OK, I don't now how I thought of this, but I was just watching TV one day, when I thought 'Hey! I know what would make a good Yu-Gi-Oh! story!' And then before I knew it, I came up with this plot. In case you didn't know, this story is based on an old story called 'The Prince and the Pauper'. You may have heard of it, since Disney (don't own!) did something like it with Mickey Mouse (don't own!). I know this story has already been done (and if you're the author of that version, I promise you I am NOT copying you!) but I thought I'd give it a go!

Anyway, I thought that since Yami and Yugi are so alike, why not do a story based on the Prince and the Pauper, but set it in ancient Egypt, thus giving you 'The pharaoh and the Pauper'! You have to admit it's a pretty good idea.

Anyway, this is my 2nd Yu-Gi-Oh! story, but it's the first one where I use the dumb names. And because I'm in such a good mood, I thought I'd post the first two chapters on the same day. I hope you like it!

Main characters:

Yugi- a peasant (16)

Yami- Pharaoh-to-be (i.e.Prince) Atemu (16)

Joey- a peasant and friend of Yugi's (16)

Tristan- a peasant and friend of Yugi's (16)

Téa- servant in palace and friend on Atemu's (16)

Seto- Priest (20)

Solomon- peasant and Yugi's grandfather

Ishizu- Priestess and friend of Atemu's

Warning: Sorry to all Seto fans but he is older in this story and I've made him the villain. I'm really sorry but he just seemed to fit in with the part! Also, there are hint's of Yugi x Téa in later chapters.



Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! and I do not own the Prince and the Pauper


The Pharaoh and the Pauper

Chapter 1: A Peasant called Yugi


"You heard him! Take him inside the palace!"

The guards grab both my arms so I can't escape. It doesn't make much difference though. I'm too exhausted from today's work to even think about escaping. As they take me into the Pharaoh's palace, I think to myself, why me? What have I done? Everything was so normal this morning, what did I do to the Gods to upset them? Why didn't they let me have my normal life, like yesterday? Yesterday was just a normal day, but today, everything changed…



He opened his eyes, letting the light awake him; some of his blonde bangs falling in front of his eyes. Yugi stretched and climbed out of his rickety bed, and walked over to where his grandfather lay, asleep. He placed his hand on top of his forehead, checking his temperature.

'He's hotter than yesterday, that must mean he's getting worse. I'd better go get some water.'

Yugi grabbed a pot from by the doorway, and made his way to the well. As he walked through the dusty streets of his home in Egypt, he thought about the days work ahead. Once again, he would be building more monuments for the Pharaoh and the priests. It wasn't easy, being a peasant in Egypt at the time of the great Pharaoh's, especially now that the Pharaoh Akunumkanon was ill. Since the great Pharaoh had been suddenly taken ill, the High Priest Seto Kaiba, instead of the Prince, had given out orders but Yugi knew that one day, things would get better.

As Yugi collected the water from the well, and filled up his clay pot, he looked around the small square. He could see all the other peasants waking up and preparing themselves for the day's work, just like himself.

Once Yugi had filled his pot with water, he made his way back to his small house/hut. As he walked through the door and made his way to the sleeping area, he grabbed a piece of old cloth and dunked it into the water.

As Yugi entered the bedroom, he saw that his grandfather was still asleep, breathing heavily. He pulled a stool over beside his bed and sat down. He then took the cloth out of the pot of water, squeezed out the excess water, and placed the cloth on his grandfather's head. Yugi sighed as he watched his grandfather sleep.

"I'll be home as soon as I can today grandpa," he said quietly.

Before he left, Yugi prepared some food for his grandfather and for himself. It wasn't much, just some fruit and some bread, but it was better than starving. He left the food by his grandfather's bed and left to go to work, along with the other peasants.

As Yugi made his way to the 'building site', he met up with his two best friends, Joey and Tristan. The two teens smiled at Yugi as they ran to catch up with him.

"Good morning guys!" he greeted when they finally caught up

"Mornin' Yugi!" Joey greeted back. "Did ya get a good sleep last night?"

"Yeah. I was so exhausted yesterday, I feel asleep as soon as grandpa did!"

"How is your grandpa anyway?" Tristan asked. "Is he getting any better?"

