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- - - - -

Chapter 1

- - - - -

"Hey Del Rossi," high school senior Paige Michalchuck sang out as she walked down the hallway and greeted one of her best friends.

"Hey Paige," Marco replied, twirling in his locker combination.

"So, what are your plans for this long, boring weekend?" she asked, leaning against the locker door next to his.

"Let's see…" Marco said as he pulled out his backpack and hoisted it on his shoulder and then kicked his locker shut, the two began to walk down the hallway, "I will start out this enjoyable weekend by getting a ride home by my boyfriend and your brother, and then I will spend a restless night at home, thinking about Dylan, then I am going down to the mall with Craig tomorrow for some band stuff, then I'm going to a movie with Dylan tomorrow night and then on Sunday, I will do…absolutely nothing. How about you?"

"Nothing probably." Paige said as they walked out of the Degrassi doors, the air was cold and snow was slowly falling.

"Nothing? The Paige Michalchuck isn't doing anything? There's a first,"

"Hazel is spending the weekend with Jimmy, there just going to hang out at his house and probably play video games, since Jimmy can't really do a lot. Spinner is out of the question, he's expelled from Degrassi and oh yeah, my ex. Craig is hanging with you tomorrow and then spending Sunday with Ash and Ellie, haven't heard from Terri since like junior year, so yeah, no plans," Paige said and gave a sarcastic smirk.

"Sounds like fun, hey babe!" Marco called out as Dylan pulled up in the Degrassi parking lot.

Paige hopped into the backseat as Marco got into the front and kissed his boyfriend as they drove out of the parking lot.

"Oh, why don't you do something with Mr. O?" Marco asked.

"Matt? We broke up." Paige said.

"First I've heard of it," Marco said.

"Yeah, me too," Dylan said.

"Well now you've heard," Paige said and leaned back against the car seat as she watched Marco and Dylan's relationship in envy.

It was obvious the two were in love.

Paige hadn't been in love since she was with Spinner.

"Hey Marco, do you want to come over to our house tonight?" Dylan asked.

"Like over night?" Marco questioned.

"If you want, but I just meant you could hang out with me tonight, rent a few movies…it'd be fun," Dylan said.

"Sure," Marco said with a smile.

"Paige, you don't mind do you?" Dylan asked, turning around to face his younger sister as he pulled up to a red light.

Paige shook her head, "Doesn't bother me any, but don't you have a dorm of your own?"

"I'm spending the weekend with the family this weekend, remember?" Dylan asked.

Paige nodded, "Anyway, Marco can come over, I don't care. Mom and dad are at some boring dinner thing all night and Tucker is at a friend's house," Paige said, referring to their ten year old brother.

Dylan nodded as he pulled into the Michalchuck's driveway.

"I love the snow," Paige said with a smile as she climbed out of the back seat.

"No, you love playing in the snow," Dylan said.

Paige stuck her tongue out at him and then leaned down, molding together the perfect snowball and then hurling it at her brother.

Dylan's mouth dropped open, "Not funny."

"Actually, it was kinda humorous," Paige smirked.

Marco chuckled, "She does have a point. And the look on your face when it hit you, makes you look so cute," Marco said, walking to his boyfriend and pecking him on the lips.

Paige rolled her eyes with a smile as they all walked into the house.

- - - - -

"Okay guys, we have been through three movies. I'm starving!" Paige said, standing up from the couch which she was at the end of while Marco and Dylan were snuggling on the other end.

"I can go grab a pizza." Dylan said, pulling his car keys from his pocket and standing up.

"We could just go out for pizza…" Paige suggested.

"Nah, it'd be brutal to drive back in this weather an hour later, I heard it's supposed to get pretty bad," Dylan said, "So what type of pizza do you guys want?"

"Just regular cheese," Paige said.

"Fine by me, oh, and get breadsticks," Marco said.

"Cheese pizza and breadsticks, got it. I'll just go pick it up," Dylan said.

