Before you read this story, please keep in mind that this is a fan fiction written for entertainment purposes only. Complaints like 'who are these people and what have you done with real Sasuke and Naruto!' will be cheerfully ignored. This is a parallel universe. This story features cross-dressing, conspiring parents, and wet uniforms. Children should go play somewhere else and aliens should return to their home planet. Please enjoy the story without thinking too much about it; if you provoke Shiro, he'll probably bite you.


By Shirohane

Even though it was already late spring, the dull gray sky towered overhead menacingly, much like the winter sky. The rain had started before the sun had risen. It was the kind of rain that Naruto hated the most—a cold, light drizzle that came down endlessly and soaked him to the bone. Because he never bothered to watch the weather channel in the mornings, he did not have an umbrella, so his new uniform was already soaking wet. He dully thought that this was not a promising first day of his new school.

Uzumaki Naruto, a sixteen-years-old boy, recently moved from Yokohama to Tokyo. Numerous part-time jobs barely gave him enough money to afford a one-room apartment and living expenses. Luckily his kind teacher from last school, Iruka-sensei, bought his new book and uniform for him when he was transferring to his new school in Tokyo, but Naruto wasn't sure if he would be able to survive in Tokyo for long. Everything was so expensive.

Lost in depressing thoughts of finances, Naruto did not notice someone had moved to stand next to him until a low voice said, "Hey. Get inside."

Startled, Naruto turned his head to look at the person next to him. A boy about his age was standing next to him, staring at him broodingly with his dark eyes. His pale skin dramatically contrasted against his dark hair and sharp black eyes. Tall and slender with high cheekbones and defined lines on his handsome face, the boy had a porcelain doll-like quality about him. Naruto absent-mindedly thought that he was a very pretty person.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" The boy asked. It was then that Naruto noticed the umbrella held in one of the boy's hand. The umbrella looked like it would barely fit one person. He weakly smiled and shook his head.

"Thanks, but it's okay. The bus is going to come soon anyway, and I'm already soaked. You'll get wet, too, if I stand next to you."

Naruto turned his head away and looked at the curve where the main road joined the small side road he was standing upon, hoping to catch glimpse of the bus. He always waited until the last minute to go to school, but because today was the first day, he had actually started out early. Now he regretted his promptness, since the bus refused to appear. As minutes ticked by, the droplets of rain grew bigger. The air seemed to grow colder as Naruto's body temperature dropped. He started to lightly shiver.

Naruto was startled at sudden warmth against his shoulder and nearly fell down at the sharp yank at his body. When he turned his head towards the source of warmth, he discovered that the boy from before had wrapped his arm around his shoulder and had pulled him under the umbrella.

"Don't be stubborn and stay here," he said when his eyes met with Naruto's. Because his skin was so pale, it was a shock to find his body so warm. Naruto lowered his eyes and stared at his feet in embarrassment. He felt the other boy's heart beating steadily against his arm. Realizing just how close they were standing together, Naruto started to back away, but a firm hand on his shoulder stopped him from moving. The two remained silent while the rain hit the roof of the umbrella with gentle throbbing sound. There was no other person in sight, so it felt like the two were in their own world. Somehow it all felt very surreal.

Just when Naruto started to feel drowsy because of comforting heat around his body and slow, steady beat of other boy's heart, the bus cut through the drizzle and stopped in front of them. When the other boy pulled his arm away and stepped back to fold his umbrella, Naruto felt strangely empty. He stepped into the bus and only when the other boy followed him did he suddenly realize that they were wearing the same school uniform. After he swiped his bus pass against the payment screen, Naruto moved back towards the end of the bus and was surprised to find the other boy following him. He sat at the end of one seat and expectantly watched the boy, but he did not sit next to him. Instead, he sat at the opposite aisle and turned his head away to stare out at the window.


The boy turned to look at Naruto. Naruto widely smiled at him. "Thank you for the umbrella! My name is Uzumaki Naruto. You are…?"

"Uchiha," the boy quietly said. His voice was light tenor and pleasantly soft. "Uchiha Sasuke."

Naruto leaned across his seat to get closer to Sasuke. "I'm in my first year! Do you want to be friends, Sasuke? It's okay for me to call you Sasuke, right?"

"…Do as you'd like." Sasuke turned his eyes towards the window again. Even though he clearly showed that he didn't want to talk anymore, Naruto cheerfully moved his seat next to Sasuke.

"This is my first day of school, you know!"

"Oh, I see." Sasuke briefly wondered why Naruto waited for nearly two weeks after the start of the spring semester, but he did not voice his thoughts. Naruto swung his legs up and down childishly, slightly bouncing on his seat.

"See, I was living with Sarutobi Jiichan, right? But he wasn't my biological grandpa, so when he died, I couldn't trouble his family and stay there. So I decided to come to Tokyo!"

Sasuke lost interest and stopped paying attention. As Naruto babbled on and on about topics that Sasuke couldn't care less about, he stared at the rain that continued to fall, making everything have a misty glow. A sharp tap on his shoulder made him turn around.

