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The Pharaoh And The Pauper

Chapter 12: A New Pharaoh, Part 3


"Hold on Yugi, just hold on," Atemu said reassuringly, seeing the fear in Yugi's eyes. "Everything will be all right-"

"That's what you think!" laughed one the guards.

Atemu looked up at the guard who had spoken just in time to see him charging at him. Fearing the worse, he held up his arm in front of his face to protect him from the blow…

There was a small 'thud' followed by a groan, then a louder 'thud' than the first. Not feeling any pain what-so-ever and not sensing a blow, Atemu slowly opened his eyes and moved his arm down, only to see a very unexpected sight.

"Joey? Tristan?" Atemu called the names of the two teenagers standing in front of him and Yugi. A few of the guards lay on the floor, unconscious.

"Sorry we're late!" Joey said, moving into his fighting stance.

Yugi looked up at the sound of his best friend's voice. He blinked at the sight of his friends, unable to believe his eyes. Joey and Tristan were standing right there, in front of him. But how did they get there? What are they doing here?

Suddenly, Yugi felt someone remove his hand from his injury. He quickly turned to look at the new person at his side. He was greeted by calm, gentle blue eyes, belonging to a certain Priest.

"Ishizu?" Yugi asked.

"Don't move Yugi," Ishizu said gently but sternly. "I need to wrap this wound before it gets infected."

Ishizu quickly tore a strip of cloth from the end of her dress, and wrapped it around Yugi's wound, stopping the bleeding as best she could. Whilst she was doing this, Joey and Tristan charged at the guards before them, throwing punches and kicks to all parts of their bodies and causing all kinds of injuries. As they continued to fight, Ishizu gently tied the cloth in a knot to stop it from falling.

"There, that should do it. Are you injured anywhere else?"

"No," Yugi answered. "I think I'm OK."

"And what about you Atemu? Are you injured at all?" Ishizu asked the Prince.

"No, I'm fine…" Atemu answered, distracted by Joey and Tristan's fight against Seto's guards. "Yugi pushed me out of the way just in time…" Suddenly, the realisation of Yugi's actions hit his mind like a tone of bricks. He dragged his eyes away from the fight to look at Yugi, a surprised look on his face. "You pushed me out the way…"

"Uh huh," Yugi said, a small smile on his face.

"You risked your life to save me…"

"I wouldn't do anything less for a friend."

"Speaking of friends," spoke a voice, slightly out of breath. Yugi looked up to see a tired Joey looking down at him, Tristan as his side. They both had a few scraps and bruises, but had no major injuries. Behind them, Seto's guards lay either unconscious or dead on the floor. "It's good to finally see you again bud!"

"It's good to see you too Joey," said Yugi happily. "And you too Tristan."

"Long time no see Yugi!" Tristan said happily. Yugi laughed.

"What are you guys doing here anyway?" Yugi asked.

"Well, we heard that you'd been taken captive by Priest Seto," Joey started.

Tristan continued "And Atemu went with the servant girl Téa," Yugi felt a pang in his heart, "to try and rescue you."

"Naturally, we were worried. And when no one came back for almost a day, we decided to go after you and see what was going on..."

"When we got to the palace, we saw the guards and the executioner. We knocked him and one of the guards unconscious and entered the palace, disguised as them. That's when we found Atemu and Ishizu in the dungeon. We set them free, then split up to find you…"

"After I split up from Atemu, I ran through the corridors for a while 'til I bumped into Ishizu and Tristan. Together we managed to get to the hall just in time," Joey finished.

"You can say that again," Yugi laughed lightly. He looked up at his friends, admiration in his eyes. "Thank you…all of you…"

"We wouldn't do anything less for a friend," Joey said, smiling.

"Sorry to interrupt this touching reunion," Seto's sarcastic voice echoed through the hall. The gang looked around desperately for the source of his voice, for he had disappeared from behind the throne. "But I think you're forgetting about something…"

Suddenly, Joey spotted him on the other side of the hall, near the entrance. He pointed him out to the others.

"…namely me." Seto smirked. In his right hand the Millennium Rod radiated a golden light as it's powers were being put to use. With his left arm, Seto held a figure of a person in a headlock. He used the Millennium Rod to make sure they didn't escape.

"TÉA!" Yugi and Atemu yelled upon seeing the figure to be Téa. Her body glowed as the Millennium Rod's power was used to weaken her, stealing her energy and keeping her from escaping. The look on her face showed nothing but pain, and it broke Yugi's heart.

Téa somehow found the strength to open one of her eyes and look up at the people in front of her. Her gaze fell on the one person she cared about the most…

"…Yu…gi…" she muttered. Her energy was disappearing fast.

Yugi heard Téa's words, but only barely, and began to lose control of his emotions. He clenched his fists in rage. It was his fault Téa was in this mess, and it was up to him to save her.

"Téa!" Yugi cried out. He ran down the steps, ignoring the pain in his arm, heading towards where Seto stood.