"Shouldn't you order it first?" Paige asked.

"Nah, I figured I'd order it and then go over to the video store and pick us up more movies!" Dylan said.

"Oh joy," Paige said sarcastically.

Dylan rolled his eyes at his sister and then gave Marco a kiss on the cheek before pulling his coat on and walking out the door.

"See you in thirty minutes!" Paige called out to the closed door and then flopped next to Marco who was still sitting on the couch.

"This is fun, we should have more nights like this, you know, just the three of us hanging out," Paige clarified.

"Yeah, it'd be fun," Marco replied.

It finally occurred to Marco that this was the first time he and Paige were actually alone together, usually they had other people around them but this time it was just Marco and Paige.

"Do you want to play a game or something?" Paige asked after three minutes of sitting in silence.

"Like what type of game?"

"We have Life," Paige suggested.

Marco laughed, "I guess I could play a rousing game of Life,"

Paige nodded and then got up and walked to the coat closet and came back with the game box and sat it down on the coffee table, she stood on her knees as she opened up the box and began pulling out the board.

Marco helped set up the game and in a few minutes they were paying for college tuitions and getting jobs.

"No way." Paige said, "These three jobs suck, and I'll never be any of them."

"Just pick one Paige," Marco said.

"Do you think I'd make a good travel agent?" Paige asked.

"Didn't we go over that last year when you were looking for a job?" Marco questioned.

"That was real life," Paige said.

"This is Life," Marco smarted.

Paige grabbed a throw pillow and threw it at his head.

"Hey," Marco said and grabbed another pillow and threw it at her.

Before they knew it, the two were on top of each other on the carpet play wrestling.

"Give up?" Marco asked as he had Paige pinned.

Paige grinned, "Nope," she said and flipped him over.

"Ouch, my spine," Marco said wincing.

"Did I hurt you?" Paige asked, sitting up.

"Not badly." Marco said, sitting up as well and leaning against the couch.

"Sorry," Paige winced and sat next to him.

"You're right, this is fun," Marco said.

"Of course it is, and Dylan isn't even here," Paige said.

"Whoever said I needed Dylan to have a good time? I'm having an awesome time just hanging here with you," Marco said.

"How sweet," Paige smirked and leaned in to give him a peck on the cheek.

Just then Marco turned his head to face her and instead of hitting his cheek she got his lips.

Their lips softly brushed against each other for once second and then Paige immediately broke away, "Oh my god, I am so sorry," Paige said, looking at the carpet.

"Its fine," Marco said nervously just as the door swung open and the smell of pizza filled the living room.

"I've got pizza," Dylan sang out.

"Great, I'm starved," Paige said and stood up to help Dylan with the pizza as Marco went to the kitchen to get plates and think about the major chills that had ran up his spine a minute earlier.

- - - - -

"How about this amp?" Craig asked, suggesting a huge amplifier as the two stood in Guitar World at the mall.

"Sure, it's fine, I guess," Marco said from where he was leaning against a wall.

"What's wrong?" Craig asked, walking over to his friend.

"Nothing, I'm fine," Marco said.

"Sure you are." Craig said and led Marco out to the main corridors of the mall and sat him at a bench, "What's up?"

"Just something happened, last night," Marco said.

"And that would be…?"

"Well I was hanging out with Dylan and Paige and Dylan went to get us a pizza and then Paige and I were playing Life and we got into this wrestling match thing and then she was about to give me a kiss on the cheek but I turned to face her and it wound up being on the lips instead," Marco said.

Craig's mouth dropped open, "You and Paige…kissed?"

Marco nodded.

"Whoa," Craig said, "So how did it feel?"

"What do you mean?" Marco asked dumbly although he knew exactly what Craig meant.

"The kiss, did you hate it?"

"No." Marco said.

"So you liked it?" Craig questioned.

Marco shook his head.

"Then what?"

Marco gulped, "I loved it."


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