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By: The Demonic Duo

Lights went on outside the room, the fluorescent bulbs producing a blinding beam that splintered through the bars and littered themselves on the cool cement floor and the farside wall. That was another thing about this place, it didn't get the concept of carpeting. Though it was possible that it was just easier to manage. Remus could often times hear various different patients getting sick on their floors. It was probably the medication doing this to them, or they were just bulimic. It didn't bother him as much as it might for other people. Of course, not much did except for two or three people in this home.

Stretching out again, he tugged his surprisingly warm blanket over his head, not ready to will himself away from the comfort the bed gave him.

It was simply another day in this god-awful place. He just wasn't able to stimulate his mind here, and he also knew that before long he'd end up like Longbotton, but just from a different cause. Finally, feeling far too frustrated with the light and the numbness of lying still, Remus moodily threw the covers off of his body and stood on the chilly floor. Shivering, he slammed open the door, giving the nurses in sight a moody glare as he stomped off in the direction of the cafeteria.

Food was honestly the last thing on his mind, and as he spotted Sirius across the room, that became more apparent to him. The imagery Sirius's face brought to Remus caused his body and face to heat up. Grabbing a tray at random, Remus walked over to Sirius and sat across from him, making eyecontact briefly. Finally surveying the contents of his tray, he was satisfied to see it wasn't anything as horrid as oatmeal. It was a simple pile of french toast, two closed containers of syrup and a carton of orange juice as well as one of milk. Nice.

"Morn', Remus." rasped Sirius with a particularly hoarse voice. Remus inspected the other boy suspiciously before leaning back with his lip twisting in disgust. Sirius was ill, and sick was the last thing Remus wanted to be.

Eating his food, Remus watched Sirius closely, making sure he didn't breathe the wrong way. Meaning, on his food. The other boy didn't, however, do much of anything. He was slumped tiredly against the back of his chair, his head lulled to the side with his eyes half-lidded. Sirius's nose was a painful looking pink, probably from the running running.

"Stop looking at me like that." Sirius coughed out, and Remus recoiled with a horrified expression. Grinning, Sirius grabbed his napkin and blew his nose loudly. Paling, Remus took his tray up and handed in the utensils and tray. Picking up the pace, he left the room and growled when he noticed Sirius following him.

Placing his hands indignantly on his hips, the amber-eyed patient frowned at him, his visage screaming a very hostile, "WHAT?"

"Why ya runnin', Remus?" Sirius coughed out, sneezing obnoxiously on the wall. Blinking at the damage, Sirius shrugged and looked at his... friend? "Are you that anal about germs and sickness? If that's true, then why were you outside? It's a lot worse out there. I think that's the reason why I'm so sick! Damn..."

Remus sighed, thinking with relief of how he wasn't ill before he remembered the contaminated being in front of him. The two of them were in intimate contact the day before, who's to say that Sirius hadn't already passed the germs on. Shuddering, Remus hissed at him.

"Relax, I have evaluation today." Sirius yawned. "I don't have the time to really torment you, so I'm getting it out of the way now. I think it's stupid, though, I just recently had one of my episodes. Molly says it's because I managed to skipped meds, so apparently I have some sort of chance of getting out of here."

Sirius didn't seem convinced that he would be set free from this place. Silently, Remus wished that Sirius could stay, and was only vaguely confident that he would. The childish and boisterous patient was Remus's only source of relief and interest. He'd be lost if Sirius didn't remain here.

The entire process of finishing an evaluation with a positive report, was to give the patient a government paid apartment where others of a similar state were allowed to live. From then on, they were only visited three times a week in order to make sure they were taking their medications as well as adapting alright to their enviorment.

"Ready, Sirius?"

Molly interrupted Remus's musings, placing her hand on Sirius's shoulder and squeezing gently. She was a little more lively looking today, and Remus wondered if it was because she was so close to getting rid of one of her most obnoxious patients. Feeling numb at her look of motherly affection towards Sirius, he knew that wasn't the real reason. She was proud of him, and that left Remus feeling very, very alone.

Moving back, he glanced down akwardly before turning around and walking towards the direction of the library. He was going to have to learn to occupy himself, especially if it was only going to be him. His confidence of Sirius staying left him quickly, and he wasn't sure what to make of how he was feeling.

The library was empty, as per usual, and Remus grabbed just a random book from the nearest shelf, seating himself and staring blankly at the words. He wasn't comprehending anything, more curious over the evaluation than anything. Inhaling slowly, he forced himself to read the same sentence again and hopefully make some sense out of it.

After twenty minutes of not being able to do anything but stare off into space, Remus just left the book on the table and got out of the library. He jogged down one hallway, and then stopped and screamed wordlessly at no one in particular. He whimpered out a pathetic noise of distress, flopping onto the floor and stretching his body along the floor childishly.

Alarmed at the sound of footsteps, he sat up quickly and glanced up when Sirius, Molly and four strangers walked past him. Sirius smiled at him weakly, and his footfalls barely faltered as he moved past. Remus stood up, almost tripping over himself as he followed after him.

"Molly?" Remus asked nasally, startling the woman. She smiled at Sirius, leaving him to his own with the others as she stepped over to Remus.

"What's the matter, Remus?" She asked softly, touching his hair. Usually, he'd have snapped at her but right now, he was lost. Giving her a questioning glance, he pointed in Sirius's direction and she sighed softly. "Aah. Sirius's evaluation went well. He's finally able to leave."

Leave? Sirius was leaving him?

Leaving the older woman behind, he scurried over to Sirius's room and watched him quietly as he did his thing. Apparently he was packing to leave. After he finished, all of the people from the room filed out and walked back in the direction they came from. The exit.

Soon, they all stopped in the lobby and had a brief, murmured conversation that Remus didn't pick up. He was staring at the now former patient. Sirius wasn't looking at him, at all, and all Remus wasn't to do at the moment was to go over to him and rip him apart for being so cruel to him. It was karma. It had to be, right? This sickening feeling of dread in his stomach. He, in a twisted way, had become too attatched to someone, only to have them wrenched away by fate.

Finally, Sirius looked at him and smiled so beautifully. He lifted his hand up and waved to Remus, who stared back at him with a paled, shaky expression. Sirius's expression only faultered slightly, and before the young man could say anything to Remus, one of the strangers placed their hand on his back, whisking him to the door.

Sirius focused on where he was walking, not looking back after that. He was leaving Remus to feel this unusual pain of loss, and it tore the tawny-haired boy up. All of the unusual events before this, felt like nothing. He felt numb, confused and he wasn't sure if this was a physical sickness, or if his mind was truely unwell.


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