Yeah, I am editing and updating all the recent chapters and I am working on newer chapters! Yeah! I totally made some changes that will change what will happen later on in the story, so check it out! And you will see a new chapter by 2 days! Summary: Naruto is a lowly servant for the Uchiha's. And just for the food, Naruto goes to a party where Sasuke is to choose a bride to carry on the bloodline, and chooses Naoko; however, this girl is Naruto disguised. Sasuke falls in love with her, but hates Naruto, or does he?

Everyone is still able to use their jutsu and ninja abilities. They just don't use them often. Also this takes place in the Uchiha lands.

Genre: SasuNaru, hint of KakaIru.




Meeting Each Other, and Hating Each Other Naruto's POV

As I paid the shopkeeper for my purchases, I heard the most dreaded sound. Rain.

It's raining now. Just great! Wait! ...It's more like flooding out here! I don't see anyone out here in the rain... besides me, Uzumaki Naruto! Of course I have to do the shopping, just because I'm the servant boy. Who said I wanted to serve for the Uchiha's in the first place?!

"That stupid Ero-sennin! Why can't he get his own food! He's only the master chef! I bet his sitting around being lazy, drinking sake right now! When I get back to the cook house, I'm going to kick his-"

I hear a carriage come out of nowhere. Crap! This is a narrow street. There are buildings on both sides. It's too high to jump. I have nowhere to escape, unless I want to proclaimed a pervert and jump into somebody's house without their permission. I'm right in the way! I stand for a second then I start to dash. I'm pretty fast when I want to be! Except that the carriage is much faster in this case. It's closing on me! The rain is pouring down too hard to see anything three feet away! I know the carriage is closer because I can hear pretty well.

" Why do they make these stupid streets really long?!" I don't think I'm getting near the end of this damn street. This is the never ending streeeet!!!

I hear horses right behind me...and now I can see them!!! I jump out of the horses path...barely by three inches then the carriage hits me really hard that get knocked over.

" AARGHHHHH!!!!!!!"

The carriage immediately stops. I have my eyes closed, I'm lying on the ground, and I can barely move. I'm gonna feel this one in the morning. I can hear the coachman run over to me. He should stay away because I really want to kill him right now!!!

" Master! I ran over someone! I believe they are hurt badly!" What makes you think I'm hurt? You only ran me over with a two ton carriage!!!

"...Who is he?" Does it matter? I just got ran over. Pain is my world now.

"I don't know master! I've never seen him before, but-" I wish I lived my life to the fullest. What a way to die, I'll be telling people, 'Yeah, I died by a carriage and was left in the street.'

" -I guess we can bring him in the carriage and see if he's all right." Pain…

"Yes, milord! Right away!" This guy is now carrying me and it feels really weird. It feels like your flying, but with arms around you. I don't feel the rain anymore. I guess I'm in the carriage with the man.

"Let's hurry to the castle. We're already late as it is."

"Yes, master."

And that's the last thing I remember before darkness claims me as its kin.

Sasuke's POV.

I look at this boy that Kabuto-kun just ran over. He has blonde hair, tanned skin; whiskers on his cheeks that make him look cute and he looks like he's wearing servant clothes, from my family household.

' I've never seen him before. Maybe he lives in the lower part of the household, from the other servants. Wonder who he is."

This boy was wearing a white shirt with the Uchiha Symbol on his left side of the chest, with baggy black pants that looked like it barely hung onto him, that was held up by some black cloth.

" So beautiful..." What did I just say? Beautiful? I quickly look around and see that no one had heard what I said. There's no proof now! He can't be beautiful because he's a guy and a lowly servant!

"Uh" Looks like he is starting to wake up.

Third Person's POV.

"uh" Naruto mumbled. He started to stir.

" Where am I?" He whispered. He felt pain all over his body. The surroundings felt different, somewhere Naruto has never slept before. He slowly opened his eyes.

" You're in my carriage. What is your name?" Sasuke answered. He slightly annoyed.

" Naruto-sama, the great!... Who are you?" Naruto asked rudely pulling himself up. He twitched from the pain. He looked at the man sitting across from him.

This man was wearing a dark blue robe shirt that was held in place by a white cloth. He had cloth wrapped around his hands, had nicely fitted black pants, with blue shoes, as finishing touches.

His skin was really pale, which Naruto found weird, with black hair. This guy had a scary scowl on his face. Naruto wondered what his problem was? He had a confused annoyed look on his face and Naruto did not like it one bit.

"It's nice to make acquaintance with you, Naruto-sama, but I have one question about your identity. If you are so great, why are you wearing servant clothes?" Sasuke asked with amusement in his eyes.

