Usagi reread the directions, looked at the numbers on the apartment door and pushed the buzzer.
"Usako…" Mamoru was obviously stunned to see Usagi at his door.
"Can I come in?" Usagi asked.
"Of course, come in." Mamoru stepped out of the way to let Usagi pass.
"I'm sorry to pop in like this. But I had to talk to you." Usagi insisted.
"It is a surprise." Mamoru admitted, "But definitely a good one. "So what can I do for you? You wouldn't just stop by if it was nothing."
"I'm leaving Seiya. I want us to get married. I made a mistake in marrying Seiya. And the last couple months since I first got here I have been fighting the urge to leave him. And I can't fight it anymore." Usagi's words sounded hollow to her ears but obviously they sounded convincing to Mamoru's.
Mamoru wrapped his arms around Usagi's waist and swung her around kissing her, "We are getting married! We have to tell everybody!"
"I have to explain it to my girls first." Usagi responded forcing out a cheerful laugh.
"Of course. Um who's going to get custody of them?" Mamoru asked.
"Seiya." Usagi replied, "I have to go back."
"So soon?" Mamoru asked.
"The girls need to get ready for bed and they wont go to bed if I am not there."
"Of course, they need their mama for as long as they have her."

When Usagi was in her car she let herself break down, it took half an hour to regain the strength and composure enough to drive.

"You're late Mommy." Laticia stated when Usagi walked in the door.
"Yeah Daddy was about to make up go to bed without a goodnight kiss." Maddie added.
"Well I'm here now, let's get you two tucked into bed." Usagi stated.
"Is something wrong Mommy?" Both girls asked at the same time.
"Why would anything be wrong darlings?" Usagi asked putting on her cheerful front, "Mommy's just tired, that's all. So we need to get you two to bed so I can get to bed too."
"OK Mommy." Both girls agreed.

"Long day?" Seiya asked rubbing Usagi's back as she sat down at her vanity.
"Yeah. Seiya we have to talk." Usagi stated.
"The worst sentence in the English, or in this case Japanese, language." Seiya joked, "So what's up baby?"
"I want a divorce." Usagi stated calmly.
"What?" Seiya asked as the blood fled his face, and he looked like he had been stabbed.
"I want a divorce." Usagi stated again trying to keep her voice as calm as before.
Seiya's mouth moved but no words came out, Usagi could feel Seiya's eyes searching her own looking straight into her soul.

"Have you seen Serenity I need to give her the shopping list." Michiru said sticking her head into Setsuna's office.
"I wouldn't talk to her just yet." Setsuna said softly.
"What's happening?" Michiru asked, "Something's happening I can feel it."
"Serenity's asking Seiya for a divorce."
"What?" Michiru asked stunned.
And Setsuna quietly explained what she had told Usagi earlier that day.
"Oh poor poor Serenity. She loves Seiya and those children more than life itself. I don't think she ever felt so much even for Mamoru-San."
Setsuna shook her head, "I don't think so either."

"No you don't." Seiya said shaking his head. "I don't know what you think you're doing but you don't want a divorce."
Usagi looked away, "Yes, Seiya I do want a divorce."
"No, you don't. Serenity what's going on?" Seiya asked quickly.
"Oh Seiya." Usagi cried fall into Seiya's embraced.
"Serenity what's going on?" Seiya asked quickly.
"Oh Seiya." Usagi cried fall into Seiya's embraced.
"Serenity what's going on?" Seiya repeated.
After Usagi explained Seiya asked, "Are you sure? Is Setsuna sure?"
"You know Setsuna's always sure about everything."
Seiya took a deep breath and nodded, "You're right. You have to do whatever you can to save the world."
Usagi took Seiya's hands and stepped back at arms length, and looked into Seiya's eyes, "You know I love you more than anything. But I have to save the world again."
Seiya dipped his head down and kissed Usagi passionately.

"Where's Mommy?" Laticia asked rubbing her eyes as she stepped into the kitchen.
Setsuna, Hotaru, Michiru and Haruka exchanged knowledgeable looks, "They are still in bed honey." Michiru responded.
"Can we go get them up?" Maddie asked joining her sister.
"Let them sleep." Haruka ordered gently.
"What's for breakfast Aunt Setsuna?" Laticia inquired.
"I think we are going to go to breakfast later." Michiru said shooting a sorrowful look at the other adults.
"Goodie!" The girls clapped.
"Mommy where are we going?" Laticia asked the instant Seiya and Usagi walked into the kitchen, Usagi had a duffel bag, and a suitcase in one hand, and Seiya had two suitcases in his hands.
Usagi bit her lip and knelt down in front of Maddie and Laticia, tears rolled down her cheeks and she had to fight against the lump in her throat as she spoke, "You're going back home. To New York."
"Yeah!" Maddie and Laticia clapped.
"Are we going to live in the same house?" Maddie asked.
"I don't know, I'm sure you and your daddy will be happy wherever it is that you live." Usagi pulled her daughter's into her arms in a tight hug.
But Maddie pulled away, "How long will it be before we see you again Mommy?"
Usagi took several ragged breaths, "I'm not going back to New York babies."
"What do you mean Mommy?" Laticia asked cocking her head slightly to the side.
"Mommy has some things that she needs to take care of here."
"How come you never ride the plane with us?" Maddie asked.
"Is it because we are to annoying?" Laticia asked tearing up.
"No, that's not why." Usagi said finding it harder than she ever would have thought to have this conversation with her daughters.
"So then when are you going to New York?" Maddie asked.
"I'm not Maddie." Usagi responded.
"So when are we coming back to Japan?" Laticia asked, it was obvious the twins were confused.
"You aren't coming back to Japan."
"Then when are we going to see you?" Laticia asked tears filling her eyes.
"You aren't." Usagi replied sobbing.
"Don't you love us anymore?" Maddie asked her own eyes flooding her eyes.
"I will always love you." Usagi stressed, "But when you are an adult you have to do things that you don't want to. But remember that I will always love you two, OK?"

Usagi was crying when half an hour later she slammed shut the trunk of her car, it had begun to drizzle and Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, Hotaru and Seiya stood holding Laticia and Maddie.
Usagi sniffed, touched her hand to her lips and blew a kiss towards her family. The 4 adults looked sad and Usagi could no longer see her twin daughter's faces, they had buried their tears stained faces into Seiya's shoulder.

Usagi had fixed her make-up and calmed her ragged breath by the time she pulled into Mamoru's apartment.
Usagi knocked on his door and when he pulled open the door he took Usagi into his arms and swung her around.
"I can't believe you came back to me." Mamoru murmured into Usagi's hair, and when Usagi broke down into tears he took them for tears of joy instead of sadness.

"It's a girl!" Ami announced.
"A girl!" Mamoru exclaimed.
"A girl." Usagi murmured.
"Here you go." Ami said cheerfully laying a baby wrapped in a pink blanket in Usagi's arms.
Usagi's breath caught in her throat as she stared at the baby with crimson colored eyes and pink colored curly tufts of hair. Usagi slightly recalled a cousin and an aunt of Seiya's at their wedding, both had long pink hair and crimson eyes that dominated their faces.
"I'm a father." Mamoru exclaimed.
Usagi remained quiet, she couldn't tell her husband that he wasn't the father of baby Chibi-Usa, this was to be Usagi's secret. The daughter of the one man Usagi truly loved.