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Chapter Title: Mysterious Packages, Shopping and Dancing

Authors Note: This Sadie Hawkins is more formal…it's like a prom only the girls ask the guys…

"FRIEND RAVEN! Do you realize it is only five days until the dance?" Starfire said, overly happy

"Yes, but I don't care" Raven said dryly

"You do not?" Starfire said in a tone that was filled with confusion.

Before Raven could say something awful about the Sadie Hawkins Dance, Robin cut in,

"She means, Starfire, that she's very happy about the dance, she said she doesn't care because, um," Robin said not knowing what to say

Raven smirked smugly at Robin, which was not very common

"Um, Star, why don't you ask Raven?" Robin said with the same smug grin Raven did.

"Friend Raven, do you not take pleasure in this wondrous event?" Starfire asked Raven

"Uh, it was just a joke, Star! I love this dance" Raven said, a little disgusted at saying she "loved the dance".

"Oh! That is most wondrous thing!" Starfire said and gave Raven one of her bone-crushing hugs.

"Star…" Raven tried finishing her sentence but her lack of air seemed to get in the way.

Starfire let go of Raven and said, "We must know do our preparing for this "Dance of Sadie's"" Starfire said giddily.

Raven saw Beast Boy and Cyborg watching with amusement as Star ranted about dresses and make-up and hair and other stuff, Raven looked at Beast Boy and mouthed "Help Me", but Beast Boy was too full of amusement and shook his head in a "No" answer and grinned.

"We shall now decide what hair we shall have and decide the color of our make of up and our gowns!" Starfire said and Raven looked like fainting.

Star dragged Raven away to look at magazines and other girly stuff…

About two minutes after Rae and Star left, BB and Cyborg were playing vdeo games and Robin just watched both them staring into the screen and shout once in a while.

"Guys, do you know what your going to do for the dance five days from know?" Robin asked the two boys who looked like they were hypnotized.

"Mhhhmm" Beast Boy muttered, not paying attention

"Yeah, yeah, yeah" Cyborg said, also glued to the screen.

"NO YOU DON'T!" Robin said and walked off to the Games Station and turned off their game.

"WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR!" Cyborg and Beast Boy yelled at the same time.

"You don't know what to do for the dance yet!" Robin yelled back

"SO!" Beast Boy and Cy shouted once more.

"Well, whatever, it's not my fault if Raven and Jynx are gonna hate you forever" Robin said and started to walk back to his room

BB and Cy stared at each other for a while that chased after Robin

"ROBIN!" tha both yelled after him

"What?" Robin said

"We wanna know what to do" Cyborg said quietly

Robin thought about it for a moment, and then looked over at Beast Boy and Cyborg,

who had pleading looks on their faces.



"I'll go get it" Cy said, hoping it would be Jynx

When Cy opened the door, he saw a mailman…

"HOW DID YOU GET UP HERE!" he yelled at the defenseless mailman.

"Um, elevator, sir" the mailman said

"Oh, sorry, now what are you doing here?"

"To deliver a package sir," the mailman said and handed Cy a package that had the name "CYBORG" on it.

"Uh, thanks" he said and closed the door

Cyborg opened the pakage and saw that inside was a tuxedo, a rose corsage and two books: "HOW IMPRESS YOUR DATE FOR THE SADIE HAWKINS DANCE" and "THE THINGS JYNX LIKES".

"Ooookaaayy" Cyborg said and walked over to Robin and Beast Boy who were waiting for him, "Looks like I don't need to take your lesson Robin" Cyborg said

"Why?" Robin asked

"Take a look" Cy said and showed BB and Robin the package

"Whoever sent Cy this, please be kind enough to send me one too" Beast Boy said looking up into the ceiling as if he was praying. Beast Boy knew how bossy Robin was so he didn't want to take lessons with him

"What did you say?" Robin said

"Nothing" thankfully, Beast Boy spoke quietly

Robin turned back to Cyborg and said, "Alright, Cy," Robin said then Cyborg walked away. ", Guess it's just you and me, BB" Robin said turning to Beast Boy.

Starfire's room

"How about this hairstyle, friend Raven?" Starfire asked.

Raven took one glance at it and said "No". Starfire began to look for more magazines, when she was out of luck, she said to Raven, "Friend Raven, I have an idea!"

"What is it?" Raven said in her monotone voice.

"We shall go to the mall again!" Starfire said happily and before Raven could run away, Star was already dragging her out of the room…

Robin's room


"I…don't…know" Beast Boy said in a scared tone.

