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A Hidden Love

Chapter 4

Sitting alone in a dark room with her back to the closed window, the young woman that we've all come to know hugged a small critter to her chest. She smiled a crooked smile at the critter. She'd have to start packing soon if she wanted to arrive on time but she couldn't pull herself up and get situated. She lifted her head and looked around her room.

Her full sized bed sat along the back wall of her room with the sheets and covers strewn erratically. Small oddities lay scattered around the bed. Her closet torn open; clothes hanging in any way possible. Her books littered the carpeted floor carelessly. Cd's hung from their shelfs. Some hanging so far off the edge that they seemed suspended in air.

Kari looked down at the stuffed animal remembering exactly where and when she had gotten it. She smiled. That day had been perfect. Making herself feel giddy again, she giggled. She had never had more the perfect first date than the one she and Davis shared not more than a year ago.

Two reserved teenagers walked hand in hand down toward the festival. The young woman looked up at her date. He looked down at her and smiled. She smiled back, flashing him her white teeth. He chucked quietly. They continued to walk on silently to their destination. The couple walked into the entrance and the young man paid for the two of them.

"What would you like to do first, Kari?" The young man asked with his proud smile. She smiled brightly and pointed to the bumper cars.

"Can we?" She asked showing her boyfriend a slight puppy dog look. He chuckled and nodded.

"C'mon lets go before the lines start growing."

Kari and Davis got of the ride laughing and gasping from breath. Kari leaned against Davis for support. He responded by wrapping his arm around her. After they had calmed down, he lead her over to a small both.

"I bet you can't win it." She laughed. He gave her a look.

"Kari, Did you notice what the point of this game is?" He asked. She nodded her eyes shining with playfulness.

"Yep, but I still bet you can't win." She laughed again.

"You bet?" He asked eyes lighting with mischive. She laughed and nodded eagerly.

"If you loose, You have to take me to the park tomorrow at 8." She said confidently.

"And if I win?" He laughed.

"I'll buy us tickets for the college soccer match." She smiled. Davis laughed.

"Alright! I've been wanting to see one of their games for a long time! You're on!" Davis walked up to the booth and paid the two dollars to get the soccer ball.

The rules were simple. Make a goal while getting past the goalie. It was much harder than one thought. The goalie actually moved along with the player's movements.

Davis got ready to kick the ball. He turned around and gave his girlfriend one last smirk of triumph, eyes shining with mirth. Kari smiled encouragingly. He leaned forward to punt the ball, his leg moving back. Davis delivered the punt with a forceful swoosh. An onlooker would have gasped at Davis' shot, perfectly executed, but Kari smiled brightly and clapped her hands together. She ran over to Davis, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him happily.

"You did it. I guess I have to buy those tickets now?" Kari whispered breathlessly. Davis responded with a nod of his head. He leaned down to kiss her again.

"Your eyes are sparkling." He whispered seductively causing Kari to blush. She hide her head in the crook of his neck.

"I never knew you to be such a romantic, Davis." Kari mumbled through his shirt.

"Of Course! I'm not just the pig-headed, uncontrollable daring young man. I'm also sensitive, and caring." Davis laughed then added as a second though, "I care about you, a lot, more than you know." Kari looked up from the crook of his neck. She leaned up close to his face, placing a small yet heartwarming kiss on Davis' lips.

"I care about you too, Davis." She whispered after their lips separated.

Kari opened her eyes, clearing the sweet memory of the past. How lovely were those memories to her. She sighed, heavily. I've fallen too fast and hard. Oh Davis, what have to you done to me? Kari smiled at the thought.

Kari got up from her spot on the floor and crawled over to the empty space in her closet. She pulled out small trinkets and tossed them carelessly on her bed that already over flowing. Inside her closet something sparkled in the dimly lighted corner. Sparking her interest, Kari crawled closer to the unknown object. She sat herself up against the cornered walls. As she picked up the unknown object, the phone rang. She sighed and placed the object down again. She craweled out of her little hiding place and ran to the phone. She looked at the caller ID and a smile formed on her lips.

"Hey Baby, You miss me already?" She answered playfully. The person on the opposite side of the line chuckled.

"Of course. Are you ready yet?" The boy answered in a smooth collected tone causing Kari to sigh.

"No. I've got a lot to do yet."

"Aw, but you've been at this for an hour. Do you want me to come over and help?" Davis asked innocently. Kari laughed.

"No. If you come over to offer your services, then nothing will get done." Kari giggled.

"So true." Davis laughed along with his girlfriend. "So, call me when your done."

"Alright. I'll try. Bye Davis." She waited for him to respond before she hung up the phone. She turned back to the closet and shook her head. I guess theres no time to satisfy my curiosity.

