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Surprises of all Kinds

Chapter 7

Someone twitched.

And then that someone sneezed...hard

And somehow that same someone knew somebody was talking shit about her...probably that no good hanyou in the past. She must remind herself to sit him a few times later...when she found the time to go back and visit that is.

Two pairs of eyes remained unblinking, one staring at her with confusion and awe, and the other in what appeared to be disbelief. Was it ironic that the one who displayed such a disheartening look was also the same one who had until recently been dead and living in the body of a human?

A third body cringed away from the strange looks she was receiving and turned to stare at the wall, determined to ignore them as long as they sat there looking like statues.

Soon, along with stunned silence, snoring filled the room and the miko inwardly cursed her son and brother for having the attention spans of three-year olds and leaving her to deal with the consequences of revealing herself to two strange demons. Darn, she should have had Shippo and Souta tell the story instead so she didn't have to sit here for so long until her words digested enough for one of the other kitsunes to speak. Honestly, why was it so hard to believe she was a time traveler who just so happened to be a miko slash kitsune, one of the rarest breeds alive, and one who also happened to run a not so legal organization that actually aided demons in making their home in the human world. I mean you would think the thief would have been at least a bit less skeptical. Damn her for leading such a stupid life.

Realizing that her palms were beginning to sweat, the elegant priestess sat up straighter and tried to appear as if she didn't feel the weighty looks upon her person. Feeling brave and calm once more the priestess dared a look around the table, slouching low in her seat when she felt two pairs of eyes glaring back at her as if the were refuting everything she'd just told them. She could practically feel their eyes searching her soul, the heat and curiosity enough to make any girl's brain feel as if an anvil were being unloaded on it.

"Er, so are we done now? Okay, hahaha," Kagome giggled almost hysterically and went to get out of her chair when a clawed hand reached up and restrained her from running out of the room and hiding herself under the first rock she found.

Across from her Shuichi had his head bowed in thought, his chin braced upon his delicate fingers in a seemingly carefree position. But only the telltale sign of the tenseness in his frame and the blank, thoughtful look in his eyes gave way to the anxiety he had to be feeling over learning that time travel truly was possible.

"Okay," Yoko finally cleared his throat, tugging the woman's hand until she sat down again. "So let me get this straight. You," he pointed to Kagome, "are a kitsune who was born human and had the Shikon no Tama in your body until you were 15 and had it ripped away by a centipede wench from the past, who later pointed you directly to the God Tree, the same one currently standing outside your window today, one which used to hold a boy with puppy ears and bears the name of female dog demon, who turned out to be a hanyou that was thought to have killed the priestess Kikyo more than 5oo years ago." Kagome was about to open her mouth and interrupt at the derogative way he said Inuyasha's name when the beautiful male held up a hand and shushed her, thus pissing her off in the process but effectively keeping her from spouting any and all curse words she currently wished to call him.

"And after that, you and said hanyou set out on a journey, one in which you ran into such allies as a kit, who by default later became your adopted son and now lives with you to this day, a monk, a slayer, a wolf prince, a western lord, and a multitude of bad guys that later became fish meet because of your arrow. You later came back here and were found by the cruel-hearted, but slightly reformed Lord of the West who claimed you as his sister and brought you into his company, thus making you head of Demon International Affairs, which effectively means you have any and all right to allow all manner of demons to bypass the Kekaii barrier just by your word alone, am I correct? You also claim to have gone on missions to rescue and liberate any type of material and weaponry from any one Sesshomaru deems unworthy of owning such things, something that effectively sounds like a pretty form of thievery to me."

Once again Yoko cut off whatever comment Kagome was going to make, tweaking her lips closed with two of his fingers and removing them when she tried to annoy him by slobbering all over said restraining fingers, but only succeeded in turning him on when she accidentally nibbled them. He ignored her for now and lifted a finger to his own lips, strangely reminding Kagome of a Greek statue aptly named 'The thinker' by the artist Renoir. "I believe that is all...unless you want to add in the fact that you currently are now one of the rarest breeds of kitsune thanks to a previously dead miko who thought you deserved a 'reward' for all your 'good deeds'. Did I get it all?"

