Chapter 3: THE MASK and THE PENDIT

The next morning Mai got up to find the room trashed.

"Andy, get up"

"Wh... What do you want?"

"The rooms trashed"

"What?" Andy sits straight up and looks around.

"Who could have done this?" Mai asked

"Don't know, but I think they were looking for something." They both looked at each other. Then got up and went over to Terry and Joe's room to see if anything had happen in there. It did, the room was trashed but nothing stolen.

"Did you guys have the same thing?" Joe asked, they both nodded.

"I wonder what they were looking for?" Mai asked

"I don't know, I mean we don't have that much money on us and we don't have anything of value." Joe said

"I know but it doesn't make sense, they must have been looking for something" Andy said.

"They were" Terry said suddenly the three of the looked at him confused.

"What were they looking for?" Joe asked properly

"This" Terry held out a small round disk that was in his pocket.

"Hey isn't that Sulia's pendant?" Mai asked

"Well sought of, it's part of it,"

"Why do you have it?"

"Because I think that cave on Rhodes Island has more secrets, and if it does I don't want anyone finding them they maybe dangerous or deadly."

"Ok, then it's off to Rhodes Island" Andy said, he grab Mai and they went to their room to pack.

"I don't remember you taking Sulia's pendant?" Joe asked

"Well when Locorn die I lied Sulia down and took it off just in case someone wanted to plitch the site, and I wanted something to remember her by."

"Oh I guess you really loved her"

"Yes, but right now I want to find out what happen to her body?"

"We will, Terry I promise." Terry and Joe finished packing and went to Andy and Mai room.

"You guys done?" Joe yelled. Mai open the door with a horrid face.

"Mai, what is it?" Terry said, Mai drop on Joe arm.

"Mai, Mai wake up" Terry looked in the room his brother was fighting two guys in mask. Terry jumps into the room and did a crack shot on one the masked men faces. The guy fell to the ground. Andy did a back kick in the other guys stomach, and he drop. They both got up and jump out the window and vanished. Terry and Andy rushed over the where Joe was holding Mai.

"Mai, Mai wake up" Andy exclaimed

"Please Mai, I'll let you insult me until your blue" Joe said. Terry looked at her then took her from Joe and moves her hair from her neck. On her neck was a small dart. Terry pulled it out.

"Mai?' Terry said stroking her head. 'Mai you Ok?" Slowly Mai began to wake up and look around shocked.

"Mai, you Ok?" Andy asked as he helps Mai to her feet.

"Yeah, I think so, what happened?"

"You were knocked out by this dart," Terry said showing her.

"And who attack us?"

"The same men in those weird mask." Joe added.

"Gaudeamus has something to do with this, lets pack the rest of our stuff and head to Rhodes Island." Terry said as he went back to his room. Andy kissed Mai on the forehead, and went to over to his brother.


"Yea, what you want?"

"Do you think Sulia has something to do with this?"

"No, never say that again"

"I didn't mean like that I meant do you think someone is using her in their plans."

"That could be it, she could still be alive, come on grab Joe and Mai and lets go to Rhodes Island."

"But Terry we never even check the temple,"

"Oh shit, I forgot, Ok Joe and I will go to Rhodes Island and you and Mai check out the Temple. After your done meet us at Rhodes Ok."

"All right, be careful, I feel something evil around"

"You too." Terry grabs Joe and they left. Mai and Andy left too, to go to the temple to find any clues. Andy and Mai took a car up to the temple and started to look around.

"There's nothing here," Mai said.

"Keep looking there's got to be something here"

"Andy don't you ever get tired?"

"Nope, but you do." Andy and Mai look for about another hour and found nothing.

"Andy there's nothing here, lets go catch up to Terry and Joe"

"Ok, your right there's nothing he..." Andy looked down and found something shining.

"What?' Mai asked, 'did you find something?"

"Maybe" Andy bent down and brushed away the dust and rocks and there was the rest of Sulia's pendant.

"Aha' Andy said, 'I knew there would be something, lets go catch up to Terry."

"What did you find? Andy?" asked Mai but Andy was already running to the car and ready to go.

"Are you coming?"