Title: Longing

Author: ScarlettMithruiel

Classification: A/R

Rating: Strong PG-13 to Light R.

Summary: He knows that coveting is wrong. But he can't help it.

Author's Note: First Keen Eddie fic. Ever. Hope Eddie isn't too out-of-character. I know slash runs prevalent but I'm more of an E/F person. ::ducks:: Anyway, please review.


He had never been anything but a logical person. He was a detective, for crying out loud! He liked to think that he could keep things in perspective. He liked to feel like he was in control of his own life. Once he had arrived in London, he knew that it simply was not the case. The horrendous disaster that was his first encounter with Fiona was Fate wreaking cosmic retribution on him.

So as time had passed, he had begun to feel at ease constantly arguing with her. That was their routine. Simple arguing. He supposed it could qualify as banter. He wasn't quite sure what the boundaries of that definition were. He definitely knew that friendly boundaries were extended. Tentatively, of course, but they were extended.

When she had wept that night and he had placed his hands protectively over her own, assuring her of her own worth, he remembered the goosebumbs that had prickled at the nape of his neck. Since then, he had assumed an invisible veneer…perhaps the supernatural term would be "aura," but he had definitely become an invisible shroud where she was concerned.

He knew the meaning behind his actions. He knew that what he was doing was reprehensible. He knew that it was wrong. He couldn't help it. He pondered the meaning of his words. How many times had he heard the same phrase being cried from despairing prisoners, in both New York and London? And how many times had he himself scoffed at it? He denied that one could not be responsible for their actions. It was merely a futile attempt on the criminal's part to assume responsibility, his past self would argue. But now, he wasn't quite sure what to think.

He had begun to watch her. Subtly, of course. When he arrived home late from a case that wouldn't die or something to that extent, and she was asleep, he would stand in the doorway, somewhat squirming to find the least uncomfortable position, and watch her sleeping figure. She was likened to an angel. He was sure of it.

He felt guilty for feeling this way about her, but he couldn't stop the way his heart seemed to splinter when Nigel came over and they even obliged in public displays of affection. He would pale considerably and his heart seemed to lurch. Those were the worst.

He was also pretty sure he was committing a sin of some kind. Wasn't one of the Ten Commandments Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife or something? That's close enough. You should not stalk your roommate…who has a boyfriend and is in a relationship. He was sure they both carried similar meanings.

But as he stood in the doorway for five minutes, gazing at her, blonde curls draping over her shoulder, hand outstretched on the bed, holding an invisible figure. Feeling daring, he toed off his shoes and silently crept into the room. He lifted her hand and kissed it gently. She stirred slightly in her sleep. Once assured he hadn't woken her, he began to creep out of the room.

"Eddie?" she whispered, her voice raspy with sleep. "Is that you?"

"Go back to sleep," he whispered, softly. She murmured something before drifting back to sleep. He smiled softly to himself and headed towards his own room. This was wrong. He knew, but love makes you do crazy things.