Chapter 30: Finale

Erik swung Christine around just as the bullet was fired. He felt it in his chest, the warmth of the blood drenching his shirt. He kissed Christine one last time before his world went black.


"No!" Christine screamed, her voice piercing the quiet. The audience sat in silence, not understanding. She struggled under Erik's weight as the blood flooded on to her dress, weighing them down. She stared at the audience; she saw the smoking of the pistol, and the two faces. Christine face twisted into sobs as she held Erik to her chest. He opened his eyes, the color misting away from them. He used all his strength to lift his hand to her cheek, and the curtain fell with his hand.

Christine didn't even have seconds before she was dragged away from him by the hair, kicking and screaming. She looked up to find the face of Raoul. She dragged herself to her feet. "You bastard!" She spat as he threw her into her dressing room, locking the door behind him.

Christine crawled to the mirror, only to find it nailed shut. She lay back against it sobbing. She brought her knees to her chest, not caring about the blood on her dress. She didn't know how long she stayed like that, an hour, a day. She lifted her tear stained face.

"Dead." Her lips formed the terrible word.

She buried her face in his blood again, screaming through insanity.

This is a story about betrayal, this is a story about hate, and this is a story about beauty.

This is a story about insanity, a story about release, and this is a story about a story that happened in a fantasy, or was it?

But most of all this is a story about love.

The end.


A/N: Yes this is the end…. BUT! There is a sequel! So stay tuned and enjoy my new story: Carousel, a cross between two star-struck vampires who find each other at their moments of deepest despair. Where they meet: A nighttime, vintage merry-go-round.