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Chapter 3


"Oh my god! Paige, are you serious? You and Marco…kissed?" Hazel squealed.

Paige nodded, "I know…horrible, right?"

Hazel shook her head, her pretty dark hair falling in front of her chocolate almond shaped eyes, "No. I mean, did you like it?"

Paige gulped and nodded, "God that's bad," she sighed, running a hand through her hair.

She had invited Hazel over for some serious girl time which involved serious girl talk.

Hazel shook her head again, "No. Hun, it's not, it's fine that you liked a kiss."

"It was with my brother's boyfriend Hazel!"

Hazel gulped, "Okay, so that is kind of bad. But I mean, come on. It's not like Dylan actually knows what happened between the two of you."

"But he could find out! And do you know how bad that would be? He would know that Marco cheated on him and I was a bad sister."

"You're not a bad sister, I mean, it could be the same with a sister's boyfriend."

"But this is a brother's boyfriend."

"So? Same details pretty much."

"Hazel, did you miss the fact that I kissed a gay guy, who happens to be one of my absolute best friends? I love Marco."

Hazel nodded, "Yeah…you do."

"No, Haze, not like that. I mean, I love Marco as a friend."

"And as a boyfriend." Hazel added in.

"Shut up, that's not true." Paige said with an eye roll.

Hazel rolled her eyes right back at her, "So how long did it last anyway? Wet, dry, warm, soft, tongue?"

"Like a second and it was soft."

"A second? You're freaking out over a dainty second? God Paige, that's nothing. Manny Santos had sex with Craig, that's serious. You kissed Marco for a second."

"And it was on accident." Paige said.

Hazel nodded, "Exact-wait, it was on accident?"

Paige nodded, "I was aiming for the cheek, he turned his head, I got his lips instead."

Hazel stared at her best friend like she was about to head back to the mother ship that was heading back up to planet Boombah, "Oh my God. I can't believe you're actually freaking out over that!"

Paige rolled her eyes, "Oh and you wouldn't be?"


"Well, I'm not you."

"I just don't see why you're freaking out over it. I think you should just talk to Marco about it and see if you can just forget the whole thing ever happened." Hazel said.

Paige nodded with a weakened smile, "Maybe you're right."

Hazel grinned, showing off her pearly white teeth, "Of course I am."


Paige sucked in a deep breath as she tapped on Marco's front door, what was she doing?

Stupid question Michalchuck. Conscience always had her way of making it into Paige's mind.

"Shut up." She said aloud before tapping on the door.

She shoved her hands into the pockets of her denim sandblasted jeans as she waited for him to answer.

Just then the door swung open and Mr. Del Rossi stood in front of her.

"Paige! Good to see you, come in, come in." he said with a jolly smile, holding the door open for her and ushering her inside.

"Thanks." She said with a smile, "Is Marco home?" she asked.

Mr. Del Rossi nodded, "Marco! Your girlfriend is here!" he called up the stairs.

Paige gulped, that obviously meant that Marco's dad still didn't know that Marco was gay.

Marco came down the stairs and saw Paige, "Hey Paige." He said coolly.

"Hey Marco." She said with a smile.

"You young people, you talk." Mr. Del Rossi said before stepping out of the foyer, leaving Paige and Marco alone.

Paige gulped, "So…"

"Yeah…" Marco said, darting his eyes to the floor.

"Look, about last night, it was-"

"A mistake?" Marco cut in.

Paige wasn't gonna go that far but okay, "Yeah, it was a mistake."

Marco nodded, "I agree."

Paige smiled weakly, "Okay…I'm um, glad that we…covered that."

Marco nodded again, "Yeah…me too."

"Okay, well…I'm gonna go." Paige said and turned on her heel.

"See you." Marco called after her as she reached for the knob.

"Yeah, see you." Paige said and disappeared out the door, letting out a sigh of both relief…and sadness.


"So how do you feel now?" Hazel asked Paige as the two sat at the Dot sipping sodas.

"Worse!" Paige practically exclaimed.

"Why?" Hazel asked confusingly.

"Marco found it as a mistake."

"Are you serious?"

"Dead. That's what he said; he said he agreed to it being a mistake."

"What do you mean, he agreed?" Hazel asked, "Did you say it first?"

Paige shrugged, "Well kind of…I mean I began to talk and he finished the sentence with 'mistake' and I said yeah, it was a mistake and…I don't know Haze! You had to be there."

"That's horrible, Paige." Hazel said, patting her friend on the back.

"Not as horrible as other things that are happening that have to do with Marco." Paige said.

"What's worse?" Hazel asked.

"You were right." Paige said with a gulp.

"About what?" Hazel questioned.

"When I said I loved Marco as a friend…and you said as a boyfriend…" Paige stated.

"Uh huh…"

"You were right."

"That you love Marco as a boyfriend?" Hazel asked.

Paige nodded.

"So you do love Marco…" Hazel noted.

"Yeah." Paige said, "I love him a lot. And that ruins everything because I know he doesn't feel the same way about me. He's gay, he loves Dylan…there's nothing I can do about it."


"What am I supposed to do, Jimmy?" Marco exclaimed, pacing back and forth in the Brook's apartment.

Jimmy rolled his eyes, "Well first just relax, because I can't really do anything to help you."

"Why?" Marco asked.

"Because I don't even know what you're stressing out over!" Jimmy exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air.

"I kissed Paige Michalchuck, that's what's stressing me out!"

Jimmy's eyes widened, "Oh…you kissed Paige?"

Marco nodded.

"For how long?" Jimmy asked.

"A second, she was aiming for a cheek, I turned, she got lips, and we shared a kiss."

"That's it?" Jimmy questioned with a laugh.

"Why are you laughing? It's not funny." Marco said.

Jimmy chuckled, "Actually, it kind of is. I mean, come on, Marco. It's not a big deal if you accidentally kissed Paige."

"It is since I liked it."

"You liked kissing her?"

Marco nodded.

"That means maybe your bisexual." Jimmy noted.

"Thank you Capitan Obvious, anymore worthily wise advice?" Marco asked sarcastically.

"Seriously though, it's not that big of a deal." Jimmy said.

"I cheated on my boyfriend. It is too a big deal."

"Just relax Marco. Have you talked to Paige about it?"

Marco nodded, "She came over to my house earlier and we agreed that the kiss was a mistake."

Jimmy rolled his eyes, "You told her it was a mistake?"


"Well do you actually think it was a mistake?" Jimmy asked.

Marco shook his head, "Basically, I only told her that because that's what I thought she was going to tell me, so I just old her that first so that we could prevent any awkward moments and such."

Just then somebody knocked at the door.

Jimmy wheeled over to the door and opened it, reclining his wheelchair back.

He saw Paige and Hazel at the door to his apartment.

"Hey girls, come on in." he said with a smile.

Hazel gave him a soft kiss on the lips and Paige smiled at him and waved as they stepped into the apartment.

Just then Paige saw Marco leaning against a wall and he saw her, both had their eyes wide.

Jimmy wheeled over to them, "Yeah Marco, no awkward moments."


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