I had an odd thought as I was writing this chapter. I received a review that had question something that I feel soooooooooooo so so so so soooo stupid for not even remembering!!! I'm reading recent manga chapters of him TOO!!! I have failed myself and now feel stupid. I forgotten about someone important. I forgot Sasuke's sweet dear older loving brother ITACHI!!!!! How could I forget the other Uchiha?!? I apologize ten times and more to all the readers. He will appear. Not in this chapter, but soon. Summary: Naruto is a lowly servant for the Uchiha's. And just for the food, Naruto goes to a party where Sasuke is to choose a bride to carry on the bloodline, and chooses Naoko; however, this girl is Naruto disguised. Sasuke falls in love with her, but hates Naruto, or does he?

Everyone is still able to use their jutsu and ninja abilities. They just don't use them often.

Genre: SasuNaru, hint of KakaIru.




What last happened:

We head off to lunch, which I hope will make me feel better. But what am I talking about. Ramen always makes me feel better! Well, I least I hope so…

On with the present...

Planning a plan

Third POV

As the trio headed off to the lunch room, Naoko bounced with happiness. She, or he, was more of a not forgive and forget person, so the incident that just happened was already out of his head, he would never forgive Gaara. Which wouldn't really work out since he forgot the incident already.

Ramen was the only thing on his mind at the moment. Kakashi and Sasuke walked on both sides of her so they could protect her from any danger, which was odd if they thought about it. There is no danger in the mansion! Only Gaara, but he wouldn't do anything at the moment.

"Ne, ne, Sasuke-sama? What flavors of ramen will they serve? I prefer miso ramen! I can't wait to eat it! Oh yeah! What flavor of ramen do you like?" Naruto asked all bubbly. Sasuke frowned a little. He didn't like ramen at all, he found it gross to eat. "Oh yeah! You don't like ramen do you? That's too bad, I find it the best in the world!" She smiled. She was actually trying not to lecture Sasuke about not liking such a thing like ramen and that he is crazy, but if she did lecture him, she would get in trouble. Not like Naruto wasn't already in trouble. He was a girl as a punishment!

Sasuke frowned at her, "How do you know that? I don't remember telling anyone before. Not many people know that." There was no way that Naoko would know that information. She looked confused and started to pout.

"Eh?! But you told m- " She stopped talking cause she didn't want any more complications in her life and if she mentioned himself, that would confuse Sasuke greatly. It would also create problems for her. Naruto wanted to go back to the kitchen and lay around like usual. People would think that since he worked in a kitchen for the Uchiha's that he would be an excellent cook. It was the opposite. Naruto couldn't cook at all! Not even to save a ramen's life.

"Who did I tell?" Sasuke waited. He was curious to where she got the information. It sounded like the person started with the letter m. He did not know anyone who started with m. Naoko looked made shifty eyes and started to make a smile that said she made a mistake.

"Actually, I must have made a mistake! I was thinking about somebody else! But you don't like ramen either, what a coincidence!" She laughed nervously. Sasuke looked at her with suspicion, but didn't say anything. It could have been coincidence. But the way she laughed was a little strange.

Kakashi seemed to be in deep thought. But not about the conversation. He was just thinking on his perverted book and how he could use methods from it to woo a certain someone.

Sasuke was about to say something else when someone called out to him. "Sasuke-sama!" The three turned to see who it was and found it was Iruka catching them up. He ran up to the group in a hurry. He was out of breath and was sweating a bit, which made a problem for Kakashi who always wanted to see Iruka in this condition.

"What is the problem?" Sasuke asked. If his servants ran in a hurry, his father wanted something. And he just talked to him this morning!

"Well pant you are pant one hour late for lunch and your father grows impatient!" Iruka quickly said. Sasuke was confused, did everything that happened take that long? This was not good, his father is such a pain when angry. The three better hurry!

Iruka looked at Naoko and quickly turned his head, his face reddened a little. This did not do too well with Kakashi. He became jealous right away and glanced over at Naoko to find something else he didn't like. Naoko looked down slightly and was greatly blushing and started to fidget. Sasuke also noticed this. Naruto and Iruka didn't realize that they had created two very jealous people.

"We should go right away!" Sasuke said with clenched teeth. He put his arm around Naoko who yelped from being grabbed.

