This is not an update.

Considering the mass influx of complaints I've been receiving, I figure I owe you all an explanation. So here it is:

I am in my first year of post-secondary and don't have time to update. When I do have time, I like to do what's called RELAXING; as in, I like to sleep-in, eat ice-cream and do absolutely NOTHING. I know like any one of you how irritating, saddening, infuriating, etc it is to wait for an update from a really good story. I understand it feels like, "why can't this person get off their ass and update now so I can read?!"

But that's the thing…

"…this person…" is still a PERSON who has a life outside of fanfiction. This person may go to school, like to hang out with friends, or whatever. This person is NOT a tool to provide you entertainment.

Yes, it is selfish of me to want to relax, but it is also selfish of others to assume I'm a machine that can chalk up a chapter every week. Sure, there are people out there who do that, but that's them. I admire people who are able to do that on top of their daily lives because I can't.

I haven't watched or read Rurouni Kenshin in a very long time, so I'll admit part of my inability to update has to do with my lack of interest in RK. I've moved on to other things…

I regret stating promises that I clearly cannot keep and I apologize for giving you all false hope. I already feel bad for not updating, but when some of you throw my promises back in my face it makes me feel worse than I already did, plus it makes me not want to update.

Seriously, would you guys prefer a short, shitty chapter if it meant a faster update? Or do you mind a longer wait if the chapter is worth it?

At this point, I feel you'd all want a load of BS instead.

I know it's been a year; I know you've all been waiting; I know! I know! I know! I don't mean to sound like I don't appreciate you guys because I honestly do, but sometimes I get very angry at people who DEMAND an update. Fellow authors must understand how I feel, so there's no need to blame me.

Much of the issues brought up by my inability to update have led me to one solution. Although many of you will hate me for this, I've decided to remove my incomplete stories from . I will stow them away until the day they are finished and will post the chapters accordingly.

This is the best option because I can correct all my mistakes, make my writing style congruent, and won't have my fans worrying about my next update. Once the story is finished I can update regularly, thus not have wide gaps between updates.

I know many of you will probably never come back and I don't blame you. For the group of people who are still willing to accept me after all this is, you are true fans.

If anyone is still reading this message at this point, I cannot express how grateful I am for you putting up with me. Thank you so much.