She sighed deeply as she moved to the luggage that would hold her clothing. She moved around her room to collect the thrown about clothing. Since she would be spending the summer with Davis and his family, she would need at least three weeks worth of clothing. She pulled out the under garments that she would need and neatly folded them inside the suitcase. After several minutes on deciding what to wear for the next several weeks, Kari quickly folded the clothing into the suit case. She let out a small gasp when she noticed that she hadn't packed any bathing suits. Surely, they were going to swim. They were going to the countryside after all.

With her clothing situation done, Kari dragged the suitcase from her room to the door. Kari walked back into her room with a slightly relieved. Almost done. She encouraged herself. Still, with all the clothes packed away, her room was trashed. She walked over to her desk and picked up the picture that held a loving couple locked in a simple embrace. She smiled sadly as she traced the man's face.

"Davis, get your girlfriend to take a picture." Whined Yolei. "Come on, just one?" The purple haired girl continued.

"No. I hate pictures. You all know that. I just take them; I'm never the subject." Kari called form behind her boyfriend's back.

"Aw, come on Kari. It's just one. I need a picture of you two together. Please..." Yolei begged. She gave her famous puppy dog face. "Please, for me?" Kari closed her eyes in frustration and let out a deep sigh.

"Why do I get myself into these things. Fine, just one picture." Kari walked out from behind Davis' back. He smiled and captured Kari around the waist.

"Where do you think your going?" He whispered coyly in her ear. She shuddered at the sound of his voice.

"I..uhm..." She was at loss for words. Davis smiled and pulled her close. Kari responded by wrapping her own arms around his neck. She tilted her up too look into Davis' eyes. He looked down with a cheeky smirk. She laughed brightly. Yolei giggled at the site of her friends and snapped the picture before they could move out of place.

"Oh, you two are so cute!" Yolei gushed. Kari blushed and hide her face from view. "Aw, don't hide Kari. Admit it, you love it." Kari blushed again at the accusation. Davis chuckled.

"She does. No one can resist my charm." Davis exclaimed proudly. Kari picked her head and frowned.

"Davis, your such a pompous pig." Kari growled causing Davis to pout.

"Ya, but I'm yours, remember?" Kari rolled her eyes in exasperation.

"Lucky me." Kari mumbled as she untangled herself from Davis. Yolei sat back and enjoyed the lovers quarrel. "Yolei, stop laughing." Kari snarled.

"Aw, come on Kari, lighten up." Yolei laughed. Kari looked at her surprised then a smirk formed.

"Oh Yolei, I'll lighten up, alright." Kari said smugly as she jumped on top of Yolei and began to tickle her. "Hows this for lightening up?" Kari laughed as Yolei struggled beneath her.

"Ok...Ok...Un...cle..." Yolei gasped out between laughs. "I...said...un...cle..." Kari smiled and got off of her friend.

"Alright, Yolei, your free." Then she added as an after though, "For now at least."

"Hey Kari... You'll never be able to guess what I got today!" Yolei ran up to her friend a few days later.

"Let me guess, you got your camera developed." Kari laughed at Yolei's pout.

"How'd you know?"

"You're swinging your camera around." Kari stated. Yolei smiled and giggled.

"Oh, I guess your right. You should see the pictures! The picture of you and Davis is priceless. You two are so adorable!" Yolei dug through her purse and pulled out a picture. She handed it over to Kari. Kari glanced at the picture. She smiled.

"Yolei, may I keep this picture?" Kari took her eyes off the picture and moved them to Yolei. Yolei's eyes softened.

"Of course, Kari. I'm just happy that you are happy." Yolei smiled at her best friend. Kari smiled.

"Thank you. I am. For the first time in a long time. I am."

Kari traced the faces again. I'm packing this picture. She thought with finality. She moved away from her desk to her bed. There she removed the carelessly thrown trinkets and organized them on their rightful places. She moved over to her CDs. She pushed them back into the right stance. Once her bed was clean of any unwanted things, Kari folded her blankets and picked them up to move them. She carried her blankets and her one pillow over to the door next to her luggage.

Kari glanced around the room and sighed. Finally. She let an exasperated gasp. Her room was clean and organized. She grabbed her favorite CDs and the picture. She placed each item into her bag. She looked around confused. She forgot something. She took a quick look around when she saw the unwanted box siting by her closet. She picked up the box and placed it in her bag.

Kari walked out into the living room with her bag and dropped it by the rest of her luggage. She grabbed the phone and dialed Davis' number.

"Hey, are you done yet." Came the echoing voice. Kari shook her head.

"Yes Davis, I'm done. I'll be down there soon."

"No, I'm coming to get you." Davis interrupted. Kari sighed.

"Davis, you don't have too.

"No, but I want to, Kari." Kari sighed.

"Alright. I'll see you in a little bit." Kari clicked the phone off. She wandered over to the couch and plopped down.

