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A Special Day Chapter 4

Kim and Ron broke their embrace after their dance to the applause and cheering of all in attendance. Mrs. Possible clapped her hands for everyone's attention. "Ladies and gentlemen, would you please gather around the cake it is time for Kim and Ron to cut it. Kim, Ron, if you could break yourselves away from each other for just a few minutes, I am sure the guests would like some cake, and they can't have any till you cut it."

Kim and Ron each blushed as they turned to walk over to the table where the cake stood. On the top of the cake were a Mickey Mouse Groom and Minnie Bride. Kim picked up the cake knife and Ron placed his hand over it and together they cut two slices of cake as the photographer took pictures. Kim and Ron where laughing as they each tried to guide each others hand to make a good cut. For the most part they were successful and soon had two pieces of cake on two plates.

"Kim, Ron, now you are supposed to feed each other a piece of cake." Ron grinned as he turned to Kim with a gleam in his eyes. "Ronald Adrian Stoppable, if you so much as smash that cake into my face you will oh so regret it." She whispered smiling. "So not the drama, KP." He said back. They each picked up a piece of cake and put it up to each other's face and took a bite. Then with a gleam in each others eye's they smashed the remains of their pieces of cake in each others face to the delight of all attending. Ron then grabbed Kim and planted a kiss on her cake smeared face; she protested but a moment then lovingly returned the kiss. There was a wonderful photo taken with Kim and Ron kissing with wedding cake smashed all over each others faces. When Kim and Ron broke the kiss, they looked almost like two circus clowns from all the white icing. Shego was laughing so hard she had to sit down in a chair. The newlyweds cleaned up their faces and then picked up two glasses and entwined arms to drink their first toast to each other. Kim and Ron then moved into the crowd for the first time to meet and greet all their friends.

Kim walked across the room greeting friends and stopped when she heard a familiar "ahem" from behind her. She turned to face Josh. She smiled at him and reached out to take his hand. "Josh, thank you for all that you have done." She said. "No problem, Kim. You look so beautiful today." He said. Kim smiled as she looked down. "Kim, no prob, we split because we weren't going anywhere. I knew long before that who you needed to be with and that was with Ron."

"When did you figure that out." She asked.

"Well, do you remember that night that you kept disappearing?" he asked.

She nodded. "I remember."

Josh said quietly as he held her hand. "Well, I saw Ron leaving with that plant after I left you. He told me what had been going on that night. That bothered me for a long time. I knew we were having a good time together, but somehow your heart was always with him. I don't blame you. I don't think I could ever take as good a care of you as he did and does. You are a very lucky woman Kim. That man loves you with every breath he takes; I know that he would give his life for you in an instant. He nearly did this last time."

Ron came up behind Kim and put his hands on her waist. She closed her eyes and smiled at this touch. "Hey, Josh, still trying to get her back?" Ron asked smiling. Josh smiled and extended his hand to Ron and shook it. "Nope, lost hope in that long time ago, I knew where she would be one day, and that was carrying your name, Ron. Congrats, to you both. You are a real lucky man."

"Thanks Josh, we appreciate that." Ron said.

Josh leaned over and gave Kim a little hug and kiss. "See both of you later."

Then Kim and Ron saw a large imposing figure step up. "Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable. Kim, Ron, you have no idea the immense pleasure it gives me to say that." Mr. Barkin said.

"Thank you Mr. Barkin, we appreciate all that you did for the both of us." Kim said.

"Please, both of you, call me Steve." Barkin said.

"You two will definitely go down in Middleton High School history. You were voted best friends for the yearbook your senior year. What the two of you went through that last year was something. You were an inspiration to all the couples at school. Did you know that there will be a photo of the two of you from the yearbook and a wedding photo will be placed in your honor at school? You two have become the most famous couple of all to go through Middle High. There will be pictures of you from your missions, some of the awards that you have received and Kim your cheerleader uniform and Ron the mascot outfit have been retired and placed in the case with everything else. The students and teachers wanted it that way."

"Thanks, Mr. B…Steve." Ron said. "We just did our part."

"No, Ron." Mr. Barkin said. "You two did something more than that. You taught a lot of people what true friendship can do and mean. You taught us all what dedication to a cause can cost and also do. You two fought the most incredible creeps all over the world, yet still had time to support your friends and your school. Then you had your dedication to each other. There will be a new senior award given now. The award shall the called the Possible-Stoppable Service award. It will be given to the person or couple that has shown a dedication above and beyond the call of a normal student. It will be by nomination only and may not be given each year if the committee feels that the award is not justified for that year."

"Kim, time to do the bouquet and garter thing." Ron said.

"Ok, let's go, is our plan in place." She asked.

"Yeah, I think so. I talked to the proper people. If we pull it off it will be a riot."

