(Authors note, ok, so I just started college! Those bastards want my time, how dare they. I'm not sure when I'll update my Widos torment, the muses stopped on that. I will try and update this whenever I can, hopefully once a week. I am still in the search for gold bars or the offshore bank accounts for my families lost wealth. It's not looking very good. So unless I suddenly become rich, the updates won't be as quick as during my break. Bastards. Anywho, enjoy this, please.)

Somewhere in South America............

The Delta's lay crammed in a tent.

Sweating, swearing, and going over the days events. Three days before, two docters and two nurses were kidnapped and killed by drug cartels. A month ago a select few rangers were sent to try and weed out the drug runners, hunt down their leaders and try to make a dent in the drug running.

For a month they had made a impact, seized almost two tons of drugs, killed many influencial leaders. Until four american hospital workers were seized.

With the great impact they had made the goverment decided to continue on with the secret mission. Four carefully selected few were choosen from the military hospitals.

Sanderson could hear the screams from the tent.

McKnight screaming at the ranking officer. Sanderson heard enough and ran back to the tent of Deltas. All that came, still remained in the tent...Sanderson made his way to the back where Hoot lay. Asleep.

Filthy from his trek through the jungle, the humid night left a sweat upon his skin. From many nights in the south he'd learned to sleep through such weather. When Sanderson put his foot on the cots corner, Hoot opened both eyes, but said nothing.

"They military's sent four new ones."

Hoot merely raised a eyebrow.

"You may get to see her sooner then you thought."

For a moment Hoot stared at Sanderson, waiting for a smile, a wink, or even a up yours.


Hoot sat up and stormed from the tent. Sanderson helpfully added, "Just follow McKnight's screams!