Kari looked around, trying to picture where she was. "A cliff?" She said aloud. She looked over to the edge. Upon the edge, alone figure stood. The figure's hair blowing in the wind lustfully. The figure was staring longingly down below the surface of the cliff. She stepped closer to the figure to get a better look.

As she neared, the young man turned to face her. Cerulean blue eyes met her crimson red. His blonde locks blowing rapidly around him forming an angelic glow. The wind rushed back and forward twisting her own longer chocolate colored hair to form a cloud around her.

Shock resounded throughout Kari's body. She rushed closer to the edge of the steep drop off of the cliff. Her eyes watered against the heavy wind. Pushing her own hair behind her ears to help clear her vision. As she drew closer, the figure seem the grow farther away. She tried to call out his name again but her voice failed. His name slipping out only in her mind.

The young man turned again to face the edge. He seemed to be smiling. He whispered something. He lifted his hands up to the sky and let the strong wind circle his body. A strong gust of wind pushed the young man of balance. He balanced on the edge of the cliff for a few agonizing moments.

Kari screamed. "No!!!" Only this time did her voice make its way to the young mans ears. The figure turned to see who had called him out. His eyes brightened with recognition. The young man called out but the wind carried away the sound. Kari tried to run closer to the figure. Another strong gush whipped it's way around Kari forcing her to pause. The gush swooped past the girl and rushed toward the young man. Kari cried out again. The wind wrapped itself around the man like a cocoon.

The cocoon of wind wrapped tightly around him pushed and yanked and torn at him, pulling him closer to the deep depths below. He held onto the edge of the cliff as a life line. The young man's gaze bore into Kari with deep regret. He raised his hand to her, beckoning her to save him from his impending future.

At last, the wind gave up the fight for the boy's life. The wind left with one last gust of force. The gust barreled its way into the boy's body as if he was merely a bowling pin instead of a young man. The force of the wind knocked away the grip for life. The gust of wind shielded around the body of the boy, prolonging his death by merely a few seconds.

The boy dangled in mid air for what seemed less then the the amount of time he actually was suspended in air. He clawed his way closer to edge, missing it by a second and the shield of wind dropped away. A scream tore its way from Kari's mouth. Time stopped for Kari. She neared the edge with no obstacle in her way now. She fell down to her knees and reached out to save the man she cared for. The young man reached with his own hands, trying a last time to stay in the world. She pulled herself closer but their fingers touched and he fell out of reach. Kari screamed again. She cried as she could only watch her love float closer to the dark depths below.

The figure called out "Hikari!" as he reached the end of his life. She cried as the deafening sound of her name reached her ears. "Oh, please, no." She leaned over and searched longingly over the edge. She was just in time to see the young man crash into the dark below. "Oh god...oh god...oh god no..." she cried. The young woman wrapped her arms around herself and sunk closer to the ground. "No..." She cried. She leaned down over the edge and cried out one last time for her love, "Takeru!!!"

Kari opened her eyes with a start. She blinked to clear away the dream. Standing over her with a worried look was Davis. He had his arms on her shoulders shaking her. She glanced around quickly, trying to regain memory of her surroundings. She focused back on Davis as he hugged her close to him. He kissed her cheek and pulled back.

"Kari, oh man, Kari. Are you alright? You scared the shit out of me." Davis whispered. Kari blinked again.

"What happened?" She asked sitting up from her sluggish position.

"I don't know. You tell me. I came here a few minutes ago and heard you screaming. I busted your door down. I saw you lying here on the couch with tears falling from your eyes." Davis wrapped his arms around Kari in a tight hug. "You scared me. I thought someone was hurting you."

"It's alright, Davis." She hugged him back. "I guess it was just a dream, a horrifying one, but a dream nonetheless. Everything is alright." She sighed. Just a dream. She told herself. Just a dream. She repeated. "Come on, your family is expecting us." She quietly spoke. Davis nodded and untangled himself from Kari. He helped her off the couch.

"Ya, mom was calling me every half hour asking where we were." Davis chuckled. "'Davis, when are you coming with Kari? You better get here soon.'" Kari laughed at his interpretation of his mother.

"Very good, Davis. It almost sounded like your mother." Kari sarcastically remarked.

" I thought it was pretty good." Davis responded happily. Kari rolled her eyes.

"Oh yes, it was so good. Maybe that's your future job, ventriloquism." Davis looked at her and gave her a glare.

"Oh, I love you too, dear." He remarked. Kari laughed and kissed his cheek.

"I do, Davis. Now lets go bring this stuff out the car." Kari walked over to her luggage and picked up her suit case.

"No, you put that suitcase down, Missy. I'll carry that. You take your bag and your blankets." Davis grabbed the suitcase from her hands. He gave her a smug look. Kari stuck out her tongue in response.

"Fine." She opened the door and let Davis leave first. She closed the door after herself and locked it.

