Title: The Year After
Author: Hieiko
Fandom: Angel the Series
Pairing: Spike/Fred
Disclaimer: I don't own AtS.
Notes: Written for scarletangel68, for the Fandom Drabble Challenge.
Summary: Post - Not Fade Away. Two people come back and find that things suddenly look too different.

Light flashed in a vacant alley. A man and a woman, both clad in dark leather, stumbled out onto the street. They looked at the various people milling around, who were wearing unfamiliar clothes and carrying weapons.

"They did say it'd only been a year, right, pet?" The man asked in confusion.

"Yes," the woman replied, frowning slightly. "Something's odd here. And why am I dressed like her?"

Before her companion could answer, someone called out, "Hey, lady! Neat costume!"

Comprehension dawned. "Fred..." the man started.

Fred laughed. "Spike! We're back just in time for the third Star Wars prequel!"