"I agree," Kakashi said putting his arm around Iruka. Iruka began to stutter and tried to get out of Kakashi's grip, but the grip was too strong.

They got to the lunch room in a few minutes and Iruka pulled away from Kakashi, red in the face again. He opened to door for the three and they walked in to the room.

Naruto's POV.

I really need to talk to Iruka! But stupid Sasuke had to interrupt! But then again, why would a noble need to talk to a servant? Ahhh! I'm starting to turn into a bastard! Wait a sec, I was only pretend thinking like a rich person, I was being sarcastic! Hmmm. Everyone seems to be staring at me. Especially the girls, wonder why… Damn Sasuke! He still has his arm around me! They will get the wrong idea!!! Wait, Sasuke needs me to make his dream girl jealous. Fine! I will deal with this humiliation! Especially since Iruka, Shikamaru that bastard, Chouji who is serving food, and Jiraiya!!! Why are they all here! I want to die!!! But I will die with ramen in my stomach first!!!

Sasuke and I quickly sit down and wait to see what his father has to say. He sure is frowning a lot. That's only going to give him more wrinkles. He shouldn't do it so much. Now that I think of it, he was always like that when I met him earlier.

I look around the table to find everyone still staring at me and some glaring is going on too. What did I do? Sakura looks confused and looking at me and Sasuke. I just want to eat and get out of here!!! Staring is not nice! Didn't anyone tell everyone here this?

"Why are you late Sasuke-san?" Sasuke's father asks. I'm wondering the same thing. Maybe it's cause I made us take a wrong turn earlier? Okay, I made many wrong turns, but that doesn't count! Now that I'm looking around, there's no ramen in sight!!!! Damn Sasuke and his lying skills!!!

"We, uh, lost track of time. I apologize for the inconvenience," Sasuke said, bowing his head. Hmmm… what's incon-blahblah? My vocabulary is not great, but hey, I get around easily enough!

"I'll let it slide for now. Let's start lunch. Servants!" Kosuke-sama ordered. I still wish there was ramen!! I'll never forgive anyone who lies about ramen! It's a sin to! And how do we even get fed??? Rich people probably won't feed themselves cause they are too lazy to lift a finger!!!

I look around to see the servants grabbing everyone's food for them and setting it on a plate.

"What would you like to eat miss?" A voice asked me. I'm startled a little so I jump. I don't expect people to talk to me out of nowhere!!! Someone is right behind me, so I turn to see who it is. It's Iruka!!! He looks like he's awkward, but it serves him right cause I'm the one going through this stupid punishment!!!

"Wouldn't you know what I would want?" I ask annoyed, but remember that he shouldn't know. Oops, I hope I didn't sound too harsh when I said it. Iruka is glaring at me like he's not happy. I wonder why…

"Yes, I'm sorry, I will get your meal right away!" Iruka said with a little anger. I feel bad now, but I can't apologize in front of the rich people cause I need to act proper, which is difficult. I've always did whatever I wanted in the servant corridors and now I have to be proper!!!! And as a girl?!? Anyway, I look into Iruka's eyes and try to telepathically say sorry. His eyes soften a bit so I guess he got my message! I knew I was telepathic! I'm a genius!

That's when I catch Kakashi's eyes, uh, eye. He is giving me a death glare! What the crap? What the hell did I do?!? I force to give him a smile, which it seems to not work at all. Is it because I treated a servant badly or when I treated the servant nicely? How confusing.

"Here you go, Naoko-sama. I have brought your meal," Iruka said neutrally. It wouldn't do good if he treated me normally now that I think about it. Kakashi is still glaring. I wish I could change seats so I can eat in peace!!!

I've been thinking. And that's unusual cause I usually don't do that since it requires thinking. But I do think. I just try not to, you know? People would normally think that my thinking skills is not as high as other thinking people, but I still do it. I wonder if I knew more words in my vocabulary, I would think more easily. I need to think on that…

Anyway, since I worked for the Uchiha's since I could remember, I remembered that Sasuke had an older brother. It made me think that since Sasuke is finding a wife and I don't see a person who looks like Sasuke, but older, what happened to Sasuke's brother? I don't think it would be nice if a I asked. Maybe he died or something, not too long ago… I wonder what his name was. What am I doing??? I should be eating, not thinking!!! Ha ha, silly me.

