Watashi no mi Sakura: My beautiful Cherry Blossom

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By: Mistress Ness

Chapter 12: Loving You for Eternity

It was Graduation Day at the all-boys' school but Sakura's students weren't happy campers since their teacher wasn't there to see them receive their diplomas. The day before graduation, they all found out their beloved teacher quit without saying good-bye. Syaoran was shocked himself when found their dorm room empty with all of Sakura's things gone. He knew Keiko was behind this and he was going to make her talk then go to Tomoeda and see Sakura to straighten things out. But first, he had to go through graduation. He wasn't the only one who was in a mood, Eriol was pissed at him. Tomoyo also disappeared, leaving a good-bye note saying she would be back soon and was sorry for missing out on Graduation Day.

After the gloomy boys got their diplomas, Syaoran went to Eriol. "Have you heard anything else from Tomoyo?" he asked. Eriol shook his head. "Nope and nothing from Sakura either."

At hearing her name, Syaoran felt a painful clench in his heart. He missed having her in his arms, inhaling her sweet scent, and the warmth of her love in her eyes. Right after Sakura disappeared, he told Eriol what happened, which really pissed his best friend off. "OK, there's the lying slut." Eriol pointed to Keiko, who was laughing with the headmaster. "Wanna go play cops and robbers?" he said. Syaoran sent a deadly glare her way. "Yeah, let's do it." They started walking towards their target.

Keiko was laughing her victory inside her head as the headmaster walked away to congratulate the students. After hearing the Kinomoto wench quit and ran, she was celebrating. Now it's to seduce Syaoran back into my arms, she thought with a wide grin. She felt a tap on her shoulder and saw Syaoran. "Well hello." She purred. Syaoran felt sick at what was going to do, but he knew he had to play along. He forced himself to smile at her. "Keiko dear, may we talk in private?" he asked. Keiko grinned and grabbed his arm. "Sure, how about my office?" she started guiding him. Syaoran looked over his shoulder to Eriol and nodded. Eriol nodded back and started following them discreetly. "Come on in." Keiko opened the door to her office and pushed Syaoran inside. She walked towards him, totally forgetting to lock her door. "So, honey, what do you wanna talk about?" she said sweetly. Syaoran instantly changed his sweet look to a deadly one. "Time to talk, bitch." He growled. Keiko was caught off guard by the change and didn't hear Eriol come in till she heard the door lock. She quickly turned around and saw Eriol glaring at her the same way Syaoran was. "Oh yeah, time to talk, you fucking slut." He spat. Syaoran grabbed her arm in a rough grip, not caring if he would hurt her. She hurt him enough. Keiko looked at him, biting her bottom lip.

"Now talk, Keiko!" Syaoran barked. "What the fuck did you do the night that was I was out with the boys?" he asked. Keiko glared at him. "Not telling you shit!"

Syaoran arched a brow at her. "Oh really?" he tightened the grip on her arm until she gave a cry that was quickly muffle by Eriol's hand. Tears of pain started to well in her eyes. "Now are you gonna talk?" Syaoran snarled. Keiko nodded wildly and Eriol uncovered her mouth and Syaoran loosened his grip a little.

"We didn't have sex, first of all." Keiko said angrily at how her plan backfired. "I work at the place where you boys were partying. I was the one who laced your drink and served it." Syaoran felt the fire in him grow even hotter in his hatred for the woman. She continued. "The drugs I made you drink were made to fool your vision and judgment. I've had a skill to disguise myself since I was little so I grabbed an auburn-haired wig and put green contacts on and BAM, you though I was your fiancé."

"You whore!" Eriol wanted to let her know a piece of his mind when Syaoran shook his head. Keiko clenched her hands into fists as she continued. "Then I spirited you away to a hotel I reserved where my cousin, Hideaki, was waiting for me with a camera. I stripped and stripped you, then took those photos to make it look like you slept with me. Then I showed the pics to Kinomoto and she bought it, that naïve idiot."

That drew the last straw for Syaoran. Even though he isn't supposed to hit women, this one asked for it. He drew his hand back and slapped her hard across the face. Keiko gasped in shock; a red mark was rapidly appearing on her cheek. "That's only a little bit of how much I hate your fucking guts, Keiko." Syaoran snarled. "You better quit and run when I come back from Japan, or...I will make sure you won't be able to find a job even at the local whorehouse." He roughly let go of her arm. He pushed past her and left along with Eriol, with Keiko still shocked from the slap. Finally, she broke down and cried after so many years of not doing so.

----------Back in Tomoeda----------

Sakura looked out the window in her old room back at her house. Today is the boys' graduation..., she thought sadly, her heart still aching over the person she loved the most. Syaoran...why? she frowned ached at remembering the photos of Syaoran and Keiko and the triumphant smirk on Keiko's face. Her father was out back on the job at the university since he was doing much better in his recovery and her brother was working. Sakura felt so alone even thought Tomoyo visited her every day ever since they came back. All day she thought about those times when she was happiest with Syaoran and how suddenly that happiness dissolved.

