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Doctor Drakken, the man once known by his peers as Drew Lipsky, smiled devilishly as he looked over his latest plan, the details of which were scribbled out on his Etch-a-Sketch.

"It's brilliant!" he cackled as he ran toward his sidekick, Shego. "With this plan we shall take control of Connecticut and rename it Drakkecticut!"

Shego sighed as she looked at the Etch-a-Sketch that had been shoved in her face. "Oh, right... Except your running over here shook it so much that your brilliant plan got erased!"

Drakken's eyes went wide and he quickly spun the Etch-a-Sketch around, only to see Shego had spoken the truth. "No! All my hard work! Confounded child's toy!"

"Hey," Shego said, returning to sharpening her clawed gloves with a file. "I told you to type your big plans out on your computer, but no..."

"No more computers, Shego!" Drakken barked, throwing the Etch-a-Sketch across the lab. "Never again! Not after that last debacle!"

"Hey, it's not like every computer you own is going to become sentient and kick us out of your lair. Then again, with our luck..."

"Are you saying we're unlucky, Shego?"

"Doy," she answered, not even looking her blue skinned employer in the face. "Maybe you haven't noticed, but we've never managed to pull off any of your plans to rule the world, or even rename some small part of it!"

"We were so close with Drakkanada!"

"Only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades, doc."

"Well we have tried both against Kim Possible, but her cursed mad skills as a cheerleader have led to many misses."

"Yeah, well, you have to be the first person in history to throw a horse shoe like a boomerang."

"And I have the black eye to prove it!"

Shego rolled her eyes. "Anyway... What was your plan?"

"Ah... well..." Drakken said, scratching his head, trying to remember just what he had been plotting. "Ah, yes! The plan! One Professor Hugo J. Crawford has invented a machine so dangerous, so mind-boggling deadly, that I must possess it!"

"And this machine is called what exactly?"

Drakken took a deep breath. "The ionizer!"

"And what does it do?"

"I have absolutely no idea!"


"However," Drakken continued, "it does sound cool, and that's enough for me!"

Shego slumped back into her chair, shaking her head. "What makes you even think its even worth stealing?"

"I already told you. The name. It is tres magnifique!"

Shego sighed. "It's the neutronalizer all over again... All right, let's go get it."

It was then that Shego first noticed it. An odd odor pervaded the room. Straining her eyes, she could vaguely make out some substance shifting through the still air.

"He have to get out of he-"

Before she could finish her sentence, however, it was too late. Everything went black.

Shego slowly opened her eyes as if awaking from a deep sleep. Remembering the knockout gas she had spotted before blacking out, she quickly powered up, her hands becoming enveloped in an emerald energy. Shego attempted to crouch into a martial arts stance learned long ago, only to find she could not. Quickly, she took in her surroundings and found that she was held against a wall by metal restraints. She was not alone in the small room as she could see Doctor Drakken beside her, unconscious and also locked against the wall.

"Hey, Doctor D, wake up." No response. "Fine... Drakken, wake up!"

"Just a little more sleep, okay, Mom?" Drakken's eyes made no motion to open and he continued to snore.

Shego scowled. "Oh for the love- Doctor D, I got the ionizer-"

Drakken awoke with a start. "Where? Where is it?"

Shego responded in her usual dry tongue. "In the lab of whomever invented it."

"That was cruel, Shego," Drakken replied, his face grim.

"It's my job."

"I don't pay you to poke fun at me!"

"Well, you rarely pay me period!"

"Shego," Drakken began. "A wise man once said 'Always count thy dollars, for they are signs of one's success.'"

"No wonder we're broke."

Drakken's face was aghast. "Are you saying that my self-created quote does not apply to us?"

"I thought you said a wise man once said it."

"Oh that does it- Why are we imprisoned to this wall?"

"Oh, you noticed," Shego replied. "Took you long enough. Well, I was getting bored and thought 'Hey, I'll lock myself and Drakken away in some small room-"

"What were you thinking?" Drakken rasped.

Shego lowered her head in disgust. "Humor, Doctor D. It's called humor."

Suddenly, the room's sole door opened, allowing a person clad in a blue jumpsuit to enter the room. She was a woman who appeared to be in her thirties. She wore an eyepatch, one of her eyes apparently no more.

"Good afternoon," she said. "I'm Doctor Director, the head of Global Justice, the ultimate force in global- "

"Justice?" Shego finished.

Doctor Director stepped back. "How did you know?"

"Lucky guess."

"Back to the slammer we go..." Drakken sighed, his face turning even more blue then usual.

"Not necessarily," Doctor Director said, cutting off Drakken. "I only had you kidnapped from your lair for one reaso-"

It was now Drakken's turn to cut off any given sentence. "How did you even know where we were?"