These chairs are sooo uncomfortable!!! How could rich people sit on these chairs? I hate them!!! With a passion! I'm going to try to get comfortable as much as I can. As I shift, I didn't realize that Iruka was coming my way to see if I needed anything. My foot happened to be sticking out as he came by. He tripped.

And fell into Kakashi's lap.

Food fell all over me.

Silence fell into the room and everyone stared.

Iruka quickly stood up and knelt on the floor. "I'm so sorry, Kakashi-sama! I did not mean any disrespect! Please accept my apology!" He said bowing. I feel so guilty now. I hope I don't get any blame for it though! I don't need any more punishments!!!

He also turned to me quickly. "I apology ten times more to you, Naoko-sama! I ruined your dress! I hope you can forgive me!" I personally didn't like this dress anyways. I didn't look as good as the other one… I mean, dresses are terrible! I don't like them!!!

"It's alright. I forgive you. It was only an accident. I didn't mind at all," Kakashi said smiling brightly. His mood changed so quickly! Does he like people falling on him? Or is he only acting? Everyone else started talking again, so everything is fine. Thank goodness. Now that I think of if, Kakashi could have punished Iruka if he wanted to!!!

"I forgive you Ir-, I mean, yeah, I forgive you! You did not mean it. Anyway, it was my fault, it seems that my foot seemed to have wandered and fell into your path!" I said. I hope he doesn't punish me, but I thought it would be nice if I was honest.

As Iruka stood up, he gave me a death glare that could match Kakashi's!!! Crap, he must have thought I did it to get back at him for doing this to me! I didn't mean ittttt!!!!

"You should probably go clean up," Sasuke said to me. Hmmm. For a second, I forgot he was there. Those were good seconds.

"I will help you!" Iruka said. I can feel the tension and I don't like it. I stand up and walk to the door, but Iruka stops me.

"That leads to the kitchens," He whispers. I blush cause everyone noticed. I feel so stupid! Anyway, I walk to another door and hope it's the right one. I guess I got it right cause Iruka did not stop me. As soon as he shut the door for me, he hit me on the head.

"Idiot! You made me look bad! I thought this punishment would teach you a lesson, but it seems you only used it to get back at me! I might lose my job for this!" Iruka lectured to me, making me feel guilty. If there was a king for making people feel guilty, Iruka would be the god.

"Eh?! I didn't mean it Iruka! I mean it! If I meant it, I would have said something bad!" I defend myself. He seemed to think about it and nod.

"I guess you're right. I'll let you off this time," Iruka said. Yeah! That's awesome for me! No punishment! Wait a sec…I'm in a punishment. Never mind.

"So, uh, what am I going to do with the dress?" I asked Iruka. If it were rich people, they would probably throw it away cause they're cheap like that!

"You're going to have to throw it away because people would find it odd if you kept it." I knew it! Rich people are the worst!!! I can't believe it! But I didn't like this dress anyway, but still. If I'm going throw it out, I guess I need go back to my room and change. But I still don't know my way around.

"Can you show me back to my room? I don't know the way yet. This place is soooo confusing!!!" Iruka would probably show me anyway since he has to help me with my dress. Sasuke seemed to be angry when Iruka suggested it. I guess Sasuke thought since Iruka ruined my dress that he would not be able to help me! That bastard!!!!

As we start to head back to my rooms, we talked about how we were and stuff. When we pass a hallway that looks familiar, that's when I realized this is where Gaara had attacked me! I never want that to happen again! So I need Iruka to help me come up with something.

"Iruka, I need your help," I inform him. He looks at me with curiosity. I stopped, making him stop too.

"With what, Naru-, I mean, Naoko?" Iruka asked. You never know when people might listen on conversations so Iruka is being careful.

"Well, earlier, before you found the three of us in the hallway, I was attacked…" I started. It feels awkward to talk about cause it reminds me about the whole incident. Iruka's eyes widened and he looked fearful. He is a mother hen when it comes to me, so I guess the thought of someone hurting me is a big thing.

"What??? Who was it? I will kill them!!!" Iruka yelled, with me jumping out of surprise. I would never doubt Iruka when he has that determined look in his eyes!!! I should have never told him!!! But he's the only who could help me!