"Yugi! Wait!" Atemu cried and started to make his way after Yugi.

"Hold it right there!" Seto warned, bringing the Millennium Rod up to Téa's face. Yugi instantly stopped in the middle of the hall, and Atemu stopped on the steps that led down from the throne.

"One more step, and this servant is going straight to the Shadow Realm." Priest Seto brought the Rod right up to Téa's face and dug the tip of the wing shapes at the top into her cheek. One of the sharp tips pierced her skin, and a drop of blood slowly feel down her cheek like a tear drop.

"Seto, you bastard!" Yugi yelled, his anger spinning out of control. "Let her go right now! She's done nothing to you!"

"I'm the one you want, Seto," Atemu shouted, his anger almost as uncontrollable as Yugi's. "Leave my friends out of this."

"Too late for that, Atemu," Seto yelled back. "You're all involved now. Even those two dorks beside the pathetic Priestess."

"HEY!" Joey and Tristan bellowed in outrage. Ishizu merely growled under her breath.

Seto ignored them and continued. "You're all involved in this war now, whether you like it or not! You'll all pay for defending this pathetic excuse for a Prince and his family. I'll make sure you'll pay, starting with this bitch and her 'lover boy' Yugi!"

Yugi growled loudly. "You won't get away with this Seto! I'll kill you for what you've done!"

Joey, Tristan and Atemu looked down at their friend. Not one of them had ever seen him this mad before in their entire lives. It was as if Yugi had a different side to himself, one they'd never seen before. To be honest, it was scary.

'He's just like me,' thought Atemu. 'I'm like that whenever my emotions become out of control. Yugi is just like me, in both looks and personality…'

Seto reacted merely by laughing evilly. "I'd like to see you try…"

Before Yugi could react, the Millennium Rod's eerie glow suddenly became brighter. The aura and power around Téa increased, and she screamed as the Rod began to take away her energy.

"Don't even think about it Yugi!" Seto shouted, seeing Yugi's foot step forward. "If any of you take another step, Téa dies!"

"Shit…" Yugi cursed under his breath. He was stuck like a rat in a cage, unable to do anything to save Téa.

"Seto! Stop it!" Atemu screamed. The symbol on the Millennium Puzzle began to glow again, and the Eye of Ra was beginning to appear on his forehead. "You're killing her!"

"That's the idea, you fool! And don't think you have a chance of stopping me! You don't even know how to use the power of your Millennium Item. And Ishizu's is too weak compared to mine. I am the only one that knows how to use the true power of the Millennium Items, and I'm going to use it RIGHT NOW!"

"What d'you mean?" Joey demanded.

"I know," Ishizu said in a quiet voice.

Atemu, Joey and Tristan turned to face her. Yugi looked up from where he stood at the others, only just able to hear what they were saying.

"You do!" Tristan asked urgently.

"Unfortunately, yes." The colour was disappearing from Ishizu's face. "He's going to summon his guardian."

"Guardian?" Joey and Tristan asked in unison.

"Oh no, not that!" Atemu gasped in horror. Joey and Tristan turned to face him for an explanation. "He's going to summon the monster that was sent to guard him and the Millennium Rod; his guardian. The monsters that are our guardians cannot last in our world for long since they dwell in the Shadow Realm. But when they are needed the Keepers of the Millennium Items use their Items, along with human energy, to summon the monsters from the Shadow Realm.

"Everyone with a Millennium Item has a guardian of some sort, depending on the power of the Item. Ishizu's monster is the Mystical Elf. I do not know the creature that is destined to protect me and the Millennium Puzzle. I only know that the puzzle is an exception, since it can also control the Gods of Egypt…"

"Atemu!" Yugi called from the middle of the hall. He could just barely hear Atemu's description of the Millennium Item's Guardians. "Is Seto using Téa's energy to summon this creature?"

Atemu looked sadly at Yugi. "Unfortunately, yes…"

"And what creature is he summoning?"

"You fool, he doesn't know!" Laughed Seto. "He has never seen my guardian. The creature that I am summoning is know as the Blue Eyes White Dragon!"

Atemu's pupil's shrank in his eyes, his blood ran cold, the colour disappeared from his face. Ishizu felt a chill run down her spine. Yugi, Joey and Tristan could only gasp.

"B-Blue Eyes…White D-Dragon!" Yugi stuttered in fear. Although he was only a peasant, even he had heard about the Blue Eyes White Dragon. It was known as one of the most powerful monsters to have ever existed in the land of Egypt. It was one of the most destructive monsters the world had ever seen.

Téa screamed out again as more of her energy was stolen from her body, being absorbed and stored in Seto's Millennium Rod. The pain she felt now was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. As each second past, she felt herself coming ever closer to death.

Suddenly, without warning, the aura around Téa disappeared, and Seto threw her weak body to the ground. She landed a few metres away from where he stood and rolled on the ground a few metres, until she was now closer to Yugi that she was to Seto. As her limp body lay on the ground, Priest Seto began to chant an ancient spell, the Millennium Rod's light increasing with every word.