"Just my luck." She muttered to herself. "Both men that dated me cheated on me, what's next? Will I ever fall in love again...?" she thought of the great love she still held for Syaoran. She grabbed her cell phone and called Tomoyo.

"Hello?" greeted Tomoyo's cheerful voice. Sakura forced a small smile. "Hey, Tomoyo, it's me." she said.

"Oh, Sakura, wanna come to my place?" her best friend asked. Sakura nodded. "Yes."

"Great! Come right away." Then she hung up. Sakura hung up with a sigh and saw the beautiful cherry blossoms floating outside her window. She forced thoughts about her heartache out of her mind as she silently dressed to go to Tomoyo's.

-----Li Mansion-----

Syaoran was fuming, still pissed at Keiko's audacity, as he jammed clothes into a medium suitcase. Eriol watched his best friend with his luggage beside him. "Syaoran, going back to Japan to straighten things out with Sakura is great goal but the thing is how? Knowing Sakura, she will probably refuse to see you." He said. Syaoran stopped and sighed. "Yeah I know, but what else can we do?" he asked. A sudden idea popped into Eriol's head and an evil grin spread across his face. Syaoran noticed this and eyed his best friend suspiciously. "I know that grin, Eriol. And it usually leads us into shit." He pointed out. Eriol continued grinning at him. "But this time, it'll be good for us. It's time to pay the skank a little visit."

Syaoran's eyes were as wide as saucers. "KEIKO? Why the fuck should we go visit that life-ruining wench?" he spat. Eriol winked at him. "It's about time she did something for us to make up for the shit she caused."


Keiko was still squalling as she entered her apartment. She had all her things with her since she just quit the school because of Syaoran's threat and the fact that he was no longer a student of that school. She dumped her stuff on the couch and grabbed a bottle of whiskey.

"Drink...it makes things suck less." She muttered to herself as she grabbed a shot glass. She pouted the liquid into the tiny glass and raised it to her lips when the door suddenly opened. Startled, she dropped her glass, flinching as it hit the floor. Eriol and Syaoran stood in her doorway, glaring at her. "What the hell are you doing in my home?" she yelled at them, shocked as hell. "How did you get here?"

Eriol smirked as he held a piece of paper. "Teacher addresses from the school, very useful and you didn't lock your door." He said. Keiko glared at him and said threateningly. "Get out of my house."

Syaoran began to walk towards her. "Not without you doing something for us first, Keiko." He said darkly. Keiko began to tremble but maintained her anger. "What more do you want from me?"

"You started this shit between Sakura and I and you're going to help me fix it." Syaoran said as he swiftly grabbed her wrist. Keiko gasped. "What if I say 'no'?" she said defiantly. Syaoran smirked and slightly tightened his grip, making her cry out. "Then I will be forced to write to the headmaster about your false teaching degree that your beloved cousin made for you." Keiko's dark eyes widened at his words. Eriol laughed as he closed the door. "Oh yeah, we did our homework. You only wanted to become a teacher at out school to see Syaoran." He said.

"That could mean jail time for you, no more whoring around." Syaoran said, his deadly glare pinning her. "Are you in or are you out?" he said softly, menacingly. With a bruised pride and a wounded heart, she nodded.

Syaoran let go of her. "Then it's settled." He turned to Eriol. "Call the airline and add one more ticket to Tomoeda, Japan for our flight in 2 hours."

--------Back in Japan--------

Tomoyo was humming as she was sitting in her room, waiting for her best friend for arrive when her cell phone rang. She grabbed it and answered it. "Hello? This is Tomoyo."

"Tomoyo, my sweet angel. I miss you." a male's familiar voice took her breath away. She smiled widely. "Eriol! I miss you too!" she said. She heard her boyfriend chuckle at the other end and said. "Hey, baby, cane you arrange a hotel room for us over there?"

Tomoyo's eyes widened. "You're coming here? And with Syaoran?"


Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. "But Sakura doesn't wanna see Syaoran after what he did and personally, I don't wanna see him too after he hurt my best friend!" she said. Eriol responded in defense. "Hey, come on honey! It was a trap set by Keiko!" he told her all about Keiko's lame confession and his plan to get Sakura to talk to Syaoran.

"Why that bitch! I swear to God, I'm gonna fucking kill her!" she said in a rage after Eriol finished.

"Well don't kill her yet, we need her to confess her dirty doing to Sakura." Her boyfriend laughed. Tomoyo giggled and said. "OK, leave it to me! I'll reserve you all rooms before Sakura arrives since she's on her way here and then call me when you arrive to the airport so then I can send Sakura home and get you guys!"

