Title: Until I Knew You Sequel to: Until the End of Time (see author's note)
Author: Aqua Genre: Yaoi, romance, angst Pairing: Sanzo/Goku, Gojyo/Hakkai Rating: PG-13 Status: Incomplete (until you see The End at the bottom of a chapter)
Disclaimer: Story, mine, characters and such, not.

Author's Note: I wasn't actually going to write a sequel for 'Until the End of Time'. But then this story line occurred to me, and despite the length of it, I'm enjoying writing it! I hope everyone else enjoys reading it. The characters will be somewhat (obviously) OOC from the original story line, all things considered, but I will try to keep them as close to the original.

THIS STORY CAN STAND ALONE. I recommend reading "Until the End of Time" first, to understand the storyline a bit better, but it's not actually necessary.

As a side note, Goku does NOT have his diadem, but appears human. This will be explained.

Until I Knew You Prologue

"Large, black coffee," Sanzo said stiffly, his eyes still on the menu board.

"Is that everything?" a strangely familiar voice questioned.

Sanzo glanced down and met a set of golden-brown eyes that also struck him as familiar, although he'd never met the person before. For a brief second, a sensation of strange vertigo spun through him, as though the eyes were pulling him in. His breath caught in his throat, and he felt a slight shiver work down his spine.

"You're new here?" he questioned, hoping none of these strange emotions showed on his face.

"Yeah," the youth replied, smiling and handing him is coffee. "Today is my first day."

"For future reference, I always get the same. Nothing else," Sanzo told him, letting his eyes trace over the youth's body a little. He couldn't seem to stop himself. The sudden onslaught of emotions he felt were like he knew this person, like he was MEANT to know this person.

His wandering eyes didn't go unnoticed and the kid, 'Goku' his nametag read, blushed a little. "Right, I'll remember that," he replied, stammering.

Sanzo raised his eyebrow and smiled a little as he paid, almost having to tear his eyes away from the other before he made his way toward his usual table.

As he sat down, Sanzo couldn't help but steal another glance over his shoulder. He made a mental note to come here more often.

Goku watched the handsome blond man sit down, his heart still beating wildly despite the distance between them. Something about the man reminded him of someone, although he couldn't imagine who. When those violet eyes had met his own, it had been difficult to breathe. He'd never felt like this before, in all of his seventeen years of life, and despite how light-headed it made him feel, he wanted more.

He hoped the man would keep coming back. Goku couldn't help it, his interest was piqued. He wanted to know more about whoever this blond stranger was.