"Téa!" Yugi cried, rushing forward to the limp body on the floor. He fell to his knees and placed Téa's head gently on his lap. "Téa! Wake up! Please wake up!"

Giving a small groan, Téa slowly opened her eyes as best she could. She felt weak, her energy drained, but seeing Yugi before her gave her the strength she need to sit up.

"Yugi…" she spoke gently, tears in her eyes. She suddenly embraced him, holding him tight. Yugi was a little taken aback by this sudden action, but he soon relaxed and held her tight.

"It's all right Téa," he soothed. "I'm here. I won't let anything happen to you."

"Yugi! Téa!" Atemu's voice called. Yugi and Téa let go of each other slightly and looked up towards the throne. Atemu, Joey, Tristan and Ishizu were starting to make their way down the steps towards them. "Are you two all-"

"Not so fast!" Seto bellowed.

He pointed his Rod in the direction of Atemu and the others. An invisible wave shot out of the Item, sending a shock wave through the hall. Atemu and the others were knocked back a few feet, but managed to regain their footing. Unfortunately, when they tried to get to Yugi and Téa, they found they couldn't. Seto has created an invisible wall to cut them off from each other. No one could get through, no matter how hard they tried.

"Yugi! Téa!" The others shouted in panic. They punched, kicked, rammed, even head butted the invisible wall (leaving Joey with nothing but a sore head). But it was no use. They couldn't break through. The Millennium Rod was too powerful.

"Don't look so angry, my Prince," Seto mocked an angry Atemu. He held his Item above his head. "It'll be your turn to die soon enough."

A small gleam of light shot out of the eye on the Millennium Rod, and a large stone tablet suddenly rose out of the floor behind the Priest. Engraved on this tablet, was an image of the Blue Eyes White Dragon.

"Magic powers here my cry," Seto began. "Unleash the monster trapped inside…"

As Seto said the chant, the image of the Blue Eyes began to glow, and rays of light shot out in varies directions into the hall. Yugi shifted his position on the floor slightly so he was now in front of Téa.

The Millennium Rod's light was almost blinding now, as the energy stolen from Téa was being transferred into the stone tablet where the Blue Eyes was trapped. The carving too began to glow as the energy was received. Atemu and the others could only watch in horror as Seto completed the ceremony.

"Now I summon, the Blue Eyes White Dragon!"

Suddenly, the stone tablet burst open, spilling rubble everywhere in the hall. There was an almighty roar, before a large and powerful dragon appeared out of the light and rubble behind Priest Seto. The dragon's scales were white, tinted blue where the light did not reach. It's piercing blue eyes scanned the room as it flapped it's colossal wings to stay hovering in the air. Seto's evil laughter could only just be heard over the dragon's second roar.

Yugi suddenly stood up in front of Téa, knowing what Seto was planning to do next. Téa, still kneeling on the floor, could only look up at him in confusion.

"Yugi!" she cried. "What are you doing?"

"Protecting you," Yugi answered. "What does it look like?"

"Yugi, don't! I don't want you to get hurt because of me-"

"And I don't want you to get hurt either. I care too much about you to let Seto hurt you."

Téa looked up at Yugi with surprise. "Yugi…"

"Yugi!" Joey called to his friend from the other side of the invisible wall.

"Téa!" Ishizu called to the young girl, panic in her voice.

"What are you doing!" Tristan yelled.

"Get out of there!" Atemu cried, his emotions running high. He could feel tears burning in the corner of his eyes. "Please Yugi! Run!"

But not matter how hard they tried to convince them, Yugi and Téa would not move. How could they? They were trapped with no where to go.

'This is all my fault,' Atemu thought sadly. 'Because of me, my only friends will die, and Egypt will be plagued into darkness!' He punched the floor in frustration. 'If only I knew how to use the Millennium Puzzle. Then I could save them, and destroy Seto once and for all!'

"And now," Seto said in an excited whisper. "Blue Eyes White Dragon, prepare to attack…"

Blue Eyes White Dragon slowly opened his mouth. A power electric ball began to form at the back of his mouth.

Yugi felt his body stiffen in fear as he stared into the mouth of the most powerful dragon to have ever existed. But he did not run. He would protect Téa at all costs…even if it meant sacrificing himself…

"Yugi, please!" Téa pleaded. "Don't do this!"

"I have to Téa," Yugi answered back. "I love you too much to let Seto kill you. If I let that happen, I would never forgive myself."

Téa's expression transformed from anxiousness to determination in a blink of an eye. Reaching up, he grabbed hold of Yugi's hand and pulled him down next to her. Not expecting the sudden action, Yugi fell to his knees very easily. Their faces were only inches apart, but both were too preoccupied to notice the other blushing.

