The Outsiders....uh...yeah....Chapter 1

Anyways I wrote this because of one certain friend who wouldn't quit bugging me till I wrote an outsider's fic so here's the first chapter. This Fic is dedicated to the one girl who wouldn't quit bugging me till I wrote an outsiders fic. I won't mention any names but :cough: animalsare4life :cough: anyways enjoy the fic please.

In this fic Pony is 8, Soda is 10 and Darry is 23 ok.....ok strange I know but w/e. Also they still have a mommy and daddy.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Outsiders I'm only borrowing the character's for a fic.

"Darry!" the 8 year old Pony yelled while running into the walls trying to find Darry with his eyes shut.

"Mom! Tell Pony to open his eyes and actually look where he's going! He almost ran over me!" Soda shouted.

Pony ran into Darry and fell on his butt and started giggling. "Woah squirt, open your eyes next time alright?" Darry said while picking Pony up and giving him a piggy back ride.

"Darry! I want a turn! Give me a piggy back ride tooo!" Soda said while tugging at Darry's pants.

"Alright kiddo, just a minute ok?" Darry said while jogging to the couch with Pony still attached to his back, then Darry flipped him into the air and tossed him on the couch.

Darry then ran over to where Soda stood jumping up and down excitedly and bent down for Soda to jump onto his back and give him a piggy back ride too.

Darry jogged to the couch where Pony was sitting at having a giggly fit and tossed Soda down by Pony. Soda laughed as Pony giggled.

"Darry sweetheart, did you take out the trash?" Their mother yelled to Darry. "Yes Mother but! Wait....what's this? Looks like I forgot some trash." Darry said while picking up Soda and Pony and slinging them over his shoulders. "Be back soom mom, I forgot some trash." Darry said while walking outside to the dumpsters.

Soda was laughing and so was Pony until he realized Darry was goingto throw them away.

"NOOOOOO!!" Pony wailed kicking and crying.

Darry put down the laughing Soda and crying Pony and tried to calm Pony down.

"Pony SSSSSsssssshhhhh I'm not gonna throw you away I promise I was just playing around." Darry said while holding the crying Pony.

"Yeah Pony get a reality check, he wouldn't throw us away........would you Darry?...." Soda looked at Darry and Darry put Pony down and advanced toward Soda.

"Darry? Darry what are you thinking? Don't come any closer Darry! I HAVE A TWIG!!!" Soda yelled. as Darry picked Soda up and placed him in the dumpster and closed the lid but didn't lock it.

Pony started cracking up as Soda pleaded to be let out.

After 5 minutes of being stuck in the dumpster Darry finally let Soda out. Soda immediately tackled Darry and started yelling at him.

"PEEEYEEEEW!" Darry said while holding his nose "Go take a shower Soda you STINK!" Pony started laughing then got an old yucky banana peel flung in his face.

"EEEEEEEEE!" Pony squealed while running around in circles and finally managed to get the banana peel off his face and accidentaly chunked it at Darry meaning to chunk it at Soda.

Darry just sat there dumbfounded and peeled the banana peel off of his face and flung it at Soda.

Soda dug his hand into the trash and got a nice big handfull of goop and flung it at Pony but missed an inch.

Soon they started a very messy trash war. It was every guy for themselvesuntil Pony hit a Soc in the back of the head with a goop of who knows what, then it was, everyone hide behind Darry.

The Soc turned around and growled and gave a death glare while he shook off the trash on the back of his head. Pony and Soda hid behind Darry while Darry just stood there and apologized. "What else is new, greasers playing in the trash, too poor to buy toys, heh." The Soc said while smirking and comming closerto Darry.

When the Soc was 3 feet away from Darry a girl with waist length brown hair and crystal blue eyes came running up to the Soc saying, "Dave, Dave you know how I feel about fights, please just forget this ever happened and lets go." she said while grabbing Dave's arm. "Yeah, whatever, they aren't worth my time anyway." Dave started saying "Let's go Caroline."

Caroline grabbed Dave and started walking off but then turned her head around when Dave wasn't looking and winked to Darry.

Darry blushed a little then Soda poked him in the side and started chanting, "Darry and Caroline sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!" Then Pony started to join along.

Darry didn't notice what they were singing until Dave and Caroline turned the corner then Darry went into attack mode and took down both Pony and Soda.

"Darry! Soda! Pony! Come on everyone it's dinner time!" Their father said yelling out the door to them.

"You might want to go take a look at your kids hon..." their dad said. "Why...what's wrong?" Their mother said. "They are playing in the trash." Their father said. "Oh I get it they are your kids when they are good but they are my kids when they are bad." Their Mother said. "Exactly!" Their father said.

"Darry! Pony! Soda! Oh peeyeew, go freshen up before dinner, take a shower." Their mom said.

"Sure mom!" Darry said scooping Soda and Pony up and taking them into the bathroom. They all took turns taking showers and got dressed up then headed back out to the dining room.

They all ate dinner and talked the usuall comversation 'what did you do today' after dinner they changed, brushed their teeth, combed their hair and whatever elses they did and went to their beds.

Soda and Pony slept with Darry because they were afraid a monster would come out and eat them up and make a necklace out of their bones. Their friend Todd's older brother Mikel told them that. Darry had to laugh about it but let them sleep with him still. They got under the covers and went off to sleep where they had whatever little dreams their mind conjured up when all the sudden.

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