"Thank you, Yoko, for that entirely brief, not to mention emotionally lacking, rendition of a very emotionally rendering period of time in my life," Kagome commented dryly. "But," she paused and wiggled her eyebrows at Shuichi mischievously. "I think you missed something."

"Really?" Yoko frowned. "I was sure I-."

The poor silver kitsune, who most surely deserved it, didn't even have time to blink before the cup of ice cold water turned over his head and effectively soaked his hair. He was only dimly aware of Shuichi and Kagome laughing their heads off, and he was pretty sure he wanted to help the departure of said heads in that moment, as he growled and brushed his wet bangs off his forehead, turning his nose up at the both of then, but not able to hide the amusement in his eyes.

"I'm sorry you had to go through all that at such a young age, Kagome," Shuichi told her after his chuckles ceased and she was still recovering from her own laughing bout. The girl had started trying to help Yoko dry his bangs, both kitsunes smoothing the delicate strands between them. "But I am impressed that you were able to survive in such a bloody time period for so long. You should be proud of your accomplishments."

Kagome had enough humility to blush over Shuichi's kind words and she paused in mid-stroke of Yoko's perfect hair. No one had ever told her that before. Even the Sesshomaru from her time had never said he was proud of her or of any of the good deeds she'd done in the past. It was where she learned to be the woman she was today and to hear that someone respected her because of it, someone who had only just recently heard the story and also someone who hadn't known her before today or even yesterday, and it filled her with pride. "Thank you," she murmured, blushing even more when she caught Yoko's smirk over her embarrassment. "Oh my!" Kagome jumped out of her chair, having glanced down at her watch and thus scaring the wits out of Yoko and Shuichi. "We must get going if we wish to get some clothes for you two. I have a meeting tonight to discuss what happened today and Shuichi wanted to go see his mother, correct?"

Kagome's eyes flashed red as she tried to contain the temper raging inside. She had not forgotten about this morning and just seeing the image of her beloved Home in flames again brought new waves of anger rising to the surface.

"Kagome," Kagome jumped when she felt a hand upon her shoulder and glanced up to find Shuichi and Yoko staring at her seriously. She glanced at Yoko, as it was he who had spoken and touched her. "We would like you to know that we will help you in any way that's possible," he told her. "Shuichi and I have discussed this and decided that we are now in your debt. After all, if it wasn't for you we probably would have been in serious trouble by now." He smiled softly and brushed a lock of raven hair behind her ear. She was in human form now, and had been since before the boys finished showering that morning.

Kagome smiled softly and couldn't resist pulling the silver male into her arms, purring softly when his longer arms twined around her smaller waist in return. She was practically swallowed up in his arms, but she just couldn't find it in her heart to pull away. She couldn't help it but ever since she met these two, her kitsune nature wouldn't let her be apart from them for more than a few minutes without feeling the need to touch or caress one of them. It was how she often felt around Nikoma, but he wasn't as affectionate as a kitsune so it was harder for her to hug him or touch him this way. She didn't know what it was about these two exactly, but something told her they would become an extremely important fixture in her future life. "Thank you," she whispered in his ear, smirking when she felt him tense and shiver from the breath that blew across his soft, downy ears. "And thank you, Shuichi," she nodded to the other kitsune who merely smiled affectionately back. "Now, let's get going."

As it turns out, Shuichi and Kagome had a hell of a time forcing Yoko into a car and an even harder time getting him out when he declared he wanted to test it out for himself on the drive home. Both Yoko and Shuichi both wearing human disguises, able to hold the illusions perfectly since kitsunes were very adept at them. Shuichi had been panicking as both Yoko and Kagome argued over the driver seat when they got out and settled the matter by swiping the keys and pocketing them himself. After all, he had to be a better driver than Kagome who had almost killed them three times on the way to the mall thanks to her tendency to space out even while driving. Of course, once she claimed that Yoko's hair had made her do it when it flew in front of her face and begged to be petted, but no one had believed her excuse...least of all Kagome herself And there was no way in hell Shuichi wanted Yoko behind the wheel of a car. There's no telling what that crazy fox would do if he controlled such a beast.

