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Spoils: New Order, season 7/8/etc Episode insert: New Order Archive: Sure.
Rating: G Summary: Daniel Jackson watches them on the trip home.
Notes: It's very sad. I have almost nothing to say about this, other than that I'm getting tired of Daniel sitting on my shoulder and making snide comments. hits Daniel At least it's better than Maybourne sitting on my shoulder. Although I like Harry... (this should be enough babbling, I hope)

Delayed Arrival by Ana Lyssie Cotton

It isn't anything overt, Dr. Daniel Jackson thinks. No, they would never be blatant. But he has a feeling anyone else watching wouldn't miss it. At least, not if they had been studying the two of them over the last seven years (and has it really been that long?). Teal'c certainly notices it. And Daniel has a feeling that Thor does, too. That his apologies about the length of time it was taking to return them to Earth ring just a little false.

Because for right now, Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter can simply watch each other. Be secure that the other is, indeed, alive. And whole. And healthy. And not about to die in the next five minutes.

Some part of Daniel is amused about it all. Wants to laugh and point and mock them. Shout, "Get a room and get it over with!"

But he's throttling that part down, because he knows they can't. He knows, for instance, that if they did, things would change. Not that things aren't already changing. He can see the strange stiffness in them, and guesses it's because of Pete. Or maybe because they're both simply so tired.

Jack was almost lost forever, his mind and body frozen to prevent his certain death. Sam... Sam was tortured by Fifth. And by the guilt she always felt about betraying him.

Not that she ever told him that. Not that Jack would ever let her feel the guilt for long.

But they don't ever talk about things like that, and so it festers.

Daniel remembers driving to Jack's, and Sam's car outside. And he remembers stupidly deciding to interrupt. As if they would get it together that easily. He'd forgotten then, who he was dealing with.

It took them four years just to realize what there was between them. And then they locked it away after coming back from the ice planet. Back from a life where they could be together, with no impediments except the next food ration and whether a child might result.

Sometimes, he's wondered how they could be so blind. But then, it's Sam and Jack, and they try so hard to ignore anything that isn't part of the job.

Of course, he's known since before Edora. Before he caught Sam staring uncertainly at Jack and Laira, with something in her eyes that shouted a disturbance she couldn't name. Daniel could. He'd been waiting for that since they were stuck in Antarctica together. If it had been any other two people... but they'd already been flirting and teasing, and this had just felt like a different level.

And now it's been seven years. And they still can't do anything but watch each other.

He wonders if the air could ignite from the sparks flying between them.

Again, he considers yelling at them.

But they wouldn't want that.

And so he watches them watch each other. And kind of hopes Thor 'delays' their arrival on Earth a little longer.