"You got it, honey. Gotta run! I love you!" Eriol said.

"I love you too; I can't wait to see you." Tomoyo said with a smile and hung up. She instantly dialed the hotel they stayed at once and reserved the rooms. Right after she was done, someone knocked at her door.

"Ojou-sama? Miss Sakura is here to see you." one of her maids called from the other side of the door. Tomoyo smiled as she put her cell phone in her jeans pocket. "Thank you, Emily. I'll be right down!" she got up and opened the door, past her maid to see Sakura. As she walked down the stairs she saw Sakura sitting on the big couch, wearing a light blue sleeveless top and a black skirt with sandals.

"Hey Sakura!" Tomoyo called. Sakura turned to her and smiled. "Hi, Tomoyo."

Tomoyo motioned her to follow. "Let's go to my room." Sakura got up and followed her. "So..." Tomoyo began as she shut the door behind Sakura. "How have you been feeling, Sakura." She asked. Sakura sighed as she placed her bag down on her couch. "Like shit, Tomoyo. I can't stop thinking about Syaoran."

Tomoyo could tell she was tearing up already. When he comes here to see you, Sakura, you'll be smiling again, I'm sure of it, she thought. She reached out and touched her friend's shoulder. "Everything will be fine, Sakura. But listen...hasn't it occurred to you that Keiko sleeping with Syaoran might be a lie?" she asked. Sakura froze for a split moment but then shook her head. "Those pictures told it all, Tomoyo. Coming from Keiko's mouth is one thing but seeing it in a picture is another story. He betrayed me, doing the very thing I was scared of."

Tomoyo was silent for a second but then smiled. "Well, let's skip to a more cheerful subject." Sakura only nodded her head.


Syaoran rented a room that had another small room linked to it for Keiko in case she decided to pull a stunt. But he warned her clearly of the consequences, so he doubted she would do anything. Keiko said nothing as she tossed her small duffel bag on the chair in her small room. Eriol tossed his things on the bed next to Syaoran's and said. "So, how are you gonna pull this off?" he checked his watch. "It's 5 o'clock already so that means Sakura went home from Tomoyo's and she's gonna come soon."

Syaoran didn't look at him as he dug out the damn pictures of him and Keiko from his luggage. "Like I said, you take Tomoyo out and do whatever you please with her while me and the bitch here..." He motioned towards Keiko, who was now sitting on a chair next to Eriol's bed, saying nothing at all. "...go to Tomoyo's and clear things up with Sakura for then this heartache will be over for her and me."

Eriol grinned. "OK, let's get this show on the road. My baby girl will be arriving soon to start the plan. Hopefully, with the guilty one's help, we straighten things out."

----Later on that evening----

Sakura was taking an evening shower, trying to clear her mind. But it didn't help at all. The shower was nice and warm and the scent of cherry blossoms was strong but still, her mind came back to the man who she loved and wanted so badly. "Oh, Syaoran..." Sakura whispered softly. Suddenly, her cell phone rang. Puzzled, she turned off the shower and quickly grabbed her phone from the little cabinet next to the shower.


"Hey, Sakura!" Tomoyo's voice reached her ears. Sakura's face held a bewildered expression. "Tomoyo?"

"Yeah, come over to my house again, I got something that can cheer you up, honey." She said and then hung up. Sakura stared at her cell phone, confused. Shrugging, she grabbed her purse and went out to Tomoyo's again.

--------Tomoyo's Mansion--------

Everyone was getting ready for Sakura's arrival, gathered in Tomoyo's room. "What do you mean you're staying here?" Syaoran asked Tomoyo. She arched an eyebrow at him and said. "Sakura is my best friend and like a sister to me, so I will stay here and help you affirm your innocence to this problem. Eriol will too since Sakura also trusts him while the bitch here..." she pointed at Keiko, who was frowning while sitting in her huge chair in the small living room. "Will be the evidence."

Syaoran sighed and gave in; Tomoyo is as hard-headed as his beloved. Suddenly, they all heard the doorbell echo in the room. "She's here!" Eriol cried. "Tomoyo, the lights!"

Tomoyo nodded and grabbed the control to the lights of the mansion. She pushed the red button and everything went dark.

Sakura meekly came in, a little afraid of the now dark place. "Tomoyo?" she called. "Where are you?"

Syaoran heard her voice and felt joy at knowing she had come. "Eriol and Tomoyo, scatter!" he said to them.

Sakura's eyes adjusted to the dark and guided herself upstairs towards Tomoyo's room. "Are you in your room, Tomoyo?" she turned right on the upper hallway to the door at the end. She grabbed the doorknob and quietly went in. Everything was darker than downstairs. "Tomoyo...?" she said quietly.