"And I would never forgive myself if you died," Téa said, her voice breaking slightly due to her emotions. "I care about you Yugi, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. If I can't do that in this life, then I'll do it in the next life."

Yugi's eyes widened. "Téa…you…you really mean that?"

Téa nodded. "I love you Yugi, and I want to be with you for an eternity, whether it be in this life or the next one."

Yugi couldn't help but smile. He reached forward and cupped Téa's cheeks in his hand, careful not to touch the place where the Millennium Rod had dug into her skin.

"I love you too Téa, and I feel exactly the same way. If we can't be together here on Earth, then let us be together in the afterlife, for all eternity."

Ignoring the events that were happening around them, Yugi and Téa closed the gap between them, placing their lips gently on top of one another. As they kissed passionately, a few tears of both joy and sadness escaped both their eyes.

"Yugi…Téa…" Atemu could only admire the couple's courage shown before him. Even in the face of danger, they had the courage to admit their true feelings to one another. A spark of hope and determination came to life in his heart. He wanted to protect their love. He wanted to protect his friends, not matter what the cost.

"Now my dragon," Seto ordered. "ATTACK WITH WHITE LIGHTNING!"

Seto's Dragon opened his mouth fully, sending the powerful electric ball in his mouth flying towards the young couple on the floor. Yugi and Téa held onto one another as close as they could, waiting for the Blue Eyes White Dragons attack to hit them. Soon, it would all be over…

As the attack came closer and closer, Atemu punched the invisible wall.

'This cannot be happening. I won't let it happen. I won't let my friends down…I won't…I won't!…'

"I WON'T!" Atemu yelled into the air, clenching his fists.

Suddenly, reacting to Atemu's emotions, the Millennium Puzzle burst into life, filling the room with a bright and powerful golden light. The massive amount of energy was strong enough to destroy the Blue Eyes attack. The gold light grew brighter and brighter, blinding everyone in the room. Joey, Tristan and Ishizu yelled out as the light became to bright and shielded their eyes to protect them.

"What's going on!" Seto demanded. He too tried to shield himself from the ever increasing light. His Blue Eyes White Dragon gave a roar, fearful of the power they were now experiencing.

Yugi closed his eyes tight and held onto Téa as they pressed their bodies closer together. He tried his best to protect her eyes as well as his own. He sensed something appear before him, but was too preoccupied with protecting Téa and himself to care at that moment.

'What…what's going on?' The thoughts rushed through his head. 'This power…what is it? I've never seen anything like it…'

All of a sudden, the light disappeared. Slowly, everyone opened their sore eyes and looked around the hall. What they saw next was something none of them had expected to see…

Yugi let out a loud gasp at the sight that now stood before him. He felt Téa move in his arms and looked down at her. She blinked up at him a few times as her eyes adjusted to the new level of light in the room.

"Yugi, what happened?" she asked.

Yugi merely answer by looking up at something behind Téa's back. Blinking, Téa sat up and looked behind her, gasping at the sight she now saw.

Hovering a few feet in front of them was a human shaped monster that looked almost like a man. He was dressed in deep, rich purple robes, complete with matching headdress. In his hands he held a long staff, with a large green jewel encrusted at the top. His dark eyes stared at nothing but the enemy before him, and his purple hair was just visible under his hat.

"What is that?" Téa asked, a little fearful.

"I don't know…" Yugi answer. Suddenly remembering Atemu's yell, he looked behind him at the others.

"Atemu!" he cried in astonishment when he saw his friend.

The others were all staring at Atemu with wide eyes and surprised expressions. The symbol on the Millennium Puzzle was still glowing, as was the Item itself. The Eye of Ra was once again glowing on Atemu's forehead. Atemu himself was surrounded by the familiar golden glow of the power of the Millennium Items. He was staring at Seto on the other side of the room. His expression was one of hope and determination.

"It's…it's not possible…"Seto said fearfully. His body began to shake.

On the other side of the hall, Joey, Tristan and Ishizu were staring at both Atemu and the new monster in admiration.

"I don't believe it," Ishizu gasped. "Atemu figured out how to use the power of his Millennium Puzzle. He's summoned his guardian monster…The Dark Magician…"

"Dark Magician?" Joey questioned. He looked up at the new monster. "Wow, he looks powerful."

"You think he can beat Seto's dragon?" Tristan asked nervously.

"Let us find out…" Ishizu said mysteriously.

"Seto!" Atemu suddenly yelled. "How dare you try and hurt the people I care about. How dare you mock my family like a joke! It's about time I show you why my family has the crown and are the true rulers of Egypt. It's time we ended this war between our families once and for all!"

Seto quickly recovered from his shock, and felt the anger coming back to his heart.

"You're absolutely right!" he shouted back. "This attack will be the final battle. The one who wins this will truly be the best."


"And when I win," Seto sneered, "I'll finally be able to kill you and HAVE MY REVENGE!"

