To Make Things Right

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Note: I originally had planned this title for another story in which a taijiya, that Sango had fallen in love with at her village, tracked down the Inu-tachi and Sango still loved him, so Miroku had to fight for her. However, this idea is way too used for both Sango and Miroku, so I thought up something more... complicated. It does not involve making either character fight for their partner to get their partner away from their partner's previous... shall we say "lover"? Anyway, this new plot will be much more interesting than the last one.

Genre: Angst, Romance, Action/Adventure

It was early evening. The firelight flickered off Sango's face, making the shadows in her eyes seem darker. Inuyasha was eating ramen, Kagome was doing some of her homework and Miroku… well… he was watching Sango. But not in a perverted way.

The taijiya had a thoughtful, slightly sad look in her eyes as she stared into the fire. She was sitting still, her head resting on her hands. I couldn't help but wonder why she seemed so sad. Sango is in general a quiet person, keeping everything inside so that she does not burden the others, but we hadn't had an encounter from Kohaku for at least two months. The demons in the forests seemed to be avoiding us lately, odd as that sounds.

"Sango," I said, and she nearly jumped as she turned to look at me. She must have been really deep in thought. "Are you alright?"

That was a stupid question. Sango is rarely okay, except for when she is angry after I have attempted to give her bottom a caress. I should have known that she would not tell me. "I'm fine, I guess," she replied. "Just thinking." Any anger or sadness was well hidden behind her features.

"You know, if there's something bothering you -" I almost stopped myself from continuing out loud, for fear she would wave me off. Sango, trust me? Why would she do that when I manage to ruin almost every romantic moment by touching her rear? But I continued, after a long moment of silence, and a slightly stunned look from her. " - you can tell me."

I shifted a bit closer to her. She did not move away, but gave me a wary look.

"Right," she said with a hint of coldness. "And if I told you everything about me, my dreams and hopes, which I'm sure you have a very good idea of anyway, you'll never grope me again, is that it?"

I threw up my hands, pretending to be hurt. "I can't help but grope a lady who looks so divine."

A slight smirk curved her lips. "You can flatter me all you want, Houshi-sama, but I'm not stupid. I know you say that to every woman we meet in every village."

I went silent, looking down at the cloth that covered my right hand. The next thing I knew, Sango had moved over, timidly placing her hand over my gloved one. The look in her eyes was one of concern, which was rare, because she never pitied me. Well… at least, I didn't think she did.

"I'm sorry Houshi-sama. I didn't mean to make you remember -" She cut herself off and looked down slightly. I was touched by her affection towards me, but I didn't let her know just how much it mattered.

"It's alright Sango. I wasn't thinking about my Kazaana - and what you said about me flattering other women - it's true." We both knew it, so there was no point in denying it.

That earned me a shy, knowing smile as she looked back up at me for a moment. "Why do you think I mentioned it?" Sango asked, a slightly sad expression coming over her features.

"Sango…" I wasn't sure what to say to something like that, but she spoke again to the floor, saving me from having to say something.

"Never mind. Forget I said anything." I stood up as she did, catching her wrist as she started to head in for the night. "Is there something wrong?" I tried not to sound too concerned, but she probably heard it in my voice. I could notlet her know just how much I love her. That would only drive her away and possibly ruin any kind of relationship that we do have.

"No." She looked away from me, but I didn't ask why. I figured that if she wanted reassurance, she would come to me.

I gave her a genuine smile as we headed back to camp. There was nothing further said, but I had a feeling Sango was hiding something from me. Not that that was unusual or anything, but I wanted her to trust me.

Ha! Trust me? She would never trust me even if her life solely depended on me - wait, that wasn't true. She had saved my life more than once. At one time, when the poison from the Saimyoushou had been sucked into my bloodstream, she sat by my side, unable to hold back silent tears when she thought I was going to die. Of course, I had reassured her that I was fine by groping her as I faked death, and I received a major bashing on the side of my head for my efforts, but both of us were relieved. Still, Sango meant more to me than any other woman did, although I was still unsure why. Maybe the way she held herself up with confidence? Maybe the way she fought, or the way her whole figure shined with beauty even after an immense, sweaty battle with a youkai during midday? I wasn't sure, but maybe, just maybe, one day, I would be able to find out if she felt anything more than mere friendship with me.

I realize this chapter is extremely short, but it is only a general setting for the story. The chapters will increase in length.

First written - December 15th, 2004

First posting - January 8th, 2005