If Heaven: Chapter Seven

Author's note: You'll be cranky with me at the end, but it had to be done. Just read and find out.

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Vacation was granted by the gods above to Sara and Catherine agreed to take care of Emily while Sara partied with her friends back in San Francisco. The week off was spent surfing, drinking, and partying. After the week, Sara returned to work. She was changing shirts when Nick got a look at her arm as she was about to pull the other shirt over her tank top.

"Whoa there Sara," Nick said and she turned and bit her lip. "Is that what I think it is?"

"A tattoo. We got drunk alright," Sara said and Nick laughed as he walked over to get a better look.

"Nice one," He said. "Good work at least."

"Yeah," Sara said.

"Why a black panther?" Nick questioned.

"Cos they're cool," Sara shrugged and then Greg walked in.

"Sara we got a case and oh god," Greg said. "Mine's cooler."

"You have a tattoo," The two asked and Greg lifted up his shirt to reveal a dragon on his shoulder blade. "Whoa."

"Let me guess," Nick said. "Like Sara, you were out with friends-"

"And we got really drunk," Greg said.

"Sounds like a good idea at the time huh?" Sara smirked and Greg grinned.

"Yeah. Wear the tank and give Griss a shock," Greg said and Sara just shook her head. "Come on."

"Yeah," Nick said.

"Ya look good girl," Greg said and Sara shook her head tying her sweatshirt around her waist.

"Fine," Sara said closing her locker and the two boys grinned. "Lets get some coffee."

"So what'd you do in San Fran?" Greg asked as they walked.

"Just hung out and parting at the beach and other crap," Sara said.

"Fun," Nick said rolling his eyes.

"The hanging out was. We started a super soaker war at the gang's work," Sara smirked.

"Bet your old boss loved that," Greg smirked back.

"He was the one who beamed his own boss," Sara said and Nick laughed.

"Imagine Griss doing that," Nick said and Sara grinned as Greg laughed.

They walked into the break room and sat down relaxing.

"So partying," Greg said. "Any good gossipy details?"

"None I'm sharing with you," Sara said and Greg pouted getting a laugh from Nick.

"Alright then my turn. What's different about the California you than the one we know?" Nick asked.

Grissom walked in and froze when he saw Sara's tattoo.

"I'm not going to ask," He said then handed out assignments and left.

"So?" Nick asked.

"As much as I hate to say it, A lot of things," Sara said standing.


Sara sat in her room on her bed as Emily slept in her room, and the radio softly played sad country love songs. Before her was a photo album. Sara opened the first one and smiled as she looked at the pictures. Looking at the pictures, Sara had to admit she had a blast in San Francisco even though that whole thing with Alec was going on. She hung out with her friends constantly and went partying between raising a beautiful little girl. Here she was barely holding on and got a little cranky at work when it came to arguing with Grissom at times and the nagging at times from the others. They were nice as hell, Cath, Nicky, Warr, and Greggo and all, but it just wasn't the tight close knit group she was used to. She longed to live in a place near the water where she could walk outside and smell the ocean from her house. A place where she could work, raise a kid, and have fun whenever she got the chance. Sara sighed closing the album. But then she thought about how things were lately. Things were looking up now. The group slowly was coming back together and actually being civil. Maybe Sara could learn to live here still.


Sara sat at home thinking after Alec's funeral where his family was all upset. Sara wouldn't know. She didn't go. Just knowing that he was dead was good enough for her.

"What's bugging you?" Aaron asked.

"It's not over," Sara replied.

Aaron looked at her confused, "Sara, Alec's dead. How can this not be over?"

"I don't know," Sara shrugged. "I just have a feeling. This isn't going to be over yet."

"Don't look into it. As far as all of us are concerned, you're safe," Aaron replied.

"I hope so," Sara replied with a sigh.


In a remote cabin in the middle of Missouri Woods, a man stared at a letter which told him of Alec Anderson's death at the hands of his ex-wife Sara Sidle which was ruled Self-defense.

"Damn that bitch," He growled. "Killed my damn brother."

He threw down the letter and walked into the living room. He punched the glass case and ignored the pain as he reached in and pulled out a hunting rifle.

"Better watch out. Kill my brother and you'll pay," He said and lifted the gun shooting a cup in the other room with perfect aim. "Oh yeah. You'll pay."


The end.

Possible sequel if I wanna. mostly just gonna leave you hanging for awhile. Byes. Hope you enjoyed and thanks to all who reviewed.