"Davis, where'd you park?" Kari called out as they reached the parking lot. Davis chuckled quietly.

"Right here." He said as he walked over to a semi new black Mitsubishi. Kari glared and walked stubbornly to the car. Davis laughed again. "I love you too." He called out to her. She flipped him off. "Aw, come on baby, I was just teasing you." Davis whined as he too followed her to back of his car. "Let me take your stuff and put it back here." Kari handed over the blankets and the one pillow over.

"Thanks, Baby." Kari smiled sweetly as if nothing a had just transpired. Davis rolled his eyes. Sometimes, I just don't get her. He thought with a shake of his head.

After getting everything piled into the car, Davis and Kari set out to his parents' apartment. Kari stared out of the window with her fist curled under her chin. Davis glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. He smirked to himself. He placed his hand onto her left knee. She looked up at him startled. He smirked and Kari laughed. She shook her head and placed her own smaller hand on top of his much larger one. Sometimes, he is just to full of himself. She thought with a shake of her head.

She returned her gaze outside of the moving vehicle. She watched the clouds as they formed various shapes and patterns. She giggled as she felt Davis tickle her leg. She squeezed her hand over his in enjoyment. She unconsciously started to form small patterns on his hand as sighed and turned to look over at her lover. She smiled at him and hugged his hand close to her.

Davis pulled the car into an older apartment complex. He pulled up along a red min van and gutted the engine. He paused for a minute then looked over at his long term love. He pulled her close, not caring about the obstacle in between them. He wrapped his arms around her lovingly. She snuggled closer to him to wrap her own arms around him. He tucked his head in to the crook of her neck and sighed as her sent filled his nose.

"I was really worried about you, 'Ri."

She rubbed her cheek against his and smiled to herself. She hugged him closer to her and whispered in his ear. "I'm fine, Dai." He sighed and cosed his eyes. "I love you." She whispered and he smiled.

"I love you too, 'Ri." He pulled back. He smirked and winked. "Now come on, my mom's waited long enough to see you." He laughed at the expression on her face.

"Oh joy." She muttered under her breath, rubbing her hand on her cheek. "I can still feel the pain of last seeing your family." She sighed and smiled. It certainly had been a while since she had seen his family and oddly enough, she missed them.

Kari followed Davis' example and got out of the car and walked around back. She waited expectantly for her things. Davis ignored her teasingly. He brought out the suitcases and her bedding sets. He picked them up all and walked on by her without handing her anything. She scowled behind his back. Oh, how she hated having people take care of her. She shut the trunk and followed her lover from behind.

They climbed the two flights of stairs to the apartment in silence. Davis set down her things to knock on the door. Kari hid behind Davis, nervousness taking over. He felt for her hand and gave it a light squeeze. He knocked again and heard a scream of excitement. He sighed exasperated.

The door swung up to reveal a tall starchy looking girl with red uncombed hair. The woman giggled giddily. She brushed past her brother and engulfed Kari in a tight bear hug. Kari breathed in tightly as she accepted the hug and returned it. The older woman smiled brightly.

"Aw, Kari, you are looking cute as ever! It's been such a long time." She frowned then turned to her younger brother. "Why don't you bring her around anymore?!" She glared and Davis rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Well..." He started but could never finish for the loss of words. He tried to smile, but Jun crossed her arms over in annoyance. Davis frowned... "Aw, come on Jun." He tried. She laughed at his face and punched him in the arm.

"Welcome back, baby brother." She laughed then took Kari by the hand to lead her into the apartment. Before she was totally inside she sent a look of pleasure to Davis. She beckoned him inside with her finger. He sighed and smiled. Davis walked in after Kari and his sister and closed the door.

"Mom! Look who I found hiding behind the shrimp meat." Jun called laughing. Davis scowled.

"I'm not a shrimp." Davis scowled at his sister again.

A short stout woman waddled out from the kitchen, caring a wooden spoon. Her gazed followed her feet until she stopped, just a few feet away from Kari. She lifted her gaze and stared, contemplating her welcoming.

"Hello, Kari dear. It's been quite a while." She smiled down at the girl, brings her arms around Kari, drawing her in for a hug. Kari whispered a small hello inside the woman's chest, shyly. Mrs. Motomiya ushered Kari and Davis into the kitchen, where a sweet smell drafted, luring in the family in. "Kari, darling, I hope that you will feel at home. After all, you are home now." Mrs. Motomiya said, smiling down the girl. Kari blushed a little and nodded.

"Thank you." She shuffled in behind Davis. "That means a lot." She smiled at Davis' mother. It felt so good to be accepted, to be welcomed without pity shoved down her throat.

"Well, lets catch up and help you unpack your things, get you settled." The woman smiled down at Kari and Kari felt a grin form on her face. She was going to like living here, with the Motomiya family.