"We'll just see about that!" Atemu yelled. He held his hand up towards his monster. "Dark Magician, show him the true power of the Millennium Puzzle."

The Dark Magician flew forward towards the Blue Eyes White Dragon.



The two monsters launched their attacks at one another, each one as powerful as the other. The two blasts meet, forming a large ball of power. As the two attacks collided, the hall was once again filled with a blinding and powerful light. Once again everyone in the room covered their eyes to protect them from the intense light.

Seto cursed under his breath as he watched his Blue Eyes White Dragon disappearing in the light. Atemu's Dark Magician was disappearing too.

"This isn't over Atemu!" he shouted into the light. "I will be back, and I will have my revenge!"

And as the Blue Eyes White Dragon disappeared completely, Priest Seto too disappeared from the hall, taking the Millennium Rod with him.

Atemu stood and watched as his Dark Magician also disappeared into the light, going back to the Shadow Realm. The light from the attacks soon vanished, leaving the gang alone in the hall.

The Millennium Puzzle gave out one more burst of light, destroying the invisible wall created by Seto, before it dyed away completely. The Eye of Ra on Atemu's head disappeared, leaving no evidence of it ever being there. Atemu stood there for a moment, staring at nothing, before the consequences of the battle caught up with his body. Using the Millennium Puzzle had used up a lot of the Prince's energy. He feel to his knees, feeling weak but proud.

"Atemu!" Joey, Tristan and Ishizu called, rushing to his side.

Ishizu knelt down next to him and placed a gently hand in his shoulder. "Are you all right?"

Atemu smiled up at them all. "I'm fine. Just a little tired."

"That's a relief," Joey sighed.

"Atemu," Ishizu spoke seriously. "You finally figured out how to use the Millennium Puzzle, and you did it all by yourself. Your father would be very proud."

"Thank you…"

"Hey! Atemu!" Yugi called from the middle of the hall. Atemu looked up at his friend and saw the worry on his face. "Are you OK? Are you hurt?"

Atemu had to laugh at how worried Yugi was. He really did have a big heart. "I'm fine Yugi. I'm just a little tired from using the Millennium Puzzle for the first time, but I'll be fine. Are you and Téa OK?"

"Yes, we're fine," Yugi called back. He smiled proudly up at the Prince. "Thank you for saving us. You're a true friend and a real hero."

Atemu blushed at the comment, but smiled back. "Thank you Yugi…"

"You know Yugi," said an angelic voice. Yugi looked down at Téa. "He's not the only hero around here."

"Oh?" Yugi said curiously.

Téa sat up slightly and slipped her arms around Yugi's neck. "Uh huh." She brought her head up so their faces were only inches apart. Their breath felt warm on each other's faces. "You risked your life to save me. And not only that, you admitted your true feelings for me when everything seemed lost. That took a lot of courage."

"It did?" Yugi asked.

Téa nodded, but let her smile fall. "You…you did mean what you said right? About wanting to be with me forever?"

Yugi simply answered Téa's question my placing his lips gently on top of hers, giving her a gentle but passionate kiss. When they broke apart, he spoke gently.

"Of course I did, Téa. I love you and I want to be with you for eternity, in both this life and the next."

Téa smiled before kissing Yugi again. They broke apart when Joey starting shouting at them.

"C'mon you two love birds! We've got a crowning ceremony to go to!"


"And now," Priest Ishizu announced. "With the Mighty Gods of Egypt watching over us, and with the people of Egypt gathered in our presence, I now place this crown on the head of our new Pharaoh. May he rein us well, Pharaoh Atemu!"

Ishizu placed the crown on top of Atemu's head, and bowed before him. There was an eruption of shouts and cheers as the people of Egypt looked up at the balcony where Atemu stood, cheering at their new Pharaoh. Atemu tilted the crown slightly with his hands, so that it fitted better on his head, before waving to his people below him. As he waved to them, he felt proud and happy to wear the crown and Millennium Item his father before him had used. He felt his father's presence next to him and tried to hold back his tear of joy. He couldn't stop beaming as the happy crowd cheered at him…

"Phar-aoh! Phar-aoh!" They shouted, smiling and waving.

Atemu laughed happily at their happiness, continuing to wave to them from the balcony. The battle between the Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon had caused a bit of damage to the main hall, so it had been decided that the crowning ceremony would take place outside on the balcony where everyone could see, even though the sun had already set. The feast would still be held in the hall later on, but they would have to avoid all the holes and dents in the floor.

As Pharaoh Atemu was absorbing the crowd's happiness, his friends stood a little way back, at the back of the balcony, and smiled at him. They all felt proud be Atemu's friend at that moment, as he accepted his destiny of being Pharaoh. They all new he would be one of the greatest Pharaoh's Egypt will ever see. He truly looked like a Pharaoh with the crown placed on his head, his attire now that of a powerful Pharaoh, and the Millennium Puzzle around his neck, almost glowing as if it was reacting to Atemu's happiness.