A pouting Kagome and one disappointed Yoko later found both kitsunes following sullenly after Shuichi, who was already rubbing his temples in frustration. Of course Yoko perked up when he saw the gigantic 'village' as he called it and Shuichi panicked again when he saw the look in the fox's eyes, the one that demanded he steal something just for the sake of. Fortunately for our poor, newly re-born fox, Kagome had seen it too and grabbed Yoko's hand, effectively cutting off all thoughts of stealing (besides that of stealing her innocence because her touch still continued to send flames of lust shooting straight to his groin). It was more than obvious that he was a baby in this world, regardless of the fact that he'd been living within Shuichi until this point. But even then he'd never been able to do things for himself and was more like a specter unless he was fighting an enemy.

Nevertheless Yoko anything but a slow learner, and he listened carefully as both Kagome and Shuichi explained what to do and what not to do, the biggest one being his biggest weakness.

"So where should we go first?" Kagome asked when they were all inside, eyeing Shuichi's attire. He really did look good in her father's clothing, the blood red of the shirt clashing with his red hair and creating an altogether urethral look. He was wearing simple black cargo pants but Kagome had to admit he looked good and natural and the way he carried himself spoke volumes. He practically radiated with male assurance and pride, partly because of Yoko's lasting impression and because he was now a kitsune himself. She glanced at the awed Yoko behind him, the silver kitsune also wearing a pair of borrowed clothes. He wore a black, loose t-shirt and a pair of Shippo's old army style pants and Kagome thought he reminded her of a general the way his arms were folded in front of his chest and the intensity in which he was looking around. Practically every where she looked both men and women admired the men at her side, and she found herself filled with gloating pleasure as it was she who was walking beside both delicious males. Yes, indeed, her kitsune side was eager to show off...although she was more than ready to pounce if any of those other women decided to touch what she now considered her territory.

"Well I suppose we should shop for Yoko first, since he's the one who needs them the most," the red kitsune replied, bringing attention back to himself and pulling Kagome's mind out of the gutter. Both Kagome and Shuichi turned to Yoko to see what he thought...only to find he was no longer standing beside them. They turned back to each other with fear and apprehension until they heard a shout from somewhere down the hall.

"Come on," Kagome called to her friend, grabbing him by the hand and using her senses to search for their lost companion. When they found him Kagome wasn't surprised to see Yoko crouched in front of a display of diamonds, but she was surprised to see what his golden, crystal orbs had landed on. He was staring intently at one piece in particular, one that didn't appear to be a diamond at all, but a large blood red stone. Walking over to him, she crouched beside him, concerned at the haunted look that suddenly appeared in her friend's eyes. "What did you find?" she asked him, glancing curiously at the precious stone.

But Yoko was lost in his own world, sights and sounds whirling around him and disappearing into the background as if they were lost to time...just like his old partner. "Kuronue," he whispered thickly, unable to keep the emotion from clogging his voice or to comprehend what he was seeing. What was Kuronue's pendant doing in a store such as this? What exactly did this mean? Did that mean that his old partner was alive here somewhere? Had a demon found it and traded it to a human or perhaps sold it through the black market? It just didn't make sense. The last time he'd seen it was right before his partner foolishly tried to retain it. Later, Yoko had gone back to the sight of his partner's death, only when he couldn't look around without feeling copious amounts of grief and guilt, and tried to find it but ultimately wound up with nothing but cold memories.

"Oh," someone breathed from beside him and Yoko was startled to see Shuichi's form kneeling beside him, a questioning, yet knowing look in his eyes. "Is it, is it his?"

Yoko nodded wordlessly and Kagome continued to look confused. "Kur-onue?" Kagome questioned, testing the name and wondering why it caused a flicker of recognition to cross in the back of her mind, and also wondering why both demons continued to look as if they'd just struck her barrier again. Her eyes flew open in surprise as she remembered where she'd heard that name before. "Is that the demon who you were dreaming of last night, Yoko?" She spoke gently and with concern as she attempted to comfort the seemingly at a loss for words demon.

