nestled herself closer to Andrew, she knew this was where she belonged. Maybe he had been wrong. Maybe home wasn't some imaginary place, some Zion or promised land. Maybe, just maybe, home could be found in that one person. That one person who could make everything right.

She felt him kiss her neck and wondered how she could ever leave the bathtub. His warm breath on her shoulder comforted her, and she knew that something inside of her was changing. In all her life, through all of her struggles, she had never felt anything remotely close to this. This feeling that made her whole body tingle when he kissed her. This incredible feeling that filled her with warmth and fear at the same time.

"Andrew..."she wasn't sure why she had said it, and let it linger in the air. Perhaps she wanted to know if he felt the same way, even though she somehow knew he already did. He pulled back slightly to look into her eyes, seemingly searching for something. Possibly an indication of regret or...love.

"Sam." Was all he could reply, his throat clenched from unshed tears.

And in a confidence she had always possessed, she found the courage to be the first to move. Standing, she gazed down softly at Andrew who was slumped with his knees to his chest, saddened that the moment had ended. But instead of climbing out of the bath as he had expected her to, she simply held out her hand.

He looked up at her cautiously, as if at any moment she would withdraw her hand and take back her offer. With a bit of hesitancy, he brought his own hand up to grasp hers. This would change everything, he knew. When he finally rose, she placed her hands on his chest and brought her lips to his own. For a moment he felt paralyzed as she poured her heart into the gentle kiss. Never had he been so overwhelmed by love, not even in his mother's arms. It was absolutely astonishing.

Sam pulled back, and quickly glancing into his eyes, took a step out of the bath. It was as if an invisible force drew him to her almost instantly. Their fingers were still interlocked as she pulled him towards his bedroom. Both were aware of the implications and consequences; however, neither wanted any of this to end. But upon reaching the threshold of his room, Andrew stopped abruptly.

Sam turned back, her brow furrowed in concern, "What's wrong?"

He sighed, "I just...I just want to make sure this is what you want. Because if you're just doing this because-"

But he was quickly hushed when Sam gently placed her finger over his lips. "Andrew, trust me." She brushed a soft kiss across the corner of his mouth, and walked into the room.

Within moments she found herself tangled in the soft, cotton sheets, staring up into Andrew's eyes. "This is it, isn't it?" he asked in between kisses. "This is home."

Sam smiled, "Yeah. Yeah, it is."