Summary: AU. What would have happen if Voldemort didn't kill the Potters, but died instead? You'd think the Potters will be one happy family, right? Well, not exactly, especially when Harry got sorted into Slytherin... Plz R&R.

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A True Slytherin

Chapter 1 The Potters:

"Shut up!"

"Don't 'shut up' me! You better apologize to your mother, or else –"

"Or else what?"

"Or else I'm going to –"

"What? Lock me in my room? Let me save you the trouble, I'm going to do it myself! I'm out of here!"

"Don't you walk out on me, young man!"

"Bite me!"

"You better start showing us a grateful attitude!"

"Or else?"

"Or else I'm going to kick your arse with a hex!"

"Don't you mean 'an axe'? It would be more like your evil side!"

"You're right! Your way is a lot better than mine! Now, go upstairs and think about what you've just said! And I don't want to see you until morning unless you come with a big, red 'SORRY' written on your forehead!"

"Then I guess we won't be meeting for a while!"


The door to the room above the kitchen slammed and silence fell through the house after 15 minutes of yelling and shouting. Now the only thing James Potter could hear was his wife sobbing in the kitchen. He walked back down to the kitchen and sat next to her. He put a hand on her back to comfort her, but Lily kept crying into her hands and rocking back and forth in her chair.

"Don't," he told her. "That prat isn't worth it –"

"That prat is our son, James." Lily looked at him with tearful eyes.

"Or at least what has become of him." He looked at the table. "I don't know what to do anymore! We've tried everything!"


"Mum, Dad? What are you doing here?" young Harry asked as he entered the Headmaster's office and saw his parents sitting there with worried looks on the faces. His friend followed him in. "Professor McGonagall told me Dumbledore wanted to see me..."

"Sit down Harry," James ordered his son. "You can leave. This is a private conversation," he told Harry's friend, who quietly turned on his heel and closed the door behind him.

"What's going on?" Harry asked suspiciously as he took his seat.

"We want you to have a second sorting," Lily told her son.

"What? Why? I'm –"

End of Flashback.

Knock, knock, knock. James came back to reality as he heard a knock on the kitchen door. Both he and Lily looked up and saw Sirius was standing in the doorway, waiting for their approval to come inside.

Lily shot her look at James, he knew what she was thinking about. He nodded and invited his friend to sit with them.

"Trouble in paradise?" Sirius asked, trying to cheer the coldness in the room. James and Lily looked even more depressed than before. "Gee, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, guys –"

"It's not you, Sirius," James said. "It's Harry again."

"Oh," Sirius said. He sounded like he didn't want to drag into another 'Harry Conversation'. They had those quite often lately, since Harry came back for the summer. "Well, I don't wanna add troubles with the ones you already have with your kid... So, I'll just go, and see you tomorrow... yeah." Sirius got up and tried to make a quick exit through the door, but didn't get the chance to leave before James shut it with his wand, locking Sirius in so he couldn't escape.

"Sirius, I need a favor..." James said quietly.

Sirius turned around to face his friends. He had a fearful expression on his face. He didn't say anything for a moment because he knew James wanted him to respond and Sirius knew exactly what the favor he wanted to ask him was. He finally cracked; the silence was just too tensed. "Oh, no! NO!" he shook his head forcibly.

"Sirius, please..." James pleaded. Lily looked at him hopefully, her great emerald eyes wet from tears.

"No! – James, come on! You want me to...? – no, I can't get in there...! – Please don't make me Prongs, for the sake of our friendship, if you want it to last, please don't make me do this...!" Sirius was now down on his knees begging James with couple of real tears in his eyes.

"You are our only shot, Sirius," Lily said with a sob. "Please. Try and talk to him, maybe he will listen to you."

"But – why me?" Sirius whined. "Why not Moony? He knows him better, he teaches him, and he knows what he's like..."

"It's a full moon, Padfoot," James reminded him.

Sirius muttered a simple "Oh."

James went on, "and besides, you're his Godfather, not Moony."

"Yeah, but that is suppose to take place after you die..." Sirius muttered.

"We've tried everything, Sirius. Everything. Even the best psychologists and healers couldn't help him," Lily said.

"Of course, you took him to a Muggle shrink, what you'd expect?" Sirius took James' glasses off his face and put the tip of the ear piece in his mouth. 'Oh, so let me get this right? You're saying you're a...Wizard... and that your parents want you to suffer and be a good...Gryffindor – is that what you called that thing...? – Umm, yeah, I see, I see... Well, I can write you a prescription for some drugs, they should help and while the effect is taking place, I'll just give you this beautiful white robe... you should get along absolutely fine with it... Just let someone else feed you..." Sirius imitated in an old, wise man voice. James snatched back his glasses from Sirius, who was still on the floor, cleaned the tip of Sirius' spit, and put them back on, looking very angry.

"Will you stop messing around and get serious!"

"I am Sirius!"

"Oh, forget it, James. Clearly, he's not mature enough to handle a 16-year-old boy," Lily sounded irritated. "So when you grow up Sirius, let us know. Until then, we'll just leave the situation as it is," Lily spat angrily and crossed her arms. "But don't come crawling back on all fours when we won't speak to you!"

"Oh, well, fine!" Sirius got up. "I guess it's time to fulfil my duty as a Godfather." He walked to the door and just before he left, he looked back to see two slightly cheerful faces looking back at him. "But if that kid of yours starts to bite, I have to say that I'll bite back!" He went up the stairs muttering to himself, "Had to get in there, did I?"

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