"Oh God you are hopeless! Let's go to the mall or something!" Robin said and dragged Beast Boy out in the same way Star dragged Rae.


(Mall: "why don't I get a nice intro?" me: "because you're a MALL!" mall: "so?"Me: "your not supposed to be talking to me!" mall: "you give me a nice intro or I'll keep bugging you!" me: "you're an inanimate object, you can't bug me!" mall: "oh yes I can!" me: "how?" mall grabs a book from a bookstore and starts hitting me with it. Me: "FINE!")

People with horns start blowing and a random person says "mall" in a singsong voice (think intro of "The Simpsons")

Starfire and Raven walk into the mall and Star leaped into the first clothing store she found.

"Try this on, Friend Raven!" Star said tossing Raven a baby blue tube dress.

Raven shivered at the sight of baby blue and told Star "Maybe another one and shouldn't you be looking for your dress?"

"I have already found my dress" Star said

"Where?" Raven asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

"Come!" Star said and dragged Raven into a perky gown store.

Star soon led her to a store and showed her a pink spaghetti strap dress that was sparkling.

"I shall now purchase it" Star said and paid for it at the counter

Raven looked sick but she held in the urge to comment bad things about it.

"Do you like my dress, Friend Raven?" Starfire asked Raven

"It looks…nice" Raven said twitching a little

"Now we shall pick an ensemble for you, Friend Raven" Starfire said

"Does it have to be…in here?" Raven said, worried on what the answer might be

"Of course not! You can pick any clothing store you wish!"

"Okay" Raven said as they went out of the store.

Around twenty minutes later, Raven had found a store, it was also a gown store but it was one that was not too…bright, to put it nicely.

After what seemed like a hundred dresses to Raven, she had found one, It was a dark violet also spagetti strap dress and had one of those shawl thingys.

"That one is perfect for you!" Star said jumping up and down

"Well, it's okay" Raven said, but inside, she quite liked the dress.

"Then we shall purchase it!" Star said and Raven went back into the changing room to take off the dress and get change into her old clothes.

With Robin and Beast Boy…

They had went to almost all the stores that had tuxedos and corsages in the whole mall but so far, had only found the corsage, it had a dark red rose on it and smaller light red roses surrounding it.

"How about in here?" Robin asked

"Sure" BB said and they both went in the store

Beast boy had finally found a really nice tuxedo (A/N: I can't describe it because I'm not a huge fan of tuxedos)

Back with Star and Rae…

"Oh, glorious! We have found your dress, now I in no doubt that you know how to dance" Starfire said to Raven

"Um…actually, I'm not really good in dancing" Raven said shyly.

"That is alright, Come!" Star said and dragged Raven yet again

They arrived at a small place where you learn how to dance…

"How did you know about this place, Starfire?" Raven asked

"Well, sometimes, when I visit the mall, I see this dance store and I asked Friend Robin about and he explained it to me" Star said blushing a bit

Raven didn't have time to answer as Star had already dragged her in

"Hello! Welcome! Today we will learn how to dance at dances! (What a coincidence)" some dance instructor who was slightly gay said.

After moments of silence, he said again "YOU! Step up here!" he said to Raven

"Me? Uh, no thanks" Rae said

"Oh please, friend Raven!" Star said with puppy dog eyes

"Fine" Rae said and walked to the front, at that moment, Robin and Beast Boy walked in.

"This girl and YOU!" he said and dragged Beast Boy to the front while Robin took a seat next to Starfire

Raven put her hands BB's shoulders and Beast Boy put his hands on her hips.

The dance instructor told them how to dance while they…danced.

After they had danced, they got a standing ovation from Robin, Starfire and some other people. When Rob was gonna put his hand back on the bench they were sitting on, he put his hand on top of Starfire's and they both turned and blushed.

The dance instructors told them to stop but they seemed caught up in the moment and didn't stop. It was Starfire's giggling that caused them to stop.

They both turned deep red and practically ran back to the bench, sitting at least three feet away from each other.

Robin offered to bring them home in Cy's car, which, Robin couldn't have used if he wasn't reading those books of his.

There was complete silence on the ride back to Titans' tower. When they got home, Raven and Beast Boy rushed to their room.

Raven's room

'I don't like Beast Boy' Raven thought

BB's room

'I don't like Raven' Beast Boy thought

Both BB and Raven's room

'Do I?'

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