"You're subscription to Villain's Digest," Doctor Director answered. "Global Justice funds the magazine in the hopes of subscriptions and thus allowing us to learn of your lair's addresses."

"Note to Doctor D: Cancel that subscription," Shego said.

"But.. but the crosswords-"

"I'll make you crosswords if that's what it takes!"

"Promise?" Drakken summoned up his best puppy dog pout.

Shego sighed. "Fine."

"Ah," Doctor Director said. "The puppy dog pout. A devious tactic, Doctor Drakken. I'm impressed."

Drakken smiled. "See, Shego? I impressed someone."

"Yay you." Shego turned her attention to Doctor Director. "So, anyway... What do you want?"

"We have a mission for you," Doctor Director answered. "Complete it and we will let you go, as well as erase your address from our files."

"One: Why would the vaunted Global Justice want or need us to do their work?" Shego continued, more question just dying to be asked. "Two: You should know that I have broken Doctor D and myself out of jail many times over. You can't really threaten us with that."

"One: You two possess the information and... experience in regards to the threat we currently face," Doctor Director answered. "Two: I'm more than willing to tell the super villain community that you, Shego, were once a super hero. Via Villain's Digest, of course. As for you, Drakken? We know your phone number as well. And I have absolutely no problem with handing it out to every telemarketer on the planet."

"We're in!" Drakken answered without hesitation.

"Good." Doctor Director smiled. She hit a switch on her wristband and the restraining locks let go, leaving Shego and Drakken free. "Now, this is the mission..."

Drakken's face suddenly expressed fear, sweat beading down from his forehead. "You.. you're not gonna self-destruct after you tell us, are you?"


Drakken breathed a sigh of relief; Shego and Doctor Director just sighed.

Doctor Director continued. "Yesterday afternoon a mad scientist and his forces occupied a research facility of military nature. This mad scientist has also taken the scientists and security personal as hostages. To top it all off, the nature of this facility's research is classified, unknown even to me. There's no telling what could happen if anything there falls into the wrong hands. Global Justice wants you to sneak in, free the hostages, and bring this mad scientist and his henchmen to justice."

"Does this mad scientist have a name?" Drakken asked.

"Yes. Professor Dementor."

Drakken smiled. "That's why you want me in on this little operation..."

"Yes; you and he have had a storied past, thus you have more experience dealing with him."

"Then why am I here?" Shego asked, impatient and desiring answers. "Just getting dragged along because I'm the sidekick?"

"Not at all," Doctor Director answered. "You, of all people- especially of all people connected to Drakken- know the layout of the city in which this research facility calls home."

Shego's eyes went wide. "Oh no..."

"That's right," Doctor Director continued. "You are both going to Go City."

Kate was growing bored. She had finished her children's meal as fast as she could. Why did her parents have to be so slow?

"Mommy, are you done yet?"

"Soon, sweetie."


"In a minute, Kate."

Kate slumped back into her booth and looked out the window of the diner. She could see the people making their comings and goings, heading to places of work or stores. It only made her wish her parents were done eating faster so that they could go shopping or something. Anything was better than being forced to be patient.

It was then that Kate saw something that made her heart skip. A bus pulled to a stop and let out its passengers. She watched as the people offloaded themselves off the vehicle. None of them looked particularly interesting. Well, Kate had to take that back. The last two people to step off the bus caught her attention.

Drakken and Shego stepped off the bus and onto the sidewalk. Both wore black trench coats and fedora hats over their usual outfits in an attempt to keep their presence in Go City a secret.

"You'd think a secret organization could do us one better then forcing us to get from Point A to Point B via a bus," Drakken complained.

Shego said nothing and slowly walked away from Drakken, heading into a diner right around the corner.

"Oh, this can't be good." Drakken quickly followed his subordinate into the diner. Shego had not said a word during the bus ride from Global Justice HQ, and it had Drakken worried. No biting comments, nor any of her patented sarcasm had been heard of in several hours. Drakken was no fool, he knew why Shego was so withdrawn. It was Go City.

It had been nearly a year since Drakken had learned of Go City; learned of Shego's connection to it. Shego had never told Drakken about her past life; it was only when Kim Possible and Shego's brother, Hego, came knocking, quite literally knocking the wall down with super strength, that Drakken learned that his sidekick had once been a super hero. Deep down, Drakken had been hurt by the revelation of such a hidden truth, a truth kept secret even in what he had referred to as an "evil little family." However, that had not stopped him from building a robot and running to Shego's rescue when he had heard that Aviarius had stolen her powers.

Now Drakken was prepared to come to her rescue, this time emotionally, once again if need be. He took a deep breath and entered the diner.

"Oh, you're here," Shego said casually as she saw Drakken. "Table for two, please. And keep the tea coming."

