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A/N: This is a re-write of a story I had under the pen name; Caged Monster of the Moon. I figured I could make it severly better and I am, or at least in my opinion. I took the story off but it's better this way.

WARNINGS: I understand that insanity isn't a laughing matter and that this story isn't accurate, but please do not flame me. I have never been to an institution of the sort, but plenty of people I know have been enrolled for "suicide." It's a ridiculous fad and trend but it's part of what inspired me. This is also SLASH, meaning male/male relationship(s).


By: The Demonic Duo

At the corner of St. Hogsmeade drive, was a small home for the curably "insane." The home was well awarded for it's number of patients cured. It was a beautiful place, old fashioned even. The lobby was nicely furnished with mildly expensive cherry wood, and the patients' rooms were decored with nice sturdy oak.

The patients weren't locked away the majority of the time and did occassionally go into the garden. The garden had a few trees, well tended plants and a large plain to run around on. There were even games for the younger ones. It was peaceful, minus the large and dingy fence that surrounded it.

The peace, however, was broken with a sound crash and a violent scream. This, of course, was the result of usually one person.

Sirius Black.

Many of the nurses and aids rushed to his room to find what the disturbance was. Though they came, no one was entirely motivated to move near the chaotic room. Once Sirius was in a rage, only one person could quash his temperment. Molly Weasley, the head nurse, rushed past them and banged on the door. Her face was red as she seethed in anger.


His brilliant blue eyes peaked out the door.

"Where is he?" Sirius's eyes were narrowed as he glanced around, past the bars. "Where's that... that, THAT RAT!"

He turned away and pounced on his bed, crashing around and ripping the sheet repeatedly. He banged around some more and turned when Molly unlocked and opened the door.

"Sirius... they're going to sedate you if you keep this up." She warned. The tone of her voice was firm, not threatening.

"Where's Peter!" He growled, his breathing harsh and raspy. His eyes were dilated, hands fisting up in a convulsive manner.

Molly stared at him blankly, then scowled.

"What happened now?" She demanded, placing her hands on her hips. She was short and plump but could tower over even the tallest person in the world if made mad enough. And boy! was she getting there.

Sirius sat down, sensing her anger. The thing about the two of them was, they both had equally large tempers. Only one could control theirs. Slowly, Sirius's fists relaxed and lay still on his lap passively.

"He reminded me of THAT woman...my mother." He drawled furiously, his mouth twitching. "I hate her. I hate him and if someone doesn't keep him away from me they'll find him shoved up the chimney singing not so pleasant carols for Christmas this year."

Molly sighed loudly, her blue eyes reguarding Sirius angrily. He stared back feigning indifference.

"If you do not calm down, Sirius, I will have you put in the most isolated room available."

Sirius sighed, pouting. His mood changed drastically, from furiously angered and hostile to childish and only vaguely petulant.

"Straighten up the mess you made, and if you rip another set of sheets... you will sleep without any." Molly stated as her beeper went off. "Do what I ask and maybe I'll let you in the garden after dark."

Sirius grinned, all thoughts of Peter gone in a flash. He loved the garden at night, he could see the stars. He adored the stars, especially when they danced around the moon. Maybe he could ask Molly for celestial stickers to place on the ceiling of his room....

"Okay." He chirped, handing her the shredded sheets, blinking angelically at her. "You were kidding about the sheet thing, right?"

Molly rolled her eyes and hid a smile. She looked impatiently at her beeper as it signaled for her again.

"See you in a bit, Sirius."

She closed the door, and Sirius heard the click of a lock and the distinct sound of keys rattling. He sat on his bed, feeling the coarse matress.

"Man. She wasn't kidding... now what am I going to tear up? They took everything good out...." He mused to himself, glancing around his barren room and observed everything for the millionth time. He had a habit of mutilating things if angered enough, everyone was aware of this minor detail.