Yoko nodded again and swallowed thickly. Finally he closed his eyes, only to lose all trace of emotion when he opened them again. He stood up and began walking away without a word to either of his two companions, hands jammed deep in his pockets and head bowed in shame and remorse as he remained lost in thought and the memories of his partner's death continued to haunt him. Kagome's sympathetic, blue orbs landed on Shuichi who avoided her eyes and stood up quietly, following after the silent kitsune and offering his brother-figure any type of comfort he could give, while Kagome followed noiselessly after both of them, lost in confusion of her own but determined to get the answers she sought. Perhaps if she could find out who this Kuronue is or was, she could figure out a way to help Yoko get over him or move on. Or perhaps try to find him if he were still alive somewhere.

Some time later the trio stopped for lunch at the center of the mall, the mood having lightened after awhile. Yoko was still slightly sullen, but he allowed Kagome and Shuichi to lead him wherever they wanted. He'd even smiled when Kagome forced Shuichi to try on some different clothing than the prissy stuff he normally wore. For now they were both wearing her father's clothing, which Shuichi had thanked the miko for and Yoko whined, finding the clothes a little uncomfortable. It wasn't that he wasn't grateful for her giving nature, he just found human clothing a bit too restricting. He had pouted at first, but relaxed when Kagome reminded him that he could wear whatever he wanted when he wasn't around others...to which he asked if that meant he could wear absolutely nothing around her.

Of course, Kagome's mind and body had two extremely polar reactions. One portion of her, the one that remained solely human, was appalled at the idea. That was the portion that called him a pervert and just barely refrained from smacking him since that would have been childish and she knew he was just joking around...sort of. Of course, the other part of her mind, the one that belonged solely to the kitsune vixen waiting to pounce, had jumped at the idea, showing her all sorts of images of both the silver kitsune and the red kitsune in positions she had no way of knowing were possible until she experienced them herself. As you can see, this caused quite a dilemma in our fair heroine, who proceeded to flee the room in order to save herself from doing something stupid, like smacking the silver fox or worse, jumping his bones instead and fulfilling all the naught thoughts floating about.

They were almost finished for the day when Kagome ran into the four people who always show up in these stories; the three wolves in sheep's clothing, or in this case the clothing in the form of teenage human girls. And lets not forget the puppy who came in the shape of an adorable teenage boy...who may have been adorable to some...but not Higurashi, Kagome! And since Karma has a way of coming back and biting people in the ass, Kagome could only curse the heavens when she was spotted, chased, and cornered like a dying cow.

"Oh, silly Kagome, why are you running from us!" Eri cried, jumping in front of our poor heroine and giving her the hug from hell.

"Yeah, why didn't you tell us you were going to be here?" Yuka joined in the feeding frenzy, smiling widely with those sadistic teeth of her's. Ayumi just stood back, embarrassed to be in the presence of such foolish children. She gave a shy wave to Kagome and smirked in sympathy while Kagome's eyes threatened bodily harm if she didn't pull the poor girl to safety. After all, out of the three girls, she was the only one who knew Kagome's precious secret, privileged to know such truths since she was in fact Nikoma's younger sister. She had known Kagome since she was five and was the only one brave enough to come forward and ask Kagome point blank why she was lying to them all the time. Bah, as if a teenager as young and healthy as Kagome had ever been sick a day in her life. Of course since she was a good friend she tried to get the others to back off when she knew it would only make Kagome run faster if they pushed. She gave an extra wince of sympathy since they'd also had the misfortune of running into Hojo earlier in the afternoon who now looked as if he'd won the lottery. And was that...drool seeping out of his mouth? Gross!

"Air," Kagome suddenly coughed, quickly losing the ability to feel her arms. She probably would have lost the feeling in her legs as well if weren't for the quick thinking of one of her male companions who reached in and saved her from the almost certain death-by-bear-hugging.