After the battle between Priest Seto and Atemu, Ishizu had made sure everyone had gotten changed out of their dirty clothes so they looked presentable for the ceremony. Téa had borrowed a clean dress from Ishizu, Joey and Tristan had managed to borrow some clean tunics from some of the male servants. Yugi on the other hand, had been offered some of Atemu's clothes (by Atemu himself) and had gladly accepted them. Although they weren't as rich as the ones Atemu wore now, they were still beautiful, and Yugi was grateful Atemu had given them to him. And this time, he didn't have to wear an itchy cloak around his neck (though he was still a little ashamed of his scars).

As Yugi continued to watch his friend getting used to life as a Pharaoh, he just couldn't bring himself to smile. Oh, he was smiling (sort of), but it wasn't a true smile. He was only smiling to make Atemu happy. The truth was, something was bothering him. Something that had been in his mind throughout the entire adventure…


Joey had assured Yugi that his grandfather was OK, and Serenity was currently looking after him, but Yugi still worried. He hadn't seen his grandfather in almost a week. He had no idea if his illness had gone yet, or whether he had gotten worse. He really wanted to go home and see him, but he couldn't leave when Atemu needed him. His heart was torn in two, divided by two loyalties…

Téa sensed in her heart that something was bothering Yugi. The fact that he wasn't telling her hurt her a little bit. Wanting to help him, she placed a gentle hand on he shoulder and looked into his eyes.

"Yugi, are you OK?" she asked gently and quietly, so no one else heard them. "Is something bothering you?"

Yugi looked into Téa's eyes and sighed. He could never hide anything from someone with innocent eyes like hers.

"The truth is Téa," he said sadly, "I'm worried about my grandpa. I haven't seen him in almost a week, and I have no idea whether he's OK or not."

"But your friend with the blonde hair…I think his name was Joey…he said your grandpa's OK, and his little sister's looking after him, right?"

"Yeah, Joey said that. But I still can't shake of this feeling in my heart. He's the only family I've got left, and if he dies now, I don't know what I'll do…"

A few tears formed in the corner of Yugi's eyes. Seeing this, Téa gently brought up her hand and wiped them away with her finger.

"Yugi, you shouldn't think like that," she said gently but firmly. She placed her hand on Yugi's heart. "Your grandpa is still alive, because you can feel him in your heart. I know you said that it's doubt, but it's not. What you're feeling is your love for your grandpa. As long as that is still there, your grandpa is still alive. You just have to have faith."

Yugi looked into Téa's eyes once again, moved by her speech, before turning away.

"I hope you're right…"

Téa tried to comfort Yugi by doing the only thing she could think of; enveloping him in a small hug. As they held onto each other, they didn't realise they were being watched…

Atemu looked at Yugi and saw the pain in his eyes. He knew exactly what Yugi was thinking of…or rather, who. After all, he had lived as Yugi for a week. No one (apart from Joey and Tristan) knew him better.

'Yugi's done so much for me this past week,' he thought. 'I must do something to help him.'

He indicated for Ishizu to come over. Ishizu followed the instruction, bowing before the Pharaoh. She remained in that position as Atemu whispered into her ear…

"Priestess Ishizu, I have a small mission for you…"


"Yugi, is something bothering you?" Atemu asked, looking down at his friend from his throne.

Now that the ceremony was over, it was time for the grand feast. Everyone had come inside the Great Hall and sat down on the pillows placed out on the ground, and had already begun to eat and drink the food and wine brought to them by the servants. As they ate, music was played on flutes and drums in the background, whilst dancers entertained the crowd. Since Atemu was now the Pharaoh, he had had to sit in his throne at the top of the steps. He had ordered pillows to be brought up to the small platform around the throne so that Yugi, Joey, Tristan and Téa (the other servants were not too happy with this) could join him. After all, he may be Pharaoh, but he still wanted to be with his friends.

Yugi looked up at Atemu and put on a fake smile.

"No! Of course not!" he said with a fake happiness, waving his hands in the air. "Nothing's wrong! Why would you say such a thing?"

Atemu folded his arms across his chest and gave Yugi his infamous I-know-you're-lying-so-cut-the-crap-and-tell-the-truth look, giving a small groan of impatience. Yugi sweat dropped laughed nervously, before stopping and lowering his head. The smile instantly vanished from his face.

He sighed heavily before speaking. "The truth is Pharaoh-"

"Yugi, you can still call me Atemu," Atemu interrupted. "We are still friends, aren't we?"

"Yes! Of course we're friends Atemu! It's just that…well…I'm worried about my grandpa. I…I want to go and see if he's OK…"

"Why don't you go and see him then?" Atemu asked. "You don't have to stay here if you don't want to-"

"No!" Yugi protested. "I do want to be here Atemu, really I do. What kind of friend would I be if I just left?" Yugi sighed heavily again. "I just wish grandpa could be here with me…"

"You know Yugi," a friendly voice said behind him. "You should be careful what you wish for..."

