Summary: The mayor of Jump City plans a Sadie Hawkins dance for the entire city! And who are the guests of honor? The Teen Titans!

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"Hello" Robin answered

"ROBIN!" came the mayor's voice

"Yes, Mr. Mayor, anything wrong?" Robin said, ready to call the other Titans.

"Nothing wrong, just that I'm planning a Sadie Hawkins Dance for all of Jump City!"


"You and the rest of the Teen Titans are the guests of honor"

"Well, thank you!"

"And, by the way, the girls must ask the boys to the dance"

"What?! I mean okay, goodbye Mr. Mayor"

"Goodbye, Robin"


"Guys, I have an important announcement to make" Rob said

"Robin, are you pregnant?" Beast Boy said

"Shut up!" he retorted angrily

"The mayor said we are the guests of honor at the Jump City Sadie Hawkins' Dance…"

"Sweet!" BB interrupted

"I wasn't finished yet, the girls have to ask the guys"

This was when Raven looked up from her book, "I don't do dances"

"Well, you have to Raven, the mayor said so"

"Fine, but I'm NOT asking anyone"

"Why not, Raven?" Beast Boy said

"Coz it's a waste of time"

"No it's not!"

"Yes it is!" this argument went on and on…

"Robin, what is this dance of Sadie you speak of?" Starfire said.

"Well, Star, it's like that thing I went to with Kitten but only the girls will ask the guys if they can go with them"

"Oh, I see" Starfire then giggled away

"No it's not!"

"Yes it is!"

"Not like anyone would ask you anyway!" Raven yelled, this took BB back a little, so he sat back down eating his tofu. Raven went to meditate.

"I'm getting a soda," Cyborg said

Meanwhile-in Star's room

"Wow, a dance of Sadie's, it sounds delightful, but who shall I ask to this joyous event?"

She thought to herself, 'Beast Boy surely is like a brother to me, Cyborg just isn't as the humans say "my type" and Robin, I can not find any bad qualities he possesses, hmmm' her thoughts were interrupted when Robin knocked on her door and said "Star, it's dinner time"

Dinner Table

Everyone was eating normally, Beast Boy was eating his tofu, arguing with Cyborg now and then about how tofu us superior to meat, Star was eating her latest concoction, a combination of house flies and expired chocolate pudding, Robin was eating it too(or at least trying to eat it), Cyborg was eating meat(duh) and Raven wasn't really eating.

"Why you not eating, Rae?" Cyborg said

"I'm not hungry and don't call me Rae"

"Ok, suit yourself" Cy replied eating more meat

Dinner went by quickly, and after it, Rae just left but BB followed her and said "Rae, you've been acting stange, anything wrong?"

"No" came her monotone reply

"Are you sure? Coz I can help you, I'm your friend"

Raven saw the sincerity in his voice and replied with a small smile "Yeah, I'm sure, but thank you Beast Boy"

"No problem Rae" Beast Boy said as he walked away. 'She didn't get mad at me for calling her "Rae"'.

'I didn't get mad at him for calling me "Rae"'

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