Until I Knew You Chapter 18

When the buzzer signaling the end of the afternoon courses rang, Sanzo nearly jumped out of his seat. He'd been so caught up in his thoughts that he'd forgotten the world around him, unable to help but day dream about the night before. Goku wasn't his boyfriend any longer. They'd surpassed that part of the relationship. They were lovers now, and it had been everything he'd expected and more. That morning, he hadn't wanted to get out of bed, muchless leave the house. He'd had to literally force himself to stop kissing Goku long enough to actually get out the door.

He was glad that these last few days before his exam were taken up by studying. If he'd actually had to of been taking notes, he wouldn't of gotten any of them down. Still, he couldn't believe he'd spent the majority of his most important class lost in slightly perverted thoughts of his lover.

Sanzo gathered up his belongings, more eager than ever before to get back home. He wanted to grab Goku, plant the biggest kiss on his lips as possible before carting the other back into the bedroom. ... If the brunette wanted to, of course.

"Ah, Sanzo, could I talk to you for a moment? It's about your assignment."

The blonde was a little caught off guard by his professor's question, but he dutifully made his way over. "Yes, sir?"

"As you know, there was still quite a bit of heat on that case, since it happened only a short while ago and the subject was so young. I know I'm not supposed to reveal something like this, but you've got the best grade in this class that's been earned in the last five years. I gave that case to you for a reason," his teacher revealed.

Sanzo was surprised to hear what the older man was telling him. "Can I ask what reason that was?"

The man nodded. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I read your defense case very carefully. You were very thorough with your investigation, and I have to say that you presented a brilliant case. I brought it to the lawyer handing the Yamakura case, and he found the same. They're going to rule the death as a tragic animal attack based on your composition."

Sanzo honestly didn't know what to say, so he simply thanked his professor. It meant a lot for the case to be closed. They would no longer have to worry about the possibility of Goku being arrested.

"The point of the matter is that they were very impressed with your work, Sanzo. They told me that a job would be opening up in the Karuma Corporation for a defense attorney, and the position is yours if you want it."

The blonde's eyes widened. Karuma was one of the top three attorney offices in Tokyo! "I'd love to take the position!" he exclaimed, still somewhat shocked.

His professor laughed and nodded. "I thought so. Here's their card. You can call any time to set up an interview. Of course, I still expect you to do your best on your final exam."

"Of course," Sanzo replied, taking the card.

He made his way toward the front entrance, walking like he was in a daze. He was as good as hired, from what his teacher had said, and he couldn't imagine things working out any better for him. A pretty much guaranteed position as a defense attorney, the goal he'd been working toward for as long as he could remember. He knew he would have to present himself well in the interview, of course, but he hadn't expected such an opportunity to come for quite a while.

"Well, you certainly look happy. Something I should know about?"

Sanzo turned back toward the doors he'd just come out of, spotting Goku leaning against the wall. The brunette gave him a wide smile, bouncing over to his side and pressing a kiss against his cheek.

"The Karuma company wants to higher me," Sanzo said excitedly, grabbing the youth and spinning both of them around in circles. "It's perfect, you know, one of the best jobs I could of hoped for. Now the two of us can find a nice place downtown, even a house if we want one. Gods, we've got to start looking! And packing!"

Goku put a hand over his lips, silencing him. "You've got to calm down before you make yourself pass out," he laughed, shaking his head. "We'll work all of that when we know for sure that you've got the job."

Sanzo nodded, composing himself. "Right, don't count my chickens before they hatch and all of that," he agreed.

Goku wrapped their arms together, leading the way back toward the apartment. "But you have every right to be excited. You've worked hard for this." There was a momentary pause before the brunette continued. "Do you really want to live in a house?"

They discussed the merits of apartments versus houses for the majority of the walk home, but the laughing chatter died quickly when Sanzo spotted Yakura waiting for them at the front doors. He could tell that the man was furious by his expression, and could only hope that it didn't mean what he thought it did.

"Did you really think you could lie to me and I wouldn't find out? I saw the two of you out in the hallway, plain as day for anyone to see," Yakura snapped, his arms crossed. "I want you and your boyfriend out of my building. Do you think I'm going to allow such things in my building?"

"I'll be moving soon. I was going to hand in my notice tomorrow," Sanzo replied.

"Excuse me?" Goku exclaimed at the same moment.

"You have twenty four hours before I change the locks!"

Sanzo was furious. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You can't do that!" he exclaimed, stepping forward.

Yakura stood his ground. "I can and I am."

Sanzo grit his teeth. "I couldn't care less about your opinion. But you can't kick us out onto the street just because you don't agree with our relationship. Law requires you to give us two weeks notice."

"You'd better get out of my face, young man, before I do it for you," Yakura snapped. "Go ahead and sue me, I don't care. I won't allow such filth in my building!"

Sanzo was shocked when the man brought his hands up and actually shoved him backward. He hadn't been prepared for Yakura to actually try to strike him, and he hit the ground hard.

Things seemed to happen quickly in that moment. Sanzo was in the process of pushing himself up when he heard a snarl behind him, and he saw his lover stalk toward Yakura, rage on his face. The blonde jerked himself to his feet quickly, reaching out to grab his lover's arm before he could attack Yakura.

"Goku, don't!"

The brunette snapped his gaze up to Sanzo's, his brows still furrowed. "But he pushed you!" the youth exclaimed.

In that moment, Sanzo realized that it was the demon he was facing, but rather just a pissed off boyfriend. He couldn't help a relieved sigh.

Either way, Yakura still looked a bit nervous. He had no clue as to how much danger he'd really been in, but it had still been apparent that Goku was ready to clobber the man. Apparently, the bravado didn't last long in the face of an actual fight.

"I change the locks in two weeks, Genjo. Don't forget that!" the man exclaimed before turning and slamming his office door behind him.

Sanzo took Goku's shoulders and forced the youth to face him fully. "Are you alright?" he asked, his tone serious.

Goku took a deep breath, visibly attempting to calm himself down. Then he nodded and smiled. "I'm okay," he replied. "Although, I don't think I've ever wanted to punch someone so much before. What about you, did you get hurt?"

Sanzo shook his head, taking Goku's hand and leading the way up to their apartment. "I'll have a few bruises, but I'm sure they'll heal quickly if I have someone kiss them better for me," he replied with a grin.

Goku started to laugh, then stopped abruptly.

"Are you telling me to kiss your ass?"

The End