At the sound of the familiar voice, Yugi's eyes widened in surprise. He jumped up and turned around. His heart gave a jump as his eyes meet those exactly like his own, belonging to an old man that looked like an older version of Yugi.

"…It may just come true," Solomon Moto finished off with a smile.

"G-Grandpa…" Yugi said in a shocked whisper. "Y-You're here?"

Solomon laughed at the sight of Yugi's jaw hitting the floor. "Who were you expecting? The Great God Ra? Now pick up your chin off the floor and give your old man a hug!"

Yugi's surprised expression instantly transformed into a huge smile. He rushed forward and gave his grandpa a huge hug, knocking the wind out of him (but only for a moment). The other's watched in joy as Yugi was reunited with his family; Joey and Tristan had streams of tears of joy running down their cheeks (a/n: in typical anime style  TT) and were trying their best to hide it, though they were failing miserably; Téa wiped a few tears of happiness from the corner of her eyes, her heart lifting at the sight of Yugi's happiness; Atemu on the other hand, felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside his heart at the sight of a very happy Yugi.

Soon, the Moto's broke apart. This, Yugi thought, would be the perfect time to introduce everyone. Joey and Tristan greeted Solomon next, glad to see he was back to his normal self. Yugi introduced Téa to his grandfather, blushing as he did so. Solomon greeted Téa kindly and welcomed her to the family, hoping to get to know the young girl better. Atemu (unfortunately) had to stay in his seat, but he and Solomon were reintroduced again, this time in a more formal way than the last time.

"But I don't understand," Yugi said puzzlingly once everyone had greeted his grandfather. "How can you be here? Aren't you suppose to be in bed?"

"Nope!" Solomon answered cheerfully. "I'm fit as a fiddle. I haven't felt this good in years!" And as if to prove a point, he started to do some exercises there and then on the spot. Yugi laughed nervously as he watched his grandfather.

"But, how is that possible?" Téa asked. "Yugi said you were extremely sick. So ill in fact, that you couldn't even get out of bed. From the way he put it, I thought that you were…you know…going to 'pass on' into the afterlife."

Solomon stopped 'working out' and raised an eyebrow at Téa's comment.

"What do you mean "how is that possible?"" he asked, a little offended. "I'm too young to die yet! And besides, I didn't just jump out of bed feeling better all of a sudden." He pointed to someone behind him in the shadows. "This young lady came over and cured me! The God's must have sent her, like an angel!"

The gang (minus Solomon and Atemu) looked up to see Ishizu stepping out of the shadows.

"Ishizu," Yugi asked. "Did you do all this?"

"Well, yes and no really," Ishizu answered cheerfully. "I went to your grandfather's house and summoned my guardian, the Mystical Elf, to heal him. But I only did it on Atemu's orders."

The gang all looked at Atemu simultaneously, who could be seen blushing slightly in embarrassment.

"Atemu, you did this?" Yugi asked (once again). "You helped cure my grandpa?"

"Well, of course I did!" Atemu said, a little embarrassed at all the sudden attention. He wasn't used to showing his 'soft' side. "I wouldn't do anything less for a friend, would I?"

Yugi laughed at the familiar comment and smiled. "Thank you…"

"Not at all," said Atemu, smiling too. He suddenly moved in his throne and stood up. "Now, there's only one more thing left to do…"

When the Pharaoh stood up, the music and talking in the hall immediately stopped. Everyone sat down in their seats/pillows, including his friends around him, and waited for the Pharaoh to speak.

"People of Egypt," Atemu said in a loud voice. His words echoed around the hall. "Today we celebrate the beginning of a new life, for both me and you, the loyal citizens of this great country."

There was a small cheer from the crowd before Atemu held up his hands for silence. Once there was, he continued,

"But this would not have been possible, if it weren't for these people seated beside me. We owe them so much, and know they should be rewarded." There was a small curious buzz in the hall before Atemu continued. "Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor, please step forward."

Joey and Tristan looked at each other in confusion, blinking, before walking to Atemu. They knelt down in front of him and only looked up on his instruction.

"Joey and Tristan," Atemu began. "Tonight you showed a great deal of courage to the Gods of Egypt, and to myself. You proved your loyalty to your friends and fellow people by risking your lives to save Yugi, as well as myself. And so, to thank you, I would like to appoint you as two of my personal bodyguards. You will be trained and given the finest and most powerful weapons to suit each of your individual skills, as well as a place in my palace for you and your families to live. I hope you will accept."

Joey and Tristan's expressions were like those of children in a candy store. Their faces lit up and they couldn't stop smiling. They immediately accepted Atemu's offer, bowing before him and thanking him, before going back to their seats. Next, it was Téa's turn.

"Téa, your whole life you have been working in the palace as not only a servant, but as one of my closest friends. You have always been there for me when I needed you, and I hope you will continued to be at my side."