"…What do you think? Geez, Sasuke. Are you paying attention?" Naruto asked. He was so close to Sasuke that all Sasuke needed to do was tilt his head a little more forward to kiss Naruto. Because Naruto was shorter than Sasuke, he had not gotten a good look at Naruto's face yet. Now that Naruto was so close to him, Sasuke saw everything with absolute clarity—the clear blue eyes, the soft curves of his face, the small pout that made his delicate pink lips stick out temptingly. Without thinking Sasuke's hand moved to Naruto's chest. "…What are you doing?"

The chest under his hand felt reassuringly flat. "You are a male, correct?"

There was a long silence before Naruto responded, "Yeah, so?"

"Good." Sasuke turned his attention back to the scenery outside, ignoring Naruto's loud screeches and complaints about feeling him up and implying that he looked like a girl. Even though he had been reassured that Naruto was a boy, he still couldn't stop thinking that Naruto was a remarkably cute-looking child.

And why was his heart beating so quickly?

"We have a new student today," Kakashi-sensei announced. The class had quieted down after greeting him, expectantly watching Kakashi. Kakashi turned his head and nodded to the entrance to the classroom. "Come in."

Naruto entered the class and stood next to Kakashi. "Hi, everyone!" He cheerfully said. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto! Please think well of me, and let's get along well!"

Sudden murmur filled the room.

"Uzumaki, he said?" a student asked his neighbor in dismay. "As in, the leader of Kyuubi gang?"

"That must be the son of the leader," another whispered back.

"What's he doing at school?"

"Don't get involved with him…"

Shadow crossed Naruto's face, but he remained smiling. His eyes spotted a familiar face, and he felt relief flooding his body. Sasuke was looking at him, and there was no hostility on his face, unlike other students who were looking at him like a dangerous animal. Kakashi waited until the students quieted down, then he nodded at the seat next to Sasuke. It was empty.

"You can sit next to the class representative, Uzumaki. If you have any questions, I'm sure Uchiha would help you. Everyone, please quiet down so that I can call the attendance."

Naruto quickly walked to his seat and settled next to Sasuke. "Hi," he said, smiling at Sasuke.

Sasuke nodded in reply, thoughtfully looking at Naruto. Then he reached under his desk and handed something over to Naruto. Surprised, Naruto looked down at notebooks that Sasuke gave him. At Naruto's questioning look, Sasuke explained, "Notes. You don't have the notes up until now, right? Copy them and give them back to me during lunch. If you don't have enough time, I'll make copies for you tomorrow."

"Ah… Thanks," Naruto replied as Kakashi called names of various students. "Sasuke is really nice, isn't he!"

With that Naruto brightly smiled at Sasuke, glad to have found a friend. Sasuke stared at Naruto before suddenly turning his head around. Naruto did not see that Sasuke's cheeks had stained red. "…Whatever."

"I'm so happy we're in the same class! But Sasuke, I didn't know you were the class representative. You must be really smart! Back home, our class representative—"

"Uzumaki," Sasuke interrupted. "The class started, in case you haven't noticed."


Even with a sheepish grin on his face, Sasuke thought that Naruto looked really cute.

During lunchtime, Naruto trailed Sasuke to the rooftop. When Sasuke opened his packed lunch, Naruto's eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

"Wow! Sasuke's mother is a really good cook, isn't she!" He excitedly said, admiring the contents of Sasuke's lunch. Because the way Naruto's eyes were shining was starting to frighten Sasuke, he wordlessly handed his lunch over to Naruto. "Eh…? What?"

"You eat it," Sasuke quietly said, opening the dessert section of his lunch package. "I'm fine with the tomato salad alone. I never eat my lunch, anyway."

"That's bad! You'll ruin your liver if you skip your meals!" Naruto protested. "Let's eat together, Sasuke!"

"I'm fine," Sasuke said, biting into a sliced tomato. He opened his book, but he couldn't read it because something blocked his view. Naruto was holding out a piece of friend shrimp against his lips. "…What is the meaning of this, Uzumaki?"

"It's no fun if I eat by myself. Come on, Sasuke, let's share!" Naruto begged. Sasuke sighed. Naruto was as persistent as his mother in attempts to making him eat things that he had no desire to eat. He grudgingly ate the food that Naruto fed him. Only when they had finished the packed lunch did Naruto allow Sasuke to return to his book. It was quiet. The air felt fresh and clean after the morning's rain, and the place under the roof was dry and sunny. It became quite warm, so Naruto started to doze off while copying Sasuke's notes. Sasuke looked up when he felt soft, tussled blonde locks fell across his cheek. Naruto had fallen asleep, leaning against him, a pen clutched in his hand and illegible scrawls all over his notebook that he held in his other hand. Naruto's small body comfortably fitted the crook against his own body. Sasuke lightly sighed and returned to his book, but not before giving Naruto's sleeping form a small smile and a softly uttered "You slowpoke moron."