Naruto's eyes widened with surprise, " How would you know that?"

" You still have no idea who I am?" Sasuke answered. ' I never thought somebody could be this dense.'

" Nope! You expect me to know?" Naruto pouted. 'How should I know him?! Is he important person?'

" You should know, since you serve me." Sasuke said with a smirk.

" Wha?! You're an Uchiha?!" Naruto's eyes widened.

" Yes, Uchiha Sasuke. And it's sama to you," Sasuke replied.

" Hmph! You don't seem all that special to me! You're just a boy!" The kitsune boy pouted, " And I don't serve you! I serve…never mind I didn't even want to in the first place! I got forced here! Stupid teme!"

This surprised Sasuke, greatly.

'Nobody has ever spoken to me like that before in my life! Who the hell is this guy?'

" How can you speak like that to me? I can get you executed for that! Dobe." Sasuke growled. The threat seemed to work on Naruto, but a little too much from what Sasuke thought.

"Eeeeehhh!?! I'm too young to die! Teme! I never even accomplished all my life goals!" Naruto whined. He kept on about Uchiha's abusing their power.

"Shut up! Dobe, I would never end a life on something so trivial!" Sasuke hissed out. The fact that Naruto thought he would do something so lowly insulted him on so many levels. Sasuke hated when people thought he was heartless, he just kept his emotions to himself. He noticed that Naruto was in deep thought.

"Oh… Wait! You said that you're seventeen? That's my age also!" Naruto beamed brightly, bouncing up and down on his seat.

"You're lying." Sasuke said seriously.

"Eh?! What do you mean?" Naruto asked tilting his head sideways, making him look like a curious kitten.

"What I'm saying is that you look like you never passed twelve yet." Sasuke smirked. Seeing Naruto's reaction change from curiosity to outrage was so amusing. Naruto looked like he was about to burst.

" What?! Take that back!" Naruto yelled. He didn't know what else to say do he stuck out his tongue.

"And I prove my point."


'I've never heard Sasuke-sama act this way with anybody! Who is this young man in question?' Kabuto thought to himself.

Arrival to the Uchiha Household

" ARGH!!! I'm gonna kill you!!! Teme!" Naruto yelled. He kept on rocking the carriage with frustration, which almost made Kabuto fall off the driver's seat.

"I'd like to see you try without having my guards destroy you before you even touch me. Dobe." Sasuke replied.

"Sasuke-sama, we have arrived." Kabuto said, opening the door, giving Naruto a slight glare, for almost throwing him off the carriage.

Sasuke turned to Naruto. "It seems like you're all right so I'll let you go."

"...Teme." Naruto said under his breath, as he got out. He walked over to the cook house of the household where he stays.

" Dobe." Sasuke mumbled, as he walked into his house. It was still raining so he got some rain on his clothes.

In the Kitchen

"Teme! My question is why anyone would serve him?!" Naruto growled when he walked in to the kitchen. The kitchen was very big and there were people running back and forth like usual. Naruto maneuvered around the people easily and headed to the area where the head chef is supposed to be working.

" I was wondering if you were ever going to come back at all?" A voice came out. Naruto looked toward the origin of the voice and found who he was looking for.

" Yeah. No thanks to you, Ero-sennin!" Naruto yelled. He was right, Jiraiya was drinking, and there were many servant girls around him giggling. Jiraiya looked up and down at Naruto's wet and muddy clothes. His eyebrows raised.

" What happened to you? It looks like you got ran over by a carriage or something!" Jiraiya grinned. Some of the servant girls started to giggle. Naruto was not amused at this.

" That's what did happen!" He yelled, his hands forming fists at the sides of his body.

" What, something happened?" Jiraiya laughed and took another shot of sake.

"Baka! I got ran over by a carriage! See!" Naruto said, pulling up his shirt to show off an impressive bruise across his right ribs, it was dark purple and was throbbing.

"Naruto-kun! I never thought you would come back eveeeerrrrr!!!!!!!!! Konohamaru pounced onto Naruto. Naruto's eyes bulged!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!! Get off!!! It hurts!!!!" Naruto screamed, prying Konohamaru off. The mentioned boy noticed the marking across Naruto's ribs and gasped.

" You are okay, right?" Konohamaru asked quickly, examining the bruise.

" I'm here, aren't I?" Naruto smiled.

" Where's the food?" Choji asked, appearing out of nowhere. Which was a very odd question cause they were in a kitchen. Naruto's smile suddenly faltered.

" Yes! Where is the food?" Jiraiya asked, sparing one arm from the ladies to hold it forward. Naruto looked around all nervous.

" Uh oh!" Naruto started to panic!

" What's that for! What did you do?" Jiraiya asked, " You better not have lost it, again!"