"Unfortunately no. I checked on his this morning, and he's getting worse. I try and help him as best I can, but I don't know what to do."

"Don't worry Yug'," Joey comforted, placing his hand on Yugi's shoulder. "You doing the best you can. I'm sure the Gods will see how hard you're working to help your grandpa and give you some sort of miracle."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Thanks guys."

The three teens soon arrived at the 'building site' and got straight to work, making sure that they worked hard so not to get punished by the guards. Today, they were on brick duty, meaning that it was up to them to make the small bricks from mud and straw, that were used for buildings in the richer part of the city, such as the palace.

The sun shone down on the backs of the peasants as they worked that day. It was hard work, working in the desert, but fortunately, they were allowed short breaks to rest in the shade and to drink water to keep themselves hydrated.

Our three favourite teens worked hard, collecting the mixture for the bricks and putting them into the moulds, letting them dry out in the sun. As Yugi worked, his thoughts were on his grandfather. He was worrying about him more than ever. He quietly prayed to the Gods that they would help his grandfather recover.

At sunset, the peasants were allowed home. They were pleased that the day's work was done, but they knew that they had to do it all again tomorrow. Before Yugi left, he looked up at the palace. The sight of it as the sun set behind it was enough to take your breath away, but not Yugi. As he looked at the magnificent building in the distance, he wondered what it would be like to live there, never worrying about starving, never worrying about being punished by a whip if you made a mistake, never worrying about becoming dangerously ill, since they had highly skilled doctors and medicine people in the palace.

Yugi sighed. He had to get home to his grandfather. He said goodbye to Joey and Tristan, and quickly made his way home.


"Grandpa! What are you doing!"

Yugi had arrived home very quickly, only to find that his grandfather was standing up, trying to walk. Unfortunately, he was too weak, and had gotten as far and the doorway of their bedroom, before finding that he couldn't go any further.

Yugi rushed over to him and placed an arm around him. Solomon leaned on his grandson and let him help him back into bed.

"I just wanted…to get…some water…" Solomon told his grandson weakly. He didn't have as much energy as he had hoped, and was finding it hard to talk.

"I'll get some water for you grandpa." Yugi helped his grandfather into bed. "I'll get us some food too."

In no time at all, Yugi walked back into the room with a large pot full of drinking water with two clay cups, and a small plate of food. The plate contained more fruit and bread, along with a few other things. Being a peasant, you couldn't afford much food, but Yugi and grandfather managed to survive on what they had.

Yugi poured some water into the two cups, then helped his grandfather sit up, before handing him the water. Then, the two Moto's ate their evening meal together, happy to be in each other's company. Once they were finished, Yugi helped his grandfather lay down in bed. Solomon soon fell asleep. Once Yugi was sure that he was, he took the plate and cups, and made his way to where the River Nile ran near his home. It wasn't a long journey, since the river ran near the well.

Once Yugi arrived, he saw that no one else was around. Strange, the river is usually busy after the sun had set with people bathing themselves after a hard days work. Yugi pushed the thought to the back of his head, and quickly washed the cups and plate in the cold, clean water. Once he was done, he decided that he would clean himself in the rivers water. After all, he was sweaty and dirty from the days work.

Yugi slipped off his tunic, and climbed into the water, letting the water flow over his body. He stayed there for only a few minutes, watching the stars above him, before realising that he had to get back. He climbed out the water, putting his tunic back on, then collected the cups and plate before making his way back to his home.

When he arrived, he put the cups and plate away, then, yawning, decided to turn in for the night. He walked into the room he and his grandfather slept in, crawled into his rickety bed and fell asleep, but not before he prayed to the Gods to help his grandfather.

The end to another normal day.


The next day, Yugi was awakened by the sun, as usual. He rose, stretching, and went through his normal routine: checking on his grandfather, collecting water from the well, preparing food for himself and his grandfather, before leaving for work.

As usual, whilst he was on his way to work, he met up with Tristan and Joey.

"Hey Yugi," Joey said after their usual greetings, "did you hear what happened?"

"No, what?" Yugi replied, curious.

"Well, apparently there was a shadow game near the palace last night, and the monsters that were summoned did some major damage to one of the buildings."

'That explains why there wasn't anyone at the river last night. They must've gone to watch the fight.'