Glancing around, Ayumi may have missed the two men who accompanied her friend, but since I mentioned that she was the smartest of the bunch and the only one who knew Kagome's deepest secrets, she spotted them the moment her friend started demanding for their aid. The pretty red head looked slightly familiar, while the silver haired male looked a bit like him. Her eyes widened in surprise at spotting such beautiful males. The silver haired male looked exactly as Kagome had described to them as Inuyasha, but she knew it wasn't possibly since she knew for a fact Kagome no longer carried a torch for the white-haired hanyou. And was that Shuichi Minamino? She had no idea he was a demon.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Kagome whispered and hugged a confused Yoko when he snatched her away leaving Shuichi to sweat under the combined stare of the two sharks known as Eri and Yuka. They looked as if they wanted to bite into him at any given moment. Kagome kissed Yoko's cheek and allowed him to hold her if it meant getting away from her crazy friends, even if it meant having to feel his strong body pressed so intimately against her own and causing her to have some very interesting reactions to his proximity. Maybe it would even give Hojo the hint that she was, and mostly certainly never had been, interested in him. "Girls, this is Yoko, my boyfriend, and his brother, Shuichi," she introduced, grinning widely. Across the way, she saw Shuichi start at the false information and she blinked when he looked slightly pained. And was that...jealousy? Why would he be jealous when he knew she was lying?

"Boyfriend/Shuichi?" Yuka and Eri cried as one. "You have a boyfriend/As in Shuichi Minamino!" They gasped, eyes sparkling with fan-girl intensity. (Do you understand what I was trying to do with them? They were speaking at the same time, just in case you didn't realize that's what I was doing.)

"That's wonderful, Kagome." Ayumi spoke softly, the only one to truly show she was happy for her friend, though her eyes began to glow with playfulness as if she knew something no one else did. "I'm glad you were able to move past Inuyasha and find love once again." Kagome appreciated Ayumi more than she ever had, though she briefly wondered what Ayumi was doing still hanging around these twerps. After Yuka had tried to steal one of Ayumi's past boyfriends the other girl had grown quite upset and refused to speak to either her or Eri for weeks.

"Higurashi-san, you have a boyfriend?" Hojo voiced pathetically, hurt etched all over his boyish features. Cute he may be to normal humans, but he was certainly no kitsune and thus Kagome could never be satisfied with a human mate. Not after she knew there were more beautiful demon males out there, ones like Yoko and Shuichi. A normal human just wouldn't cut it for her and would be too boring for words. Besides, she was a demon now and her nature demanded she find a male just as strong as herself.

From Yoko's position behind the black haired vixen, he could almost taste the tension multiply in the air and frowned down at the pitiful human lad. Now everyone knows that Yoko Kurama is not an idiot. He may act like an ass some times and have the most bizarre sense of humor to ever grace the earth, contrary to belief and what Shuichi might tell you under duress, he was not stupid. He had figured out long ago what Kagome meant by boyfriend, especially when so many girls had tried to get at both her and Shuichi when they were still together, attempting to woo his attention and claim him as their own 'boyfriend'. Back then, he had not spared any of those simpletons a glance, but in this case his reaction was entirely the opposite of past reactions.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you," Kagome squeaked, feeling bad when Eri and Yuka ganged up on her and tried to question her, barreling her with so many stupid questions she thought her head would explode.

"Hmph," Yoko huffed arrogantly, turning the attention off the miko and onto him, effectively cutting off the raging inferno of questions, and crossed both arms around Kagome's shoulders, holding her against his front possessively. His gleaming silver hair dipped forward and hung all around her stiff shoulders and her hands itched to touch it again. Yoko almost groaned in pleasure when she rubbed against him in thanks, reaching up and grabbing a lock of his hair in a tight fist. His chin dipped forward to rest on her shoulder. "Yes, Kagome is my girlfriend. Why would you doubt what a friend was telling you? Further more, you two should be ashamed of yourselves for demanding to know someone else's personal business, regardless if you are friends or not. A person's business is their own and she is under no obligation to tell you such personal things when it is more than obvious that it doesn't concern any of you. And you," he shot a glare at Hojo that would have chopped right through him if he had chosen to throw his rose whip instead of a look. "Stop staring at MY girl as if she were a piece of steak, she doesn't appreciate your obscene glances. Find another girl to play with because this one is mine and will stay that way if I have anything to say about it."

