"What do you mean we have to do it over?!" a now hysterical Naruto yelled.

"Just as I said, you barely got past the second part of your journeymen ninja exam, so we're placing you out in the middle of the woods so you can do it over," Kakashi explained for a third time that day.

Naruto pouted, "Yeah, but we got through it didn't we? So why do we have to do it- ow!"

Naruto rubbed his head where Sakura had swiftly punched him. Sasuke glanced over at the members of his cell, wondering when they were going to stop acting like bumbling idiots. Scratch that, for Naruto that seemed to be physically and mentally impossible.

Sakura looked up at Kakashi, "You said we were going in a team of four, does that mean your coming with us?"

Master Kakashi turned over a page in his book, "No, you're getting another member from another cell for this exercise. Actually, she volunteered for it. So she's going to stay within your cell for the entire week of this exercise instead of training with her group."

Sakura immediately stopped in her tracks. She knew fully well who had volunteered and she wasn't entirely thrilled with the idea. "Ino," she muttered under her breath.

"You say something Sakura?" Kakashi dully asked.

Sakura sighed and kept walking. As Master Kakashi went over the details of this exercise Naruto was thinking of the instant-cup ramen waiting for him at home. This resulted in him tripping over a root and landing flat on his face. Saksuke rolled his eyes, a whole week of Naruto's idiocy and Sakura's annoying attempts to flirt with him.

"I told you to watch out for that root Naruto, but obviously your mind was elsewhere. On your instant-cup ramen, perhaps?" their sensei questioned, more to himself than Naruto. "Now, as I was saying, this exercise will begin in exactly two hours time at the woods west of here. I suggest you go home and get what you need to prepare yourselves. Oh, and if you don't show up, I will find out, so you're going to come either way Naruto."

Naruto gave a defeated sigh and trudged home.

"Hey Sakura! Hurry up, we're supposed to be there by now!" Naruto called from outside. Sasuke wasn't exactly thrilled to be put in a cell with another girl like Sakura. Not only that, the bag that Naruto had brought was full of ramen, all of which were expired.

"I'll be down in a minute, let me just say good-bye to my mom and dad!"

Sasuke scoffed. She complained about parents nagging her, but she always said her good-byes before leaving for long exercises or missions. Deep down, he envied her. At least she had parents to go home to.

"Mom, Dad, I'm leaving now," Sakura called to her parents through the door. There was no answer.

"Mom, Dad, I said I'm leaving now."

Still no answer.

"Mom, Dad?" Sakura curiously opened the door to her parents' room and the sight that greeted her made her let out a scream.