"I don't think it would be good if a servant murdered a noble!" I yell at him. Just at that moment, some people were walking by. They heard what I said and began to whisper among themselves, looking at Iruka. Crap!

"Must you talk so loud?" Iruka asked with his hand over his eyes. I didn't mean to! You're the one who talked of murder first!

"Sorry. I didn't mean to. I appreciate the gesture, but I wanted to ask you something." I said quietly. Hopefully those people don't start to spread rumors.

"What is it?"

"I was wondering if I could have some sort of bodyguard or something. When I got attacked, I couldn't defend myself properly cause I'm not used to this form." I say to him. Iruka thought for a while and smiled. I hope it's a good smile, not a you're crazy smile.

"I like that idea. It would be good for you to have somebody always around, and I think I know just the person!" Iruka smile widened. I hope it's no someone who will make fun of meee!!! Humiliating I say!

"Who? It better be someone good! Also someone I know!!" I say quickly.

"You." Iruka said. I don't get it. Is he stopping in the middle of a sentence? He shouldn't do that! He is confusing me so much!! The look on my face must have told him that I don't understand.

"It's perfect! You can protect yourself!" Still don't know how. Last time I tried, I failed. "I mean, you use your kage bunshin no jutsu of yourself in your original form!" Okay, I'm starting to get it! That would be good. I won't make fun of myself!!! At least I hope I won't.

"That's perfect Iruka!!! I can't wait to do that!" I'm so excited for this! No more weird things from anyone!

"I will have to ask for permission to allow that first, but it's not that unusual for a guest to have an escort, though I wouldn't normally recommend you for that kind of job…" Iruka said. What!? How mean? I'm friendly!

"Why wouldn't you?! What a mean thing to say!" I yell at him. He put his hand behind his head and chuckled.

"I didn't mean it like that. It's just that you never bothered to memorize this mansion at all! You don't know your way around and that wouldn't do well with guests," I guess he's right. As Shikamaru would say, it's too troublesome to learn something like that. But he learned it, so I guess it shouldn't be too troublesome…

"I can learn! You have to teach me so I can protect myself! I really really want toooo!!!" I whine to him. I will succeed!! Go me!

"Fine! But you have to pay attention this time! Every time a tried to teach you, you never wanted to!" Iruka yelled at me. Well, he needs to make it more exciting! Those other times, he was all boring, only to look professional too!

"I will, I will! Ne, you have no trust in me at all!" I yell back. Oh look! We're at my room! When did that happen? Wasn't paying attention at all, heh heh.

"You better change and head back to the lunch room! Iruka said, opening the door for me. I like that, it makes me feel special, like a princess! I mean, like a prince! Who wants to be a princess?

"Fine, fine, I will hurry. I never even started to eat! I'm starving!!!" So I run into the next room to change into another dumb dress that I will despise!!! I never even noticed that someone had been following us. The whole time…

Third POV.

Iruka was about to shut the door when he noticed someone standing outside the room. He paled at who he saw.

"Uuhhhhh, what a surprise! What are you doing here Kakashi, I mean, Kakashi-sama? Heh heh." Iruka forced a smile. Kakashi only stared at him.

"I wanted to make sure Naoko-san was alright and to help escort her," Kakashi replied in monotone. Iruka stiffened. This wasn't good. Did Kakashi figure it out??? People didn't call him genius for nothing!

"Did you hear everything we said?" Iruka clenched his fists. Kakashi would only have to tell Sasuke and everything would go into chaos. What could Iruka do???

"I heard most of it and I found it confusing on my part. I was hoping you would clear some of it up for me," Kakashi said putting on a fake smile, "You seemed to be awfully friendly with her. What is your relationship with her?"

Iruka's eyes widened. What was Kakashi talking about? Well, it made sense since Iruka and Naruto were talking casual to each other, so of course Kakashi would suspect something of that.

"Would you like to step into the room?" Iruka said feebly. Kakashi kept smiling as he walked in. He walked over to a wall and leaned against it. Iruka looked down, not knowing what to do.

