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Faith Touched by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Everyone keeps asking Sam Carter if she's happy with the choices she's made in life. She almost always pauses as if giving it serious thought.

On the one hand, her career has suffered. Lieutenant Colonel seems to be about the only rank she'll reach. They had a fight about it, a long time ago. He got very silent and guilty-looking.

She had to eventually point out to him that she prefered not being a General. After all, she liked being able to go out in the field or study in her lab. Being a General would require a desk and a boring schedule that didn't include being shot at by enemy jaffa. And she sure as hell wouldn't be allowed to blow things up.

So, yeah. Her career suffered. But she still goes through the gate and she still studies alien technology, and she still has the respect of the people who have always known her.

On the other hand, she has him. And she has long decided that she wouldn't trade him in even if there were a newer model (not that the Asgard haven't already taken care of that, but they really don't talk about that one). And she likes him as cranky and self-centered and childish as he is.

Because she is also cranky and childish and self-centered.

Gossips always want to know about her sex life.

Is the sex good? Isn't he too old for you? A few of them compare her to Catherine Zeta-Jones, and she has to laugh at them. Catherine will never have this man warming her bed and keeping her up late on nights before she has to go off-world because they know they'll miss each other.

She usually smiles and doesn't talk about the sex (even Ellen couldn't get the sex secrets).

Her answers sometimes vary. They sometimes ask different questions, or surprise her, or she's pissed at him because he let the cat out (and the cat came back two days later pregnant, and she yelled at him for forgetting to get her spayed).

Once or twice, she's unequivocally been so pissed at him that she's said she wished she married Daniel instead.

Daniel mocks her after those.

Of course, she mocks him back. Usually about the princess of the week who has attached herself to him. Daniel never settled down, probably because in the end, Sha're was his everything.

Which is really horribly sappy. And she'd kill him if he ever reminded her that she said it once, in a maudlin alcohol-induced haze while they were stuck off-world and she was missing Jack like hell.

Sometimes, she thinks she has settled.

Actually, most of the time, she knows she has settled. But she has settled for him, and that's not only more than enough, it's everything.

So, when they ask her if she's happy?

Her answer is almost always, "Hell. Yes."