"And that's now all," Tristan spoke, interrupting Joey. "Now, the guards are getting some of us to go and fix the building."

"Near the palace?" Yugi asked


"But we can't! That's not our area. Besides, if you work there, you're whipped for the tiniest mistake. We can't go there!"

"We know," said Joey as they entered the 'building site'. "Lets just hope that none of us do."

"Hey! You with the weird, spiky hair!" a voice called out.

Yugi, Joey and Tristan turned around to see and guard walking towards them. Yugi swallowed, hard.

"Me, sir?" he asked

"Yes you!" The guard answered angrily. Peasants could be so dumb. He grabbed Yugi's cloths and pulled him over to where he had gathered some of the peasants. "You're going to help rebuild something just outside the palace with these other peasants. No move!"

The guard pushed Yugi towards the other peasants. Yugi stumbled, but soon regained his footing. He then turned and followed the other peasants to the palace. He knew that today was going to be different.

"Yugi!" Joey called and he began to walk away.

Yugi turned around and smiled at his friends.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine!" He then turned around again and started to walk towards the palace, leaving his friends behind.


"You lowly peasant! Why aren't you working faster like I ordered! You need to be punished. Hit him!"

Yugi cringed as the whip collided with his back. He had done nothing wrong, but the guards insisted that he had. Things were going so well until now. When he had arrived, he had seen the damage from the shadow game, and got quickly to work. He worked hard and never made a mistake. He was tired and dehydrated, but he didn't let that stop him. But as the sun travelled across the sky, turning morning into after noon, he found himself becoming more and more exhausted.

In the middle of the afternoon, the High Priest Seto had come out to inspect the work, and he was not happy. He said that the peasants were too slow and they had to work faster. Yugi tried to do as the Priest said, but he was too tired. He hadn't had anything to eat or drink since the morning, and the sun was burning down on him, hotter than ever. When the Priest saw that he wasn't working hard enough, he had called over to one of the guards and had ordered him to be punished.

Yugi cried out as the whip hit him again. He felt tears beginning to form in his eyes. Why him? What had he done to upset the Gods?

"Stop!" the Priest ordered, as the guard was about to hit him again. He looked down at Yugi. 'Strange. How can this peasant look so much like the Prince? It's impossible. Then again, I can take out my anger that was aimed at that idiotic Prince, on this worthless peasant.'

"Now, will you do as you're told and work faster?" Seto asked Yugi, as he saw that he was struggling to get up.

"I'll…I'll try…sir…" Yugi said weakly as he finally stood up.

"You'll try?" Seto said, outraged. "You won't try, you will! It seems I'll have to teach you a lesson myself!"

Seto took out the Millennium Rod and held it above his head. Yugi looked up at it, scared. Priest Seto was the bearer of one the seven Millennium items, the most powerful items ever to have existed. He was in for it now. The eye on the front of the rod was glowing brighter and brighter. Yugi felt himself being pulled into another world…the shadow world…


Yugi collapsed onto his hands and knees on the floor, panting. 'That was a close one. I was almost trapped in the shadow world for good. But, who was that who saved me?'

Seto growled and looked up at the saw of the voice. He cursed when he was who it was. There were a good distance away, standing on a small balcony in the palace, but Seto could tell who it was from their voice, and their hair.

"What is going on here?" The voice demanded. Seto straightened up slightly, and put the Millennium rod behind his back.

"I was just teaching this peasant a lesson," Seto called back.

"By sending him to the shadow realm?" The deep voice called back. Yugi noticed that the voice sounded a bit like his, only slightly deeper. Who was this person? "Priest Seto I will not let you treat an innocent person like this! Send him up to my chamber!"

"What!" Seto was both outraged and shocked at once. Peasants were not allowed into the palace unless they had come to ask the Pharaoh for guidance. Why did they want a peasant in their chamber? It was unheard of.

"You heard me," the voice called again. "Send the peasant to my chamber at once!"

Seto growled again, then called over to the two nearest guards.

"You heard him! Take him inside the palace!"

The two guards grabbed Yugi's arms, making sure that he couldn't escape. It didn't matter, Yugi was too tired to walk, yet alone escape. As the guards took him inside the palace, he couldn't help but think why him?…

And what was going to happen to him next?


To be continued


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