"Iruuukkaaaaa!!!! I hate these dresses!!! Why do I have to wear them!" Naruto yelled, "I don't want to be a-"

"Just put it on! Don't say any more! And hurry up please?!" Iruka yelled back. He didn't want Naruto's cover to be blown!!! Why did Naruto have to complain anyway??? Well, he was being forced into being a girl, but it was a lesson!

"What relationship do you have with her, Iruka-kun?" Kakashi asked, tilting his head sideways. Iruka started to sweat. What could he say?

"What does it matter to you?" Iruka said taken back. He didn't need to explain his relations with Kakashi! It wasn't any business to him! So Iruka would have to refuse to tell. It was the only plan he could come up with!

This didn't do well with Kakashi, before Iruka knew what was happening, he was pinned to the wall. Hard. Kakashi's face was really close and he looked pissed. Iruka was very surprised! Why would Kakashi pin him? It didn't make any sense!! Well, Kakashi did stare at him randomly whenever he was around, which made him feel uncomfortable. And earlier, Kakashi did put his arm around him, which didn't make any sense. Does this mean Kakashi like him?!?!

"Well, it matters to me because I'm not going to share with you with anyone!" He whispered into Iruka's ear. Iruka was blushing madly. He didn't know what to think!

"Ne, ne, Iruka how does this WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH KAKASHI-SAN?!?!?!" Naruto yelled with his eyes widened. Iruka was humiliated!!!

"I'm protecting what is mine," Kakashi said, putting his arm around Iruka for the second time that day. Iruka was flustered. Naruto looked back and forth between them until it finally clicked in.

"You're with Kakashi-san, Iruka-kun???? Why didn't I know of this??? This is sooo confusing. I need to eat before I deal with this!!" Naruto yelled. He never expected Iruka to be with a noble! Iruka pushed Kakashi hard to get free.

"I'm not with him!!! He just said that!" Iruka said, glaring at Kakashi. He walked over to Naruto.

" I still want to know your relationship with her, Iruka-kun," Kakashi said, giving Naruto a death glare once more. Naruto looked more confused. Why the hell would Kakashi want to know that? He looked at Iruka, who seemed pissed. Naruto wanted to run away!!! It was never a good thing when Iruka was pissed!!! Aaaahhh!!!

"I still have nothing to say. I don't need to explain myself to you," Iruka said in a quiet deadly voice.

"Naoko-san?" Kakashi looked at Naruto. Naruto was starting to sweat. He was confused as hell and now he was scared!

"Yes?" Naruto hesitated.

"Why was Iruka-kun about to call you another name? Something that began with Naru. Also what did he mean that you would protect yourself? And were you speaking of Gaara-san? And what lastly, what is your relationship with Iruka-kun?" Kakashi asked Naruto innocently. Both Iruka and Naruto froze. How to respond to that?

"Well, uh, me and Iruka-kun have a brothers kind of bond," Naruto said. That seemed the safest to start with. Kakashi's eyebrows furrowed.

"Don't you mean brother and sister bond?" Iruka wanted to kill Naruto right there and then. Kakashi would probably figure it out!!!

"That reminds me, Iruka-kun. Do you remember that time I happened to appear at the kitchen? That's when we first met and there was a boy there…" Kakashi faded off. Oh crap, he did figure it out!!!

"Kakashi-sama-" Iruka began, but Naruto had a better idea.


Both Kakashi and Iruka looked over to see that Naoko had fainted. It was a full five seconds before Iruka knelt down to check on her. Kakashi walked over too, to see if she was alright.

"It appears that she has fainted from illness!" Iruka said awkwardly. He knew what Naruto had just done. It wasn't hard to figure out, but at least this gave them time to figure out what to do to Kakashi. Kakashi wasn't fooled, but he couldn't do anything. Iruka picked Naruto up and walked over to the bed. He sat her down, covered her up, and then turned to Kakashi.

"We should let her rest now. I will inform the others about the current situation!" Iruka said, running over to the door. He opened it for Kakashi, who walked out slowly. Before Kakashi could say anything to Iruka, Sasuke came around the corner. He stopped and looked at both of them, wondering why they were standing outside of Naoko's room.

"Is something wrong?" Sasuke asked. Iruka bowed. Kakashi only glared at Sasuke. He wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery he heard, but he didn't want Sasuke to know unless it was something important.

