Disclaimer: This is going to be a Takari but it starts out as a Dakari, so please don't kill me. This story, as of now, is going to be rate pg-13 but the rating may go up some time in the near future. Characters in this story are not mine, only Jun's boyfriend and Davis's parents. All songs that she uses are not hers. But most poems that she uses are hers and hers alone! Do not steal them and call them your own!

Summary: Tk, sent off to America for an interview, dies. Kari is forced into believing this and forced to grow up. She takes it hard and isn't the same person she use to be. Davis seems to understand her pain and comforts her. She soon develops feelings for him. She, after her family's consent, moves in with Davis and his family. After three years if Tk's death and one year of Kari and Davis's relationship, Davis's family gets a new visitor. All of them go on a camping trip. Davis and the new visitor seem to have a great friendship forming but sparks fly with this new visitor and Kari.

A Hidden Love

By: RogueSummersLover


"TK!" The harsh sound of pain screamed out into the cold crisp air of the room. Kari screamed, again, out of agony. She punched the wall as hard she could. The dripping dark red substance slowly cascaded down her formed fist and the sweetness of physical pain blended in with the intense emotional pain that she endured within herself.

"Tk . . . " Kari mumbled quietly through her sobs. "Why? Why?" she rocked back and forth in an effort to calm her quivering self. "Oh God . . . Why . . . ? Why . . . ? Tk." Kari shivered, not from the coldness in her room, or from the fear, but from the painful truth of the death of her lover. "TK!" She wailed. "No! Don't Leave me!...Don't . . . leave . . . Don't leave.." Kari wrapped her arms around her legs and buried her face full of hot tears in her arms. As she cried she thought of the sweet tormenting memory she had of Tk and herself just five days before 'the' call.

Tk and Kari walked hand in hand around the city. Both content with each other's company. Tk smiled down at his love. Not wanting this moment to go to waste, he stopped. Kari, noticing that he stopped, turned to look at him.

"Tk?" She questioned in her soft angelic voice. He chose not to respond, but instead he leaned down and kissed her. A kiss that was so full of passion but at the same time was soft and told of true love. After breaking apart, Kari, with her eyes furrowed in confusion, stared up at him.

"Tk?" She repeated. This time he answered her questioning.

"Kari, I have to go away for a couple of days." He answered vaguely.

"Why?" She asked. Her smooth face drenched in lines of worry.

"It's a collage interview. They want me to come to them." He answered. Most of the lines that filled the usually smooth faced ceased.

"What collage?" She asked. She couldn't help but sound slightly relieved.

"A collage in France mom wants me to look at." He studied her features as they added more lines of confusion and worry.

"Don't worry, Kari, I'll come back I promise." Tk said as he smoothed out the lines on her forehead.

"Do you promise?" Kari asked as she watched him with steady eyes. Tk nodded.

"Of course, but here, I want you to take this as a symbol of my promise. So that every time we're away from each other, you'll know I'll come back." Tk slid of the solid silver band around his left ring-finger and slid onto her right ring-finger. She stared at it for a moment then gazed back at Tk, eyes full of love.

"Oh Tk!" She smiled as tears formed in her eyes. She swung her arms around his neck in happiness. She kissed his cheek then his lips. Tk smiled happily. He took her by the arms.

"Come on Kari. We should get you home." He smiled down at her.

Kari lifted her head from the safe-haven of her arms and stared down at that very same silver band. "Oh Tk . . . " Her eyes swelled up with new fresh hot tears. She whispered silently to herself. "You can't leave me . . . Tk . . . you can't . . . I need you." She turned to the door as she heard the shrill of the phone. Tears that were already in her eyes rolled down the worn paths on her face.

Tai ran other to the phone and as he picked it up he watched, out of the corner of his eye as Kari approached. 'Who is it?' she mouthed. Tai shrugged and turned away from his sister's all-knowing stare.

"Hello?" Tai asked casually into the phone.

"Ta-ta-tai?" The shaky voice on the other line asked. Tai's facial expression was full of shock.

"Mimi! Mimi what's the matter?" The phone was filled with audible sounds of the girl's blubbering.

"Ta-tai . . . it's . . . it's T...k..." She muttered out through the cloudiness of her tears. Again, surprise filled Tai's face.

"Mimi, calm down. Tell me what happened." Tai ordered smoothly. Mimi hiccupped.

"Tai..There was . . . an accident." She managed. Fear clouded of Tai's senses.

"Wha-what happened?" He asked. Mimi burst into tears again. There was movement on the opposite line and a new voice filled the line.

"Tai?" A more masculine voice asked.

"Ya, Matt? What's going on?" He asked.

"It's Tk. There was a car crash . . . "Matt's voice was now foggy with emotion.

"Oh, Matt." Tai trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"They can't find his body, Tai . . . They don't think that he . . . made it." Matt's voice was so clouded now that Tai had a hard time understanding it.

"Oh God."

"Where . . . where's Kari?" Matt asked with concern. Tai gulped and turned and looked at his sister but turned around quickly before she could see the tears that started to form in his eyes.

"She's right here, Matt." Kari stared at her brother fear written all over her face. She knew something was going on but didn't know what.

"Tai? Can you tell her? I don't think I could do it." Matt asked his best friend. Tai visible paled.

"I'll . . . I'll try." Tai said trying to sound confident but he knew deep down that it wasn't going to go well.

"Thanks Tai." Matt said as he hung up the phone. Tai hung up the phone and turned to his baby sister.

"Kari." He started. He cleared his throat. "Kari, there was a car crash . . . " Upon hearing this Kari started to back away. "No . . . " Tai nodded.

"Tk, they can't find his body . . . " Tai said tears he held were now dripping down his eyes.

"NO! No . . . No!" Kari wouldn't believe it. She shook her head, and repeated 'no' over and over again. She back up toward her room. When she was close to her room she turned around and ran into it, not coming out at all.

"TK! TK!" She screamed her pain. He couldn't leave her. He promised he wouldn't. He promised me! Kari placed her head in her arms again and made no movements besides her silent tormented sobs.