Taken aback by Shego's sudden casual manner, Drakken went with her as they were led to a table by the waitress. Sitting down, Drakken eyed Shego as she took a sip of what would be, as Drakken surmised from past experiences, the first in a long line of cups of Irish tea.

"Shego," Drakken spoke up. "Not to pry, but I figured you'd want to get this over with as quickly as possible, and then get out of town."

Shego looked out the window that lay on the side of their booth, saying nothing.

Doctor Drakken let go a deep breath and slumped into his side of the booth. "Fine. Be that way. If you'll excuse me, I have a phone call to make." Getting up from the table, Drakken made his way to the pay phone situated near the diner's restrooms.

Drakken sighed in disgust at the levels he had sunk as he fumbled for some loose change in his coat. As he struggled to amass a few quarters, he could not help but look back at his life up to the current time. Shunned by his college friends, he had plunged himself headfirst into the lifestyle of an evil genius. Much to his misfortune, however, he had found himself defeated at every turn by the daughter of the very man who scoffed at his ideas in college.

"James Timothy Possible."

How the name tore at Drakken's soul. A man he had once called his friend, a man who had been quite possibly Drakkens' only true friend, had mocked his genius. Sure, perhaps creating robot dates for the dance was a bit crazy, but the man once called Drew Lipsky had failed at securing any other possible dates for either himself or his friends. He had not wanted to fail them, and had spent days building the Bebe robots in time for the dance.

However, there was only one person Drakken truly despised. Not Kim Possible, nor Doctor Possible. At least with them Drakken could call a temporary peace and celebrate something like Christmas. Drakken knew, deep down, he'would rather not be enemies with his old friend, but that was not to be, what with the paths they had both chosen. Professor Dementor on the other hand; oh, how Drakken hated him with every fiber of his being.

Ever since becoming a mad scientist, Drakken had found Dementor thwarting his schemes to further his own. Long before Kim Possible had even heard of Drakken and foiled his nano-tick scheme, Professor Dementor had been foiling schemes all his own.

For one, Dementor had better resources to work with. Being the son of a billionaire entitled Dementor to much better funding than Drakken could ever hope for, thus Dementor always bought the best thugs Hench Co. could offer, leaving Drakken with the worst of the worst.

However, that had changed the day Drakken met Shego. She had arrived at his island lair looking for work, evil work, and Drakken had been more than willing to oblige. Yet, for all her skill, she never asked for any more cash than Drakken's worthless henchman. Quickly, she turned the tide for Drakken. Between Shego's skills in many fields and her unique powers, Drakken had finally gotten an edge over Dementor. Still, Dementor remained a thorn in Drakken's side. Now Drakken stood, on the verge of confronting his rival once more.

Finally, having the change required, Drakken reached for the phone. End even in that one motion, Drakken reflected on a past failure: his inability to even use the teleportal device he had stolen from Professor Dementor a few months back. Pushing that memory away, Drakken punched in a number, listening intently as the phone rang.


Drakken sighed. "Ed?"

"Seriously," replied the overly bombastic voice of Drakken's cousin.

"Oh, not now," Drakken said solemnly. "I guess I got a wrong number... Would just be my luck..."

"Dude, you just need to chill out," Ed replied. "I mean, seriously, if you wanted to talk to your mom, you got the right number. Momma Lipsky bailed me out of jail after that Doomvee incident you and me were in. I'm just over at her house, trying to pay her back and helping her get her car fixed."

"Shego and I tried to get you out of jail when we escaped," Drakken responded. "But I botched that up to."

"Dude, you did your best; that's all that matters. Seriously."



"Thanks, Ed. Can you put Mother on the line?"

"No prob, bro. Catch you later."

Drakken listened to the silence as he waited for his mother to get the phone. He could feel a small grin creeping across his face. Good old Ed...

"Drewbie?" Momma Lipsky suddenly said. "Eddie said you're feeling blue."

"Look it to..." Remembering how an experiment had given him a blue complexion, Drakken sighed at the notion of another failure. "Mother, I'm doing horrible with my job..."

"Oh no! Your talk radio career is failing apart?"

"Yes." Drakken bit his tongue. He never wanted to tell his mother that he had grown up to be a mad scientist. It may have been what he wanted in the end, but it would break her heart. Now he was lying to her. It did not do his heart any favors either. "I can't get anything done right."

"Now, Drew," Momma Lipsky began, her tone becoming more serious. "You know it doesn't matter in the end. You're trying your best."

"That's what Ed said..."

"Ed's a smart boy, just like you."

Drakken recalled the Etch-a-Sketch incident. "I think I'd have to disagree, Mother..."

Momma Lipsky was quiet for a moment, but continued as best she could. "Son, I know you have your quirks. We all do. But that's life. It's what you do despite those quirks that matters. Listen, Drew... you're helping people, helping them through their problems with your talk radio station. And for that, I'm so very proud of you."