"Ah, Sasuke-sama! It appears that Naoko-sama has collapsed from illness and is now resting. It would be best if she was left alone!" Iruka said still bowing. He wanted to bring up the Uchiha's trust in him again. Sasuke froze.

"She collapsed?! How did I not realize she was feeling ill?!" Sasuke yelled. He felt so stupid that he was not observant as he usually was. Of course, since Naruto was not ill at all, Sasuke would not notice anything, but he did not know that.

"She should be fine, I was nothing serious. Don't worry Sasuke-san, you can see her later." Kakashi said. This did nothing to stop Sasuke from worrying.

"I will grab some water and a cloth so she can cool off!" Iruka said and ran off. Kakashi was about to chase him, but decided to leave him for now. He will find his answers. One way or another!!!

"Let's go for a walk Sasuke-san. Maybe after we're done, you can see her," Kakashi suggested. He walked away and Sasuke was forced to only walk after him. He would come back later to make sure Naoko was okay!

Naruto's POV.

I'm a genius! No more questions and confusion!! And I will not have to act anymore! I change back to my original self to have a break from using up chakra. It's a lot harder than you think!!! Anyway, I hope Iruka comes back, or I'm left with coming up with a plan! At that moment Iruka comes in with water and a cloth. Darn! I would have come up with a genius plan! And I wonder why he needs the water and cloth…

"Iruka-kun! Aren't I a genius!!!" I yell happily. He stops and just stares at me. What? Can't I be a guy for a little while???

"Naruto-kun. Can you put on some other clothes? I find it a little disturbing to see you in a dress as a guy!!" Oops. I forgot about that! Heh heh. I guess I should find some clothes. I run off to the other room. I hope I have something decent to wear for guys. Luckily I find something and quickly change.

"Okay, I'm done! Now what do we do about the new situation?" I ask chuckling. Iruka's expression was funny when he saw me!

"What you did was ridiculous! He never fell for it for one second! But I am grateful for the few minutes so that we can think of something." Iruka said. Hey! Not cool! It was genius plan!

"That's mean Iruka-kun! Oh yeah! What were you and him doing anyway???" I yell at Iruka. His cheeks turn red as he remembered whatever happened. He seems annoyed that I brought it up, but hey! I don't expect to see people doing weird stuff in my room!!!

"I don't know myself! I'm as confused as you, but I never want to discuss that again!" Iruka said. Fine with me, I don't think I wanted to know anyway! Too weird!!!! To know Iruka's sex life is gross!!

"Fine! So what are we going to do about Kakashi-san now? If he did not fall for it, what are we supposed to say to him now?" I ask. I don't see why anyone would never fall for what I did! It was genius!!!

"The only way I see it is to tell him the truth. But we have to make sure he does not tell anyone. That would probably be a death sentence if anyone else finds out." Iruka said. What kind of plan is that??? That sucks! And so many people know already!!! Am I really going to die now??? Stupid Iruka and his punishment! It has caused my death sentence! Argh!

"I don't like that plan! It sucks!" I pout. Iruka got angry.

"Well, do you have a better plan?? We're dealing with a genius here! We can't fool him! It's stupid to even try!" Iruka yelled. Genius huh? He didn't seem all that special to me.

"Fine! But I better not die because of you!!!" I yell back! That's when my stomach growled. Loud.

"We need to get some food into you, so I will go grab something for you to eat. You better not do anything stupid while I'm gone!" Iruka sighed. Hey! That is called not trusting in my books! How rude! And mean! Anyway, he left on his mission to feed me. So I guess I'll forgive him. For now.

Sasuke's POV.

Stupid Kakashi! He didn't even take a walk with me! As soon as we got out of the house he said he was done for the day and ditched me! Me! He's so dumb!

Well, since I have nothing to do, I'm heading back to Naoko's room. I want to make sure she will be alright. I can't believe I didn't even realize she was ill! How could I do that?!? She will never forgive me for being so blind! She probably hates me now, for being so weak.

I stop in front of her door and knock. There's some rustling inside. I hope she isn't getting up to let me inside!! That'll make me feel guilty! The door swung open quickly.

"What the hell took you so…" I could only stare. "…long…?"

"Naruto?!?" I say with clenched teeth.