"Of course I will," Téa said. "And you don't have to worry about offering a job to me. I'm more than happy with my work. My ancestors did it before me, and I want to continue on with it for them. It is where I belong."

"Are you sure?"


Pharaoh Atemu smiled and agreed. He was not one to force things upon his friends which they did not want. If Téa was happy with the way things were, then he would leave them. Though, he would have to make sure she was treated better and given more time off, but he didn't let her in to that just yet. Téa bowed before the Pharaoh and thanked him, before sitting back next to Yugi. Next, it was Solomon Moto's turn.

"Solomon, when I was living in your home pretending to be Yugi, you helped me. Even though you discovered who I really was, you did not throw me out onto the street. Instead, you took me in and helped me with my task."

"I wouldn't have done anything less," Solomon said solemnly.

Atemu gave a small chuckle. It seemed everyone was familiar with this line. He continued. "Whilst I was living there, I noticed how much you liked games. You told me tales of your youth and how you have never once been beaten in a game. Well, I hold the same reputation. So, I hope you can accept my offer of becoming my challenger at games, for it is now my aim in life to defeat you and become the King of Games."

"I'll take you on Pharaoh!" Solomon said, challenging the Pharaoh. Be bowed before going back to his seat, already planning all the games he'd like to try out. Last but not least, it was Yugi's turn.

Yugi walked up to the Pharaoh and knelt before him, still smiling. Atemu smiled down at him too.

"Yugi, first of all I want to thank you for everything you have done this past week. First, after our first meeting, you agreed to my plan, swapping lives with me and allowing me to take your place in the city. Thanks to you I have fulfilled my dream of living the life of a normal Egyptian, and experienced and adventure I'm sure neither of us will ever forget. And not only that, but you saved my life countless of times! We may have only known each other for a week, but I can see that you are truly a loyal friend with a big heart, who would do anything for anyone. You truly are a hero of Egypt."

"You're the same," Yugi said. "You risked your life to save not only me, but everyone here. You put your own life on the line to save everyone in the country, and you used the Millennium Puzzle without anyone's help, like a true Pharaoh. You have just as big a heart as my own, and I'm proud to be your friend. In my eyes, we're both heroes."

Atemu smiled. "Somehow, I knew you would say that. Yugi, to show how much I appreciate you, your family and friends and your loyalty, I am offering you this: I hope that you will accept the offer of becoming my royal adviser, helping me rule of Egypt and the loyal people you see before you. After all, I cannot rule on my own, and you are exactly like me in so many ways. What better way to show you how much of a friend you are to me by sharing my power with you. Of course, your grandfather and yourself will have your own quarters to live in here in the palace, and you'll have to take good care of Téa whilst you're here." Atemu winked at Yugi.

Yugi blushed at the last comment, before focussing back on what Atemu had said. He couldn't believe it. This was better than everything he could have ever imagined. He had been offered a place in the palace as the Pharaoh's royal adviser! The highest position available next the Pharaoh. And not only that, Joey, Tristan, his grandfather and Téa would also be with him. They would all be together, just as they should be.

Before he made his decision, he looked around at his friends. Joey and Tristan were sitting next to each other (as usual), smiling encouragingly at their friend. They gave a big thumbs up at him, causing Yugi to give small smile.

Yugi then looked left at his grandfather, and let out another small laugh. His grandpa was already deep in though about the different games he wanted to challenge Atemu to, and was already plotting strategies.

Next he looked right at Téa. He felt his face heat up at the sight of her. She looked beautiful in the torch light, the soft fabric gently falling on her skin. Her eyes sparkled in the light, full of joy and happiness. The look on her face was peaceful and blissful. Yugi couldn't believe how lucky he was to have her, and if he accepted Atemu's offer, he could be with her for the rest of his life.

Finally, Yugi looked up at Pharaoh Atemu. So much had happened to both of them in the last few days, it was overwhelming. But somehow, they had over come it all, becoming good friends in the process. No, that wasn't true. After all the events that have happened this past week, they could easily say that they were more than friends: they were like brothers. And a bond as strong as that could never be broken.

Making up his mind, Yugi took a deep breath before answering…

"For you Atemu, how could I say 'no'?"

The crowd immediately broke out in a cheer, jumping in the air, screaming screams of joy. The group around Atemu also jumped up, running towards Yugi. They all gave him hugs, ruffled his hair teasingly, and punching his arm in a friendly way to show their happiness. Téa even came up and kissed him, causing both of them to blush.

Atemu picked up his golden goblet, and held the other hand in the air to silence to crowd, Immediately, an excited silence fell over the room.

"To friendship," Atemu announced, holding up the goblet into the air, "and a new life!"

"To friendship and a new life!"

And so, everyone celebrate long and late into the night, for their lives were all about to change, and for the best. Nothing could ruin the happiness they felt now, surrounded by those they cared for the most. As the sun rose the next morning, everyone looked forward to the start of a new rein, new friendships, and a whole new life.


The End


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