Kim's dad called for everyone's attention. "If all the single women will gather over here please. It is time for Kim to toss the bouquet. So, Kim dear, if you will take your position. Ladies if you will gather over here." All the single ladies and girls gathered in the center of the room behind Kim, who had the bouquet in her hand. She kept turning around to see who was waiting and laughing at the antics of all the single girls. Drakken eased up behind Shego who was still standing in the crowd.

"Here's one." He called and gave her a little shove from behind.

"Drakken" she growled as she turned to glare at him. But seemingly Drakken had taken interest in something in the ceiling tiles and whistling.

Kim turned around and called, "Come on Shego, you have a much right to participate is this as anyone else."

Shego gave Drakken a glare that could have melted solid steel as she walked out onto the floor.

Kim turned her back to the girls and glanced at Ron who was standing in front of her. He gave her some slight directions with his hands that no one else could see. Kim grinned as she followed his directions and then got ready to throw. She nodded to Ron, who nodded to someone in the audience. That someone was Drakken who pulled a small control box from his pocket. A control box that controlled a small shock box that he had put on Shego backside when he had pushed her out to the crowd. He got ready for Kim to throw the bouquet. When Kim tossed the bouquet it went straight toward Shego due to Ron directions. As it flew toward Shego Drakken activated the box which gave Shego a much unexpected shock. She screeched and threw up her hands only to have the bouquet fall directly into her hands. She turned and glared to Drakken, who along with Killigan and Monkeyfist were laughing the heads off. The whole place applauded and Kim came and gave Shego a hug.

Shego came walking up to Drakken, who started playing with and counting his fingers. He looked up and said "Kim and Ron made me do it." Shego looked right at him and said "Right, now buster, it's your TURN." She reached into the crowd and grabbed him by the label of his tux and drug him out on the floor. All the single men had gathered on the floor. Monkeyfist and Killigan did not participate. Shego stood in front of them with an evil grin on her face, because one finger had started to glow green. Killigan noticed it and gave Monty an elbow, nodding to her glowing finger. Both of them got evil grins and waited for the show.

Ron had the garter in his hands and pulled it back ready to shoot. He nodded to Shego, whom he had already talked to. He fired the garter into the air at the same time Shego fired a small plasma blast from her finger that hit Drakken at his feet. He jumped and the garter fell perfectly into his hands. When he turned around to face Shego, she was standing there with a smug look on her face. Monkeyfist and Killigan were practically on the floor laughing as was everyone else.

Shego and Drakken came up to Kim and Ron, who couldn't hold out any longer and burst out laughing. Shego said with a smile "You two planned this didn't you. You…you… you sneaky little …" "Now, now Shego" Drakken interrupted. "Let's not lose our temper. Remember, temper, temper, temper."

Shego turned and glared at Drakken then burst out in laughter. She turned to Kim and Ron. "Oh, you two. You got us good." Shego reached out and pulled Kim into a hug. "Dang it" she said, tears coming to her eyes. "I told myself I wouldn't to this. But I look at the two of you and I can't help it." Ron came up behind Kim and took her into his arms. "Shego, Drew, thank you for coming. With all that we have gone through together, Kim and I wanted to do something for the two of you so we thought of this." The two couple burst into laughing again and were joined by Monty and Killigan.

Kim and Ron were waiting by the door. They were getting ready to leave though the traditional thrown bird seed. But something was up and the other would not let them look outside. Felix was looking out the window to give Kim and Ron the signal to leave. Monique and Tara stood at the doors ready to open them for Kim and Ron. Felix turned and smiling nodded to Monique and Tara. The doors were opened and Kim and Ron got a shock. "Atten-hut, present Arms." There on each side of the door were Mr. Barkin and all of the men whom had been in the group Kim and Ron had invited to the Veteran's Day for Mr. Barkin. Each one of them in full dress uniform with drawn swords. The swords had been presented to form a canopy. Mr. Barkin stood at the end at attention giving a salute. The limo waited with the doors open as Kim and Ron walked out the door to a flurry of birdseed. They stopped for a moment in front of Mr. Barkin. Ron stood straight and returned Barkin salute. Kim stood on her tiptoes and gave him a slight peck on the cheek. Then hand in hand ran for the limo. They jumped in and the door was closed. Everyone watched as the car pulled off taking Kim and Ron off on the first leg of their new life together. The last glimpse many had was of Kim and Ron sharing a kiss in the rear window. On the rear of the limo proclaimed a sign "JUST MARRIED".

Just a bit of wedding etiquette here for those who do not know. The tradition of the bouquet and garter is a classic. There is an old's wives tale that whoever catches the bouquet and garter are the next to be married. The cake episode and everything else is pretty much standard. The canopy of swords is done at some military weddings and I included it here thinking of a special way to honor Kim and Ron. I hope that you all have enjoyed this story. This ends this part of the story. Next will be the adventures of the New Team Possible.