Hojo gulped and looked away, while Yuka and Eri looked properly admonished. All three hurriedly gave their goodbyes, grumbling under their breath as they walked away about Kagome's new choice in men. Apparently this one held a possessive streak much worse than Inuyasha's. Hojo just continued to mope along sadly behind then, obviously lost in his own world.

Ayumi was the only one who stayed behind and once she was sure the others were gone she turned back to her friend, brown eyes sparkling with hidden mischief. "So you finally got a mate, Kagome?" she teased, amused even more when the girl seemed to realize what she was doing and leaped out of Yoko's arms much to the disappointment of the silver kitsune who was enjoying having her in his arms.

"No it isn't like that, Ayumi, really, he was just helping me out," the vixen sputtered helplessly, blushing even more when her friend continued to tease her.

"Oh, Kagome, why didn't you ever tell me?" Ayumi mocked, clutching her heart as if she didn't believe a word of Kagome's denial. "And whatever will Sesshomaru say when I tell him his poor little sister has decided to take a mate without his expressed permission."

Kagome glared, eyebrow twitching. "You...wouldn't," Kagome gritted out through clenched teeth. Ayumi shot her the peace sign and a cheesy smile and Kagome relaxed and smiled as well, reaching forward to hug one of her closest friends. It had been awhile since they'd seen each other. Now it seemed the only time Kagome came around was to fetch her brother for some new mission Sesshomaru had for them.

"Um, Kagome, I couldn't help but notice that your friend seemed to speak Lord Sesshomaru's name with some familiarity," Shuichi commented, smiling hesitantly at the other girl. "Might I enquire why that is?"

"That's right," Kagome grinned, turning back to her two kitsune companions. "This is Ayumi, my partner's sister. I've known Ayumi practically since we were infants. Her brother, Nikoma, is my partner here in the human world and the one you saw me speaking to this morning."

"It's very nice to meet you," Ayumi bowed politely. "I'm glad to see Kagome has some of her own kind to hang around with now as her playful antics were starting to give my brother a headache."

"You...can tell what we are?" Yoko asked suspiciously, surprised that a human seemed quite at home in a demon's presence.

"Sure," Ayumi chirped brightly. "I'm a shrine maiden as well, though I don't have the power Kagome does. But she never could keep a secret from me for very long and it didn't take her long to confess everything to me."

"That's only because you threatened to tell the whole school I wasn't sick and was instead a spy for the Russian Government," Kagome muttered under her breath.

Ayumi smirked naughtily. "Guilty."

Kagome couldn't help but smirk back. "You're such a bitch, Ayu-chan. Anyway, have you seen your brother this morning?"

Ayumi lost her smile, recognizing the serious nature of Kagome's question. "Yeah, he came home this morning smelling like ash and smoke. I questioned him about what happened before he left just as quickly as he came," she answered seriously. "He said to tell you that he would be at the meeting tonight, if I saw you that is, but that he had something to do first. He wouldn't tell me what it was but I suspected you already knew so I didn't bother to question him further."

"Hm," Kagome murmured, tapping her lips thoughtfully. "He's probably going to find out what he can about the ones who weren't at Home today. I need to find out how the whereabout of my home somehow became known. Either someone just got lucky...or..."

"Someone told on purpose," Yoko spoke up quietly, although angrily. Kagome nodded once and he growled. Growing up in the Makai he had grown used to people stabbing you in the back and was willing to admit that he himself had done the back-stabbing a time or two. However, he had since reformed his ways and would never seek to betray one of his friends, the ones he'd made while he was still within Shuichi. Either way, it was starting to appear as if someone had deliberately betrayed this vixen and he was more than willing to make that person regret their actions...even if it meant sacrificing his life for the one woman he was beginning to care for. One way or another he would keep her safe, his own life be damned.

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