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If Heaven

Chapter One

Sara Sidle sat on the couch in the break room of the Las Vegas Crime Lab where she and the others worked as CSI's. It was a slow night and she was sitting there with no one else in there. So Sara whipped out her cell phone and dialed a familiar number.

"San Francisco Crime Lab," A familiar Female voice said.

"Wow Jessica. Could you sound more annoyed?" Sara smirked and the Girl laughed.

"Sara girl, you have no idea. By the way it's been forever since we talked and years since you stopped by. Incase Las Vegas has dimmed your mind that translates to get your ass back here," Jessica Thomas smirked.

"I would if I could Jess," Sara smiled. "Problem is I'm working."

"So why are you calling Sara?" Jessica said but before Sara could answer.

"Sara's on the phone?!" A familiar male voice said in the background. "SARA GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE GIRL!"

Sara laughed, "Is it really that bad?"

There was a click so she knew she was now on speaker phone there.

"You left us to take the blame for that stunt you pulled on your last night here," Aaron said.

"I wasn't the one who thought of it," Sara said.

"You liar," Stephen said walking in.

"I only owned the super soakers and you were the ones who wanted to start the war in the hallway. I only did in the break room first. Besides Aaron was the one who soaked Ted," Sara said remembering that time when Aaron soaked her old supervisor on accident.

"Sure," Aaron said.

"So how's Las Vegas?" Stephen asked.

"Boring as hell," Sara smirked.

"See. Come back here and we'll go boozing, partying, and possibly re-hire you cos we have a spot open," Jessica said.

"Wait. You three scared of another one of the new csi's there? You're screwed," Sara said with a smirk.

"Ted doesn't realize that though," Stephen said and Jessica laughed.

"Stephen told her that he loves poisonous snakes and has some in his office but one excaped awhile ago," Jessica said and Sara laughed.

"It worked," Stephen said.

"We've run out of people, Sara," Aaron pouted. "Besides, We're more fun then the people there and we love you."

"Sucking up is one thing I'm immune to when it comes to you Aaron," Sara said.

"Damn," He said. "Well we are fun."

Sara looked through the glass wall as she could see Greg blasting music and dancing a bit as he did his lab work.

"Well, you have a few challengers," Sara said.

"What?! Okay that's it. Either you come back or we're taking off work and going there to kidnap you," Jessica said.

Sara shook her head with a grin, "You're gonna kidnap me?"

Nick walked in as she said that and shot a questioning look at her but she shook her head at him.

"Yeah, and we'll get you really drunk and take you partying so you'll be begging to stay," Stephen said.

"Aren't you supposed to be working?" Ted said from their side.

"We're planning on us going to kidnap Sara," Jessica said.

"You aren't going to kidnap me idiots," Sara said with a smile.

"I'll turn a blind eye," Ted said. "Hello Sara."

"Hey," Sara said and then Grissom walked in.

"Sara we got a case for you and Nick," Grissom said.

"Alright. I gotta go guys," Sara said in the phone.

"Watch your back Sara," Aaron said.

"We're coming to get you eventually," Jessica said.

"And we're bringing super soakers," Stephen said.

"Fine, but no super soakers," Sara said and they disconnected.

"Super soakers?" Grissom asked.

"Long story," Sara said.

"Alright then. DB at the Tropicana," Grissom said.

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Preview of next chapter:

"Sara someone's waiting for you in the break room," Warrick said..............

"Grissom I need tonight off," Sara said.

"The next two days off too," Aaron said.

"Why?" Grissom asked.

"Look if we don't do this thing then she and probably us are going to end up killed so give her the damn off time before we kick your ass already," Jessica said.