Drakken felt a small tear run down his face, past a scar long ago gained from a confrontation with Professor Dementor. She was proud, proud of his lies. It just was not right. "Mother, what if I told you..."


"It's nothing, Mother. Thank you."

"Drew, No matter what you choose to do in life, I want you to be happy."

Drakken felt his heart stop for a moment. She... she knows.

"And if what you want to do in life is marry that Shego woman you're living with, that's okay by me. Be nice if you two were legally together, you know. Bye, Drewbie. I love you."

"Bye, Mother. Love you too." Drakken's breathed a sigh of relief as he heard his mother hang up on her side of the line. Phew, she doesn't know I'm a mad scientist, that's goo- I told her we were just business partners!

A faint smile tugged at the corners of Shego's mouth. So long had it been that she could see the city of her birth without the distractions of saving the world or going against it. Looking out the window at the buildings across the street, watching the general hustle and bustle of the Go City community, she tried ever-so hard to savor the moment, knowing it would not last.

She was right. Shego could felt it, the unnerving notion that someone was nearby her, maintaining their uneasy and quiet presence. Shego turned to confront Drakken, only to find a little girl, roughly the age of twelve and with her hair pulled back in two pigtails, standing by the table. Shego's brow ruffled slightly, as if she were trying to remember where she had seen this kid before. She seemed familiar enough.

"Hi," the little girl said softly. "My name's Kate. You're Shego, aren't you?"

Wonderful disguise, Shego frowned. Couldn't even fool a kid...

Kate continued. "I, uh, just wanted to thank you."

Now Shego was generally confused. "For what?"

"When you and your brothers were fighting that bird guy... Aviator or something, I was watchin'. But... I wasn't watchin' the road. A car was gonna hit me, and you... you left the fight to save me."

Shego's eyes went wide. Now she remembered the girl clear as day. Out of the corner of her eye, Shego had seen the car coming and had ran as fast as she could, pushing the girl to safety.

"So, uh," Kate continued, "I never got to say thanks." She leapt up and hugged Shego. "You're my hero. I wanna be just like you when I grow up."

Shego bit her lip and feigned the best happy-go-luck smile she could. "Please don't wish that," she whispered so lightly even the child could not hear it.

Kate let go of the hug and ran back to her parents at their booth, happy as could be.

Shego slumped back into the booth and reached for her tea, trying desperately to shake the cold feeling that encircled her heart.

"That was.. beautiful," Drakken said, wiping away a few loose tears as he returned. "Simply beautiful."

Shego could hear it in Drakken's voice. No sarcasm, all honesty. It was his way, not hers. "Shut up," Shego answered, looking away and taking a small sip of her tea. Its flavor settled in her mouth and Shego realized she was hardly in the mood for any more of it. She quickly stood and made her way to the cashier and paid. Stepping out the door and back onto the street, Shego waited for Drakken to catch up.

"This town is full of surprises," Drakken said, catching his breath. "First your brothers don't know you work for me, and neither did that kid... Did they cut this place off from the rest of the world or something?"

Shego took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment. "Go City doesn't play by the rest of the world's rules. The heroes are always good, the villains are always stupid, and the citizens are always in need of saving. I don't fall under any of those categories, now do I? That's why I never fit in." Shego paused. "Now, let's just get this stupid mission over with..." Shego began walking.

Drakken knew this would be a downer of a day if he did not do something, anything, to break the series of depressing events thus far. "You know, we're gonna need codenames..."

Shego stopped. "What?"

"I mean... we're practically secret agents!"

"Not with you screaming it out like that."

"Now that's the Shego I know," Drakken said. "The trademark wit has returned."

"Right.." Shego replied. "Anyway, let's get going."

The duo began making their way down the street, heading for the precise coordinates that Doctor Director had given them.

"So, uh, how does Double-O D sound?"

"No," Shego answered. "Just no."

Suddenly, Shego stopped. She grabbed hold of Drakken by the wrist and darted into the street. In one swift motion, she flung open a manhole cover and tossed the good doctor into the sewer. Shego then followed, closing the manhole on her way down.

"You could have warned me we were at the right spot!" Drakken complained as he wiped the sewage off his trench coat. "Now look what you did to my coat!"

Shego cast hers aside, standing in her trademark costume of Team Go, the black and green a sharp contrast to each other. "The stealth's over, Doctor D. Now we go in and bust some heads." Shego turned to the brick-lined sewer wall. "Now where is it?"

"I believe it was on the other side, Shego," Drakken said, removing his ruined coat, standing in his trademark blue lab coat and black gloves.

"Nope, found it." Shego pressed in one of the bricks and the wall slid open, revealing a hidden passageway.

"Wrong again," Drakken said to himself, frowning. "No surprise there."

Thus Doctor Drakken and Shego stepped into the well-hidden lab, prepared to face whatever would come their way.