For this story Usagi goes by Serenity but I refer to her as Usagi.

Usagi straightened her suite. She couldn't be nervous. She had been in Japan for 2 weeks now. (AN the information on everything comes a bit later.) She hadn't run into anybody except Naru but Usagi had made it a point to see her best friend. But right now she had a interview as a reporter for a newspaper. She was never exactly sure what caused her to peruse a career in journalism but 22 year old Usagi perused it with a passion.
Usagi knocked on the door that she had been directed to. "Hello you must be Mrs. Vanvoy." Usagi nodded as she handed the man her resume.
"So you took journalism for when?" The man asked.
"I started taking a journalism class when I was 15 sir. In my first year of high school. And every year of high school and college." Usagi replied quietly.
"That's an amazing record. But I am going to tell you know that you will be working with a partner and in some instances a team." The editor said.
Usagi smiled sadly "I have worked in teams before that doesn't bother me that much."
She was taken back 8 years, to when she had been the leader of the team. "Mrs. Vanvoy are you OK?" The editor asked.
"Oh yes of course." Usagi replied quickly.
"As I was saying your hired."
"I'm, I'm hired?" Usagi asked.
The editor smiled and nodded "You will be working with 2 other people. One person who will co-write with you and the other is a photographer. Here is the number of your new partner and he will make sure that you all meet. His name is Mamoru Shields."
"Thank you." Usagi said. "When do I start."
Usagi turned and hurried to her apartment and dialed the number. "Hello Shields residence." A woman said.
"Hello may I speak to Mr. Shields please?" Usagi asked. She wasn't going to say that name, she hadn't said that name in years. If you wanted to be exact, 8 years. Just like she hadn't used the name Usagi in 8 years.
"May I please ask who is calling?" The woman asked.
"Yes, Miss Vanvoy." Usagi replied.
"Mamoru Shields." A man came on the phone.
"Yes hello. I am Serenity Vanvoy I am your partner." Usagi said.
"Oh yes old Brumby told me about you." Mamoru said.
"I was wondering if we could meet the 3 of us?" Usagi asked.
"Sure. What did you say your name was?"
"Serenity Vanvoy." Usagi replied.
"I used to know a Serenity." Mamoru said almost to himself. "A long time ago."
"I used to know a Mamoru." Usagi said curtly she didn't want to think about the past "When and where should I meet you?"
Mamoru named a time and place and Usagi hung up. She had 3 hours before she had to be ready. "I think that I will stop by the arcade and see Motoki." (AN I know how long could a person really work at an arcade but…)
Usagi walked up to the counter and noticed that they had added a full menu "What can I get for you?" Motoki asked. Usagi smiled he didn't recognize her, this could be fun.
"Hi. I would like a cheeseburger, chocolate brownie hot fudge sundae, a rootbeer float. (AN I know doesn't that just make you sick thinking about it.)
"There is only one person I know who would order anything like that." Motoki said. "Usagi."
"Hi Motoki." Usagi said as Motoki hugged her. Before she had left Tokyo she had come to think of Motoki as an older brother.
"Naru said that you were back in town." Motoki said.
"Yeah. I moved back. I got a job. So things are looking very well. But really don't give me what I ordered just a soda, I'm meeting my partners for dinner in a little while."
"Sure." Motoki set a soda in front of Usagi "So have you been?"
"Good. I just graduated NYU. I kinda miss New York. But Mom and Dad still live there. Sammy is in Arizona and going to ASU. Actually he is engaged…(In this story Sammy is about 20.) He is getting married next year. His fiancee is really nice." Usagi said.
Usagi and Motoki talked for awhile longer. Suddenly though Usagi looked at her watch and jumped up "Sorry Motoki I have to go I am going to be late."
Motoki shook his head, she may have changed her name, but somethings never change. Usagi quickly changed into a simple floor length sleeveless black dress she added a pair of long black gloves and she let down her hair. She had had it in a bun. Her hair a turned silver with blonde highlights and Usagi couldn't believe it when it had a year ago. It now reached the floor and she let if fall around her. Usagi knew the restaurant that they were to meet at and it was a extremely fancy one.

Rei sat across from Mamoru waiting "Where is she? She is our new partner and she can't even make the first meeting on time. I can already tell that I wont be able to work with her." Rei fumed. Rei wore a long scarlet dress made much like the one Usagi wore and a long pair of scarlet gloves.
Mamoru looked up and saw a beautiful woman come into the restaurant. He tore his eyes away from her and asked "What Rei?"
"God how am I going to work with either of you?" She asked.
Suddenly a voice interrupted their conversation "Your guest is here."
Both looked up. "Oh my God." Was all the woman said before going deathly pale and passing out. The matri d (AN whatever) caught her before she could fall. "It couldn't be." Rei whispered.
"Sir um should I call an ambulance?" He asked.
Mamoru shook his head. "Um know we just surprised her that's all."
"We can take her back to my place." Rei said.
Mamoru picked Usagi up and carried her to his car and took the drivers seat. He saw Rei pull something out "You still carry that with you?" Mamoru asked.
"I still don't leave the house without my communicator." Rei said and then into the communicator she said "Guys you there." He heard 3 rounds of startled yes' "Guys we found her. Meet us at the temple ASAP."

Makoto sat down reading a book enjoying the silence of her house. Now that she ran a bakery out of her house she never seemed to find any peace. And she nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the once familiar sound of her communicator. And her heart skipped a beat when she heard Rei say "Guys we found her."

Ami sat in her room reading a text book. She was going to be a doctor and it was hard work, even for Ami. She really didn't need to be studying though, she had spent the last 4 hours studying the same thing. Ami let out a scream when she heard a soft beeping sound. Ami searched through the piles and found what was making the annoying noise "Guys are you there?"
"I'm here."
"Guys we found her."

"Minako isn't that your communicator?" Artemis asked.
"Your right it is." Minako said. Minako quickly pulled apart her room to find the communicator and found it in enough to hear Rei talk. And then she heard the words "Guys we found her." Her could only be one person, her as in their princess. Her as in the princess, to be more precise who had disappeared 8 years ago.