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Cousin's Return

Chapter 1: Tragedy Brings us Closer

It was a Wednesday afternoon. As Kagome rushed into her house she called, "Hi Mom! I'm home. I'm just gonna grab my things and then I'm going-" she stopped when she heard crying coming form the living room.

"Mom?" asked Kagome as she opened the sliding door to the living room. Kagome saw her mother sitting on the couch with her head in her hands and shoulders shaking, "Mom, what's wrong?" Kagome asked sitting down next to her mother.

Mrs. Higurashi looked up, "Pack your things Kagome. We're catching the next flight to California."


Inuyasha climbed out of the well, "Stupid Kagome. She should have been back by now."

Inuyasha continued grumbling to herself as he walked into Kagome's house.

"Kagome!" he called, "Come on let's go!"

"Hi Inuyasha!" cried Souta rushing up to his hero.

"Hey kid. Where's Kagome?"

"Oh, yeah. She told me that if you came by to tell you that she was going out of town for a few days," recited Souta.

"What? Why?" asked Inuyasha, slightly annoyed.

"She had to go to California for a funeral."

"Cali- what?" now Inuyasha was really confused.

"California. That's where Shawn lives," said Souta, beaming. He had a feeling that Inuyasha had a crush on her.

"Oh. Who died?"

Souta looked down, suddenly depressed, "Shawn's parents," he mumbled.


5 days later

Shawn sat on her knees in front of a large picture of her parents, surrounded by flowers. Her eyes were red and the little make-up she was wearing had smeared. The black suit she wore was rumpled from sitting for hours. The funeral had been over for hours. Shawn had said good-bye to everyone and had heard a million time or more, "I'm sorry for you loss."

Now she was sitting here. She felt like it had been years, but the watch on her wrist said 2 hours. Shawn heard foot steps slowly approach her from behind. She turned slightly to look. Kagome.

She felt arms wrap around shoulders, "Do you need more time?" asked Kagome.

Shawn wiped her tears, "No. I'm OK," she sniffed. The stood up together and wrapped their arms around each other's shoulders. Kagome's mom was standing at the door way. As the two girls walked by, Mrs. Higurashi joined in and put her hands on each girl's shoulder.

"You have all of your things packed?" she asked.

"Yeah. Everything that isn't going on our plane went on the little mover plane yesterday," answered Shawn.

"Got all you friend's numbers and e-mail address's?" asked Kagome.

"I had to beat off all the people giving them out with a stick," Shawn tried to add a little humor.

Kagome and her mom laughed a little.

"Come one ladies. We have a plane to catch," said Kagome's mom.


In the car

They were finally on their way to the airport. Shawn had disregarded her suit in her suitcase and had thrown on some sweats and a Roxy sweatshirt. Her hair was pulled back into its usual ponytail. Kagome wore a similar outfit.

"I can't believe you're coming to live with us," said Kagome, "They say tragedy brings us closer, but I never knew it meant this literally," Kagome joked.

"Yeah," said Shawn staring out the window. She was thinking about Inuyasha. She would be able to see him all the time now, which was defiantly an improvement. But the reason she would be able to see him was terrible.

Her parents were dead. A week before Shawn had received a call from the coroner's office. It was truly the worst experience of her life. Her parents had just gone out to see a movie and on their way home they got hit by a drunk driver. Shawn's mother had been driving and her airbag didn't work. She died instantly. Her father's airbag had worked but somehow it had shoved his head into the window. He bled to death before the paramedics could get him to the hospital.

Shawn shuddered and wiped away a tear. She didn't want to think about that. Not anymore. She knew her parents would want her to be happy, but she just couldn't be.

Authors Note: I know, short first chapter. But I needed to just set everything up. I know it's sad and a little too graphic, but ya' just gotta know what happens right? I promise the next chapter will be longer. Plan on a new character showing up. ;)

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