Title: And If The Sun Won't Shine…
Author: Angel (angel predilection . org)
Disclaimer: I wouldn't be writing this fanfic if Gravitation's mine, would I? Last time I checked, it certainly doesn't say 'Maki Murakami' on my birth certificate… So, there :P
Summary/ Teaser: (AU) Shindou Shuichi, the superstar in-the-making is always distant and aloof. When the famous, warm-hearted Uesugi Eiri falls for him, how is he going to cover his terrible past? And what role does Sakuma Ryuichi play in this entire ordeal?
Pairings: Eiri-Shuichi, Tatsuha-Ryuichi, Tohma-Mika, Hiro-Ayaka, Suguru-OC
A/N: Hi, all! This is Angel speaking :) This is my first Gravi fic so… er…Please be kind to me. Flames and comments/ constructive criticisms are always welcomed to my inbox. You can check my blog at w w w . predilection. o r g from time to time for progress in the story :)

And If The Sun Won't Shine… : Prologue

Uesugi Eiri was wide awake, staring at the ceiling numbly. The silent, spacious apartment provided a lot of rooms for him to think. It was so quiet that he could almost hear the beating of his heart. Yet, the same phrase uttered by someone he was unfamiliar with kept ringing at the back of his head. With a grunt, he rolled to his side and closed his golden eyes…

It was 9.30pm. Eiri was having trouble finding the best ending for his latest project. He had decided to give it a happy ending instead of stuffing it with too much angst. It was not a bad idea, he thought. Maybe he could surprise the readers when it came out. He flipped through his own novel that was published six months prior for research, mainly because he wanted to avoid similar situations recurring in his next novel. The park was deserted at night so he loved visiting it at this time of the night. Too engrossed in the novel, he didn't notice a rock the size of a palm lying on the ground. With a light yelp of surprise, Eiri tripped. His book was sent flying at least a hundred metres away from where he had fallen.

'What a luck,' his mind grumbled. Standing up with as much dignity he could summon, he quickly composed himself. However, he literally froze as he brought his gaze towards his poor, fallen book. A boy –no- a young man was flipping through his book, stopping at a few pages to read the written paragraphs and repeated the actions before closing it. The young man stood his ground as Eiri silently approached him. "Anou, can I please have my book back?" He asked. The boy simply stared at him before looking at the picture of Eiri at the back of the book.

"So you're the famous Uesugi Eiri…" said the boy. Eiri was feeling nervous. Although the young man was shorter than him by far, the look on his face sent a chill down his spine. It was strange, Eiri thought, to find a man with bright, magenta hair in Japan. The young man's pair of lavender eyes was big and beautiful but lacking in vitality. His emotionless gaze was unnerving; much too unsettling. Still looking at Eiri, he tossed the book to his rightful owner and took a step back. "I don't know why they worship your works. They're downright foolish. You simply don't know how life really works, mister. Better research next time." With that, the pink-haired young man turned around and walked away, leaving Eiri glued to the ground; shocked to his core.

No one had ever insulted Uesugi Eiri before. Strangely, he was not offended or sad. Instead, the image of the boy kept flashing in his head every now and then. His boyish figure, his lavender eyes, his unusual magenta hair…There was just something about the young man that made Eiri's heart ached for him. The last thought sent him jumping off his bed in surprise. His heart was beating real fast. "Damn it!" He cursed. "I can't be falling for a stranger…Or, can I?"

"I don't know why they worship your works. They're downright foolish."

For the millionth time that night, Eiri groaned.

He had to find the boy.

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