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"Start spreading the news, I'm leaving tonight, I've had it up to here with all your shit, New York, New York!"

-Madelyne Thompson, singing, -Daylight.





"Your brotha' Sandy, I swear he's gonna get himself killed!" Sophie Cohen's voice nagged through on the other line. "I thought you said you were comin' out here to visit your dying mother!" In truth she wanted to tell him that she wasn't doing so well, but she had too much pride for that. Not her, not Sophie 'Steel' Cohen. She couldn't bend, not even for her own son.

"Ma! I am, things have been hectic lately, that's all," Sandy sighed and placed his head down on the kitchen counter. He knew she was right, and that he should schedule a visit since he had finally had a break in Kirsten's father's case.

"Its that Kirsten, isn't it. She doesn't want you coming out here!" He could literally hear her 'Hmph' over the phone.

"Don't speak that way about her. And no, for the hundredth time, it's not her. I have been busy. B-U-S-Y Ma! I'm a lawyer." He felt the supportive hands of his wife gently rub his back as she passed on her way to the sink.

"Oh. The fancy law firm is keeping you away from ya motha'…." Oh God, she was laying on the accent. He could hear her seethe through the phone.

"No. It's…"

"SANFORD COHEN, stop making excuses you know how I hate them! You just don't want to come out here do you?" Now she was accusing him.

He covered the bottom of the phone with his hands and let out an audible groan. Kirsten shot him a sympathetic look and gave him a smile from across the room. He gave her a tight-lipped frown.

His mother was a bulldog and that's why she was a public defender, dying of cancer, and still a public defender.

"I do. I am. I'll look up plane tickets tonight." He hoped she couldn't hear the unenthusiasm in his voice.

Three heads shot up in his direction and his wife arched a perfect eyebrow with a look that said, 'Oh, really now?' She crossed her arms and narrowed her gaze.

Seth snickered at the look his mom gave his father. Ryan ducked his head down in his book, but Sandy could see his shoulders heaving up and down as he laughed.

"Good Sandy. Please, when you come out here, talk some sense into your brotha'. Honestly, I'm worried about him."

"At least you're worried about one of us, finally," he muttered under his breath.

"What?" Her voice was suspicious.

"I said, it'll be nice to see the family." He rolled his eyes.

Kirsten chuckled hearing his response, her intense gaze softening. Seth rolled his eyes. His dad, sometimes he could never say no to The Nana. His mom wasn't keen on the idea Seth could definitely see that. She hated New York, especially the Bronx. He could tell that she hated the idea ofhis father going back there even more.

Maybe she finally sensed the conversation had gone sour. "Sandy, I have to go, I'll talk to you in a bit sweetheart. Give Sethela and Ryan my best. Tell that Kirsten I said hello!"

'It must have taken her every ounce of strength to say that,' Sandy mused.

"Okay, Ma, I will. Bye."

He turned the phone off and set it on the counter staring at it. What the hell had he just got himself into? He hadn't been back to the Bronx in years. He hadn't exactly left on the best of terms. His mother kept talking about his brother. He didn't understand what he could possibly be getting into, but knowing him he had a knack for trouble.

He groaned again and ran a nervous hand through his dark hair; and it stood up in psychotic directions. Should he go? He didn't want to go. He could put it off some more....

He sighed.

Seth frowned.

Ryan turned in his chair and looked at him.

Kirsten squinted slightly as she must have been able to see the wheels turning in his head.

"You're going, aren't you?"

Oh-No. "I'm thinking about it…?"

Seth stretched yawning, "Oh look at the time, Mmm, boy I'm sleepy," and he darted from the room and away from their soon to be argument.

"Ya, me too." Ryan faked a yawn, taking Seth's hint."Goodnight."

He closed his book and sprinted off in the other direction to the safety of the pool house.

Kirsten perched a hand going on her hip, the other being placed along the counter as she leaned against it.


He looked at her. "Kirsten, I've got to go sometime…"

She simply stared at him. "I know that Sandy, but your mom has had how much time to call you and beg you to go out there? And she hasn't. Why? … . What's wrong with your brother?"

He shrugged defeated, his eyes intent on his hands, pulling a Kirsten and fiddling with his wedding band, a sign she knew all too well. She decided to let the topic go and try for a different approach and crossed over to him. When he looked up she was in front of him with the half calm smile that she always managed to give him when he was in a tight situation.