"I seemed to right here!" Naruto pulled it out from his back. He started to laugh really hard. " You should have seen the look on your faces! I got you good!" Everyone else didn't look amused.

Shikamaru walked in the kitchen. " You're so troublesome, Naruto."

" Heh heh! Of course!" Naruto said, putting his hands behind his head. Everybody sighed when Naruto said that. Jiraiya snatched the food out of Naruto's hand and started on the Uchiha's dinner.

Main Room

" You are home, my son" Sasuke's father confirmed. He was sitting on the coach, reading a book about history of the village and stuff. Or pretended too anyway.

" Yes, father, I have" Sasuke answered. He found the statement odd, for he was sitting right in front of his father.

" How was your journey to the Sound Village? How was the discussings with Orochimaru go?" His father asked seriously.

" Well enough. We came to some good agreements with each other." Sasuke said monotone. Politics really bore him, but he was born into it, so couldn't say anything. The truth is, Orochimaru and he never got to any agreements. That snake man is very difficult to deal with. He was all about power and Sasuke…wasn't.

" Good. I trust in your abilities. Oh, Kabuto has informed me with news that you have now acquaintance yourself with a new friend. I would like to meet him sometime. Now go get washed up. Apparently you are going to have to use the public bathroom because Kiba has broke your bathtub. Then be in time for dinner." Sasuke's father ordered him.

" Yes father. I shall do that right away." The young Uchiha bowed down to his father then left the room.

' Friend? What friend? The only recent person I have met was Naruto-san. Wait, is that who he meant? What the hell? Me and Naruto-san friends? That's not possible. And how in hell's name did Kiba break my bathtub?!' Sasuke pondered. ' Actually, it was probably the dog, Akamaru, who done it. Why were they in there in the first place?! Oh well, there's nothing I can do. I'm forced to use the public bath. Dammit, how humiliating.'

In the Kitchen

Jiraiya smelled the air and looked around til he spotted Naruto. He made a face and said, " Naruto! You stink like-"

" Jiraiya! Don't say things like that in front of him. He'll learn from your bad example!" Iruka yelled. He came in not too long after Naruto came back. Naruto and Iruka was very close. He was like Naruto's father in a way.

" Not like he hasn't already..." Shikamaru, who was busy trying to take a nap, commented.

" Hey!" Naruto pouted, crossing his arms.

"It's true." Shikamaru opened an eye and looked at Naruto.

" You do smell funny Naruto, so you should wash up in the public bath." Iruka ordered. Naruto frowned.

" I don't want too! It will hurt my bruise!" Naruto whined.

" I don't care. You don't smell the best right now, so go right now. And a bath will do that bruise good. It will make it heal faster," Iruka ordered again.

" ...FINE!" Naruto yelled, then stormed out of the room. Everyone winced from Naruto's loud voice.

" He's so troublesome and loud." Shikamaru commented, shifting himself to get in a more comfortable position..

Iruka watched Naruto leave the room. " Yes...he is. Oh yeah! Jiraiya! There's a party going to happen next week! For Sasuke-sama's birthday. He's going to be turning 18."

Jiraiya turned serious, " How much people?" He hoped that it wasn't going to be...

" The whole village."

" Sasuke-sama is getting a bride. Everybody's going to be there. Better start planning." Iruka smiled.

" I should not get only a week's notice for a party that big. That's not fair.

"Actually, I knew about it for a few weeks now, must have slipped my mind…" Iruka seemed in deep thought.

"What!!! Bastard! How could you! I trusted you!"

Public Bath

" I hope nobody's here. I don't want to be caught in the public bath, especially where the servants go." The young Uchiha mumbled. It was his luck. Nobody was there.

He looked around to find the bathroom pretty big. It had white walls with flowers on it? There were small stools in there. The bath was really big, to fit a lot of people in it. And about as big as his personal bath.

" I better hurry before somebody comes in here." Sasuke growled. He got in the bath quickly, and started to relax. 'This feels nice. After that long ride, I really need this.'

" Damn! Somebody's in there!" A voice came out. Sasuke froze.

' No! Nobody's supposed to be here!' Sasuke started to panic. ' What do I do?! I don't want to be caught in here!!! I'm going to kill Kiba when I see him next!!!'

" Oh well, guess I'll just go in." The voice came closer. Sasuke wanted to get out now, but he wasn't clean, and that would be gross! He just had to hide...somewhere in this room. But the person has seen him already! ' I hope he doesn't recognize me! This is a servant's public bath! I'm an Uchiha!'

The person got in...

Sasuke turns his head, then his eyes widened in surprise. ' Why does it have to be him?!'

" Sasuke?!"