When the bell signaling the end of the lunch period rang, Sasuke unwillingly woke Naruto up. Naruto's uniform was still wet, so it felt cold when Naruto moved away from him. Upon waking Naruto immediately panicked. He jumped to his feet and hurriedly picked up Sasuke's notes, looking like he would cry. "I didn't even copy half of your notes! And I only brought the math notes, too!" He wailed. "When am I going to finish copying everything?"

"I'll make copies for you, so stop making such loud noises," Sasuke said, packing up the empty containers of his lunchbox. "I doubt you would be able to read what you wrote, anyway."

"Thanks, Sasuke!" Naruto happily said. It took few more seconds before he registered the second part of Sasuke's comment. "…Hey! Are you implying that my handwriting is bad?"

Sasuke stood up with his lunchbox and book and gave a smirk to Naruto before he started to descend the stairs. "Figure that out for yourself, dumbass."

"Sasuke… So mean!" Naruto protested, following him. He had to jog to match up to Sasuke's longer strides. Clutching the math notes tightly to himself, Naruto followed Sasuke to their classroom. "You don't have to go and insult my handwriting! As long as I can read it, it doesn't—"

Naruto's voice died out. Sasuke stopped at the entrance to their classroom, silently staring at Naruto's desk. Or rather, what remained of Naruto's desk. Various doodles and cuttings scarred the desk, which was flipped upside down. One of the legs has been forced to bent at an angle, and all the books that were inside were haphazardly scattered about. Ink smudges stained the books, and most of the pages have been ripped out of the various books. Naruto's uniform jacket, which he had left slung upon his chair, had been torn in half.

"…Who is responsible for this?" Sasuke asked. His voice was quiet, almost deadly. His black eyes dangerous flashed as he stepped forward, but Naruto pushed ahead of him and ran towards his desk. Naruto wordlessly surveyed the damage, then lightly sighed and straightened his desk before he turned to look at his classmates. A broad smile crossed his face.

"I guess I'll just have to buy new books!"

"Uzumaki…" Sasuke growled, walking towards Naruto. Naruto picked up a tattered notebook and tried to put it back together, then apologetically smiled up at Sasuke.

"I'm so sorry, Sasuke! It looks like your notes were ruined, too. I'll go ask the teachers if I can get notes for the beginning of the term, and I'll give you a copy, too!"

Naruto flinched when a balled-up paper was thrown at him. The paper hit his cheek and bounced off. Suddenly Naruto was showered with stationary objects, the various pencils and erasers and paper balls landing on his body.

"Get out of our classroom, you son of demon!"

"Why don't you call your thug friends for help? You're going to kill us like how your father killed everyone else, aren't you?"

"We don't want you to be here!"

Sasuke felt Naruto unconsciously clutching at his shirt, slightly trembling. He was still smiling, but his eyes clearly reflected his hurt. Sasuke took in a deep breath.

"All of you…!"

"Silence and take your seats immediately!" Kurenai-sensei interrupted. "The bell rang already! Back to your seats! Today we will study the Baroque period. Silence!"

Sasuke worriedly watched Naruto as they took their seats. Naruto's eyes met Sasuke's. He wasn't smiling anymore.

"Ah… Sasuke, where are you taking me? Sasuke, that hurts! Sasuke!" Naruto protested. As soon as the classes had ended, Sasuke had grabbed Naruto's wrist and all but dragged him out to the schoolyard. After rain, many of the cherry blossoms had lost their petals, so the ground was covered with the delicate pink petals. Occasionally the wind would play against the tree branches, and fresh waves of cherry blossom petals would rain down, obscuring their view. Sasuke stopped walking under a particularly large cherry blossom tree, then turned around to face Naruto. He looked angry. Naruto shrank back. Did he do something to make even his friend angry…?

"Why are you letting them do this to you?" Sasuke demanded. "Why did you stop me from saying something to them? It's not fair that you are being discriminated against because of what your parents did, isn't it? Why are you smiling all the time, you idiot!"

Naruto's face steadily fell as Sasuke continued to talk. Lowering his face, his murmured, "That's okay. As long as I don't bother them, they'll eventually leave me alone."

"It's not okay! You'll be the loner of the class and they'll keep picking on you! As a class representative, I cannot forgive that kind of behavior among my colleagues." Sasuke held Naruto's shoulders in his hands, giving him a light shake. "You shouldn't let them treat you like that, either!"

"…but I'm used to being hated, so it's okay…" Naruto said, his voice closer to whisper than a spoken-out dialogue.

Sasuke frowned. The wind had quickly swept Naruto's words away. Leaning closer to Naruto, he said, "What?"

Lifting his head up, Naruto repeated, "I said that I'm—"

It seemed that they were standing too close together. Because before Naruto had finished his sentence, Naruto felt warm flesh covering his lips and Sasuke's dark eyes filling his vision as his first kiss was stolen.

-To Be continued-

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