Sirius flopped back on the bed restlessly. His jetty hair had fallen out of the ponytail that it was in, the tie lying discarded somewhere along the carpeted gray floor. He lifted his bruised hand and rubbed his stomach, feeling the soft, white-cotton shirt under his fingertips.

Sirius, once again, stared at the blank white walls and frowned. He wanted a clock but was denied the privilege. Molly had said that he didn't need to waste his day away staring at a clock when he could do something more productive such as thinking. He snorted at the memory. It only happened a couple days ago and Sirius found it hard to believe that he would forget it any time soon. Thinking made the insanity go worse, he concluded.

Someone knocked on the door and Sirius got up gracefully, suspiciously, to see if it was Peter. The little rat was sneaky and he liked to bother others. Especially him. He knew he'd have to learn not to react, but it was incredibly hard not to. He couldn't, for the life of him, remember anything that could be found good or appealing.

"Sirius, it's me." said Molly. Her gray eyes were barely visible through the bars.


"Sirius, there's an emotionally unstable boy coming through this corridor... if you make any loud noises or anything... consider yourself isolated."

Sirius blinked down at her.

"Emotionally unstable? Depends, what if I don't like him?" He teased. Molly grit her teeth in frustration.

"Sirius Black, you will do as I say or I'll have you put in the state asylum."

The state asylum was well known for it's ill treatment of patients. The place locked you up the majority of the time, only letting you leave your room for the bathroom under guided surveillance. If you had to use the toilet you had to do so with two armed men or women staring down at you. Wasn't what you would call pleasant. Sirius went there for a week before Molly came to the rescue. She was a long time friend of the more pleasant half of the family and was quite fond of him especially. She may like Sirius, but was serious about her job.

"Molly?" Sirius ventured calmly, which was quite a rarity.

Molly looked up at him and frowned. She didn't like the look in his eye, it was the type of look he gave when he was thinking about his past.


"You wouldn't send me back there, right?" He asked quietly, almost weakly and she didn't like that. Molly felt terrible for even mentioning it.

For the few weeks that Sirius was enrolled to the state asylum, he was absolutely miserable. He was strapped to the bed for long hours, his eyes dilated from the harsh medications that were, in all actuality, unnecessary. His nightmares increased and soon he couldn't tell it he was hallucinating or dreaming... the days and nights were blurred together and only interrupted for the customary room checks or bathroom breaks. Sirius needed light and attention, the dark silence only serving to awaken the worst of his memories.

"No, I wouldn't Sirius...." She said softly, pushing her flame-red hair from her face. "Just, please, behave for me...this kid's absolutely adorable but an utter wreck."

Sirius nodded, his eyes going distant. He was thinking about the state he was in when he first arrived. He talked to no one and stayed in his room, afraid that if he left he'd get heavily medicated. The state asylum's imprisonment was logged into his memory permanently and only more time and patience would rid it out. Only after a while did he begin to open up and show his obnoxious behavior.

Gratified, Molly looked at Sirius's eyes sadly for a moment longer before striding quickly down the hall to help escort the new patient.

Sirius watched quietly through the barred window, wanting to see whom it was. In clear view, Molly came slowly with a petite looking young man. On his other side was Lily Potter, one of the newer nurses of the staff. The two nurses gave Sirius a weary glance and he smiled softly, waving with a couple fingers through the bars.

Watching the small group make past, Sirius caught a good view of the small patient. He seemed only a bit taller than Molly and he estimated that he probably came up to his own chin. The color of his hair appealed to Sirius and he found the tawny hair very attractive and suitable for the meek boy. Surprised when the patient turned and faced him, they made shy eye contact and Sirius was stunned. His eyes, the amber color was outstanding but the feral depth behind them was sensational. He may be emotionally unstable but Sirius had a feeling the boy could open up easily if subjected to enough attention and talkative efforts.

Eyes now wide, he watched them until he no longer could, with his face pressed almost painfully to the bars. Amazing, he thought, lying on the sheetless matress. Truly amazing.


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