"You should go, but Sandy. Something just doesn't add up…. That's all I'm saying honey."

His hand couldn't help itself as it reached up to run the length of her hip, fingertips grazing soft skin where her pantsended.There was a rasp from the fabric when his hand ran up and down against it.

His wife had one hell of a gorgeous body. It was the legs and the hair. 'She has great legs,' he pondered, answering his own statement.

He nodded, his voice softer, which happened when his family was concerned "I was thinking that, too."

He closed his eyes when she reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, calming its maddened state, soothing him as well. His other hand came up and pulled her close to him and he rested his head on her heart while she held him close. Sheplaced her chin on top of his head, an arm sliding down around his shoulders keeping him close.

"Sandy, just be careful. You know I don't like the thought of you going back there," her voice trembled with worry. He had told the stories of his miss bent youth and some of the horrible things that happened to his friends, and even him.

He nodded against her. "I will."

He pulled back looking up at her, his sea green blue eyes met the midnight nervous blue's of hers. His wife worried. It was what she did. She worried about Seth.

She worried about Ryan.

She worried what kind of trouble would befall both of them.

Now she had to worry about him too.

Back in da' Bronx, where he grew up, where people were gunned down maybe two houses down from him. Or behind a dumster. Or where he played basketball and a bullet came centimeters from hitting him.

The good ol' Bronx.

It scared the fucking shit out of him to think he had to go back there.

He smiled at her reassuringly and she bent to kiss him lightly on the lips before grabbing his hand and pulling him off the stool and towards the comfort of their bedroom.


It was three am. He couldn't sleep. He couldn't even concentrate.

His brother?

What the hell could possibly be wrong with his little brother?

He groaned.

He glanced at the clock.

He sighed.

He looked down at her.

He sighed again.

His mother.

His brother.

He looked at the ceiling. Screw it.

He managed to nudge her on her side and he slipped out of the bedroom quietly, into the office, powering up the computer.

Double click, Internet Explorer.

'Lets see…. Expedia? Travelocity?' he hummed to himself, pulling his robe tighter to ward off the chill.

T, Click, tick, click, click, backspace…click, click, spacebar accidentally, backspace, Y. Click, click, C.O.M.

Clicking on the dates he wanted to leave, and the airports he needed to fly into, he found the prices he wanted. Or rather didn't want, but was forced to choose from.

He rummaged around in his desk for his wallet and pulled out the credit card he would put the close to thousand odd-some dollar plane ticket for the following week.

"Kirsten's going to kill me," he mumbled to himself over the fact of how soon he was leaving.

"You got that right," her voice startled him so bad he quickly jumped and hunched his shoulders in defensive stance. She was amused.

Giggling, she leaned over his shoulders and read the itinerary. "The twenty-second hmm?" Her velvet voice purred in his ear as her arms locked around his chest. "You're leaving me on the twenty-second, that's in a few days…"

He nodded.

"Can't sleep?"

He shook his head again, leaning back into his chair more. She turned her head slightly, her face burrowing into his thick, dark hair and inhaling the scent of his shampoo. She loved his hair. She really loved their hair together. When she leaned down like this, the stark constrast of his pitch black to her blond was startling. They truely were an amazing couple.

His hair was soft and thread through herhands like thick silk. Her graceful fingers treaded through it again, stopping at his graying temples. She pressed a kiss there. "Come to bed Sandy, " her voice was longing, begging him.

"I can't sleep," he whined, partly because he just bought a plane ticket to a state he vowed to never go back to, and partly because he just couldn't sleep and knew he would keep her awake.

"Please? Sandy, you're going to be gone for a while…." Now it was her turn to whine. Her husband was going to be gone. She hated sleeping without him.

He chuckled and turned off the monitor, letting her hand find his in the dark and letting her lead him out of the office and into their bedroom again. He flopped on his back and stared at the ceiling, waiting for her to scoot around and get comfortable. He played with her hair absentmindedly once she sprawed out on his chest, something he did when he was nervous.

He turned his head towards her, his lips rested on her forehead. If he couldn't sleep, he could at least be still, for her sake.

Oh God, back to the Bronx. What was he thinking?