"I'm glad you came...Sakura."

Sakura gasped at the sound of the male voice and suddenly the lights flicked on, revealing the man who she loved but betrayed her and the slut he cheated on her with sitting in Tomoyo's small living room. "S-Syaoran?" she cried. Her knees trembled and was ready to run for it when she heard the door lock. She turned around to find Eriol blocking the door, her way out. "Eriol...you too?" she said.

"Sorry sensei." He said.

"Where's Tomoyo?" she cried to Syaoran. "What did you do to her?"

"I'm right here, Sakura." Her best friend appeared out one of her dark purple curtains. Sakura looked around at everyone, millions on thoughts racing in her head. She glared at Syaoran with all the hurt reflecting in her eyes. "What do you want from me?" she said, tears of heartache beginning to well up. Syaoran started walking towards her slowly. "I want you to listen to me, Sakura." He said softly. Sakura began to back away. "I don't wanna hear anymore from you!" she said. "I've heard enough!" her back touched Eriol's chest. She looked at Eriol, silently pleading him to open the door and let go, but he shook his head at her. "Just listen to what he has to say, Sakura-sensei."

Syaoran swiftly grabbed her hand and began to drag her away from Eriol. "No!" she cried, struggling. "Please...!" tears streaked down her cheeks. "Let me go!"

Tomoyo watched in worry as Syaoran dragged Sakura and was about to protest when she caught Eriol's gaze and saw him shake his head. This was between Sakura and Syaoran.

Syaoran dragged Sakura so the both of them were in front of the sulking Keiko, who hasn't spoken a word so far. He turned Sakura towards him, holding her fast by the shoulders. "Listen to me Sakura!" he said.

Sakura flashed him a teary stare. "To what? Details on how you fucked that low-life call girl?" she cried. Syaoran shook his head slowly. "I never did that, Sakura." He said. His words caught Sakura off guard but quickly said. "I saw the pictures! I saw you beneath her!"

Syaoran turned her around to face Keiko and said. "This bitch drugged me and stripped me for those damn pictures!" Sakura's eyes widened at what he was saying. "She wanted you to leave me so she could 'seduce' me back."

Sakura looked at Eriol for assurance and he nodded. "It's true." He said. "That night me, Syaoran, and other boys went out to celebrate Syaoran's bachelor party and we had drinks but we didn't know Keiko worked there so she slipped drugs into Syaoran's drink and fooled him thinking she was you. I know because after Syaoran left the room where we were partying, we didn't see him again till the next day after you left."

She looked at Tomoyo, who also nodded. "I believe him. You know how evil Keiko is, Sakura."

She looked at Syaoran then at Keiko. "Confess, Keiko!" Syaoran snapped. Keiko looked up at him with her own tears flowing down her face. "Yes, goddammit, I did it!" Sakura silently gasped at hearing the truth coming out of Keiko's lips. "I wanted you to dump Syaoran, so he could be with me again." she continued. "I slipped drugs in his drink and took him to a hotel where Hideaki was waiting with a camera. I stripped him and myself and made Hideaki take pictures at an angle that would seem he slept with me!"

There was silence in the room. Sakura's eyes began to burn in green flames, the pent-up anger that she had for almost a week rose rapidly in her body. With an angry cry, she swiftly drew her hand back, balled it into a fist, and rammed it with all her might into Keiko's face.

"BITCH!" Sakura screamed at her. "YOU FUCKING DECEIVING WHORE!"

Keiko was immediately knocked off her feet and everyone stared at Sakura in shock, even Tomoyo who supposedly knew everything about her best friend. Keiko began to weep as she covered her nose, which was starting to bleed, with her hands, got on her feet, grabbed the ticket home to Hong Kong from Syaoran's pocket and fled the room. Sakura took a deep breath as she straightened herself up, her anger finally gone through that punch. She looked at Syaoran, who was still gaping at her, and felt tears began to blur her sight. With a relieved sob, she threw her arms around her love and held on tight. Syaoran snapped out of it and with a smile, he closed his eyes and wrapped his strong arms around his future bride. Tomoyo had tears in her own eyes as Eriol smiled at the hugging couple while having his arm around Tomoyo.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry for not believing you, Syaoran!" Sakura sobbed as she pressed herself even more against him. Syaoran patted her back and stroked her honey-colored hair. "It's OK, my love; I would've had a hard time believing too if I was you."

Tomoyo smiled at Eriol. "I guess the wedding's still on, eh?" she gave him a gentle nudge on the side with a wink. Eriol chuckled and hugged her. "Yep, and it's gonna be one hell of a party."

Sakura looked at them from behind her and nodded. "Well, what are waiting for?"

---------A few days later---------

"Do you, Syaoran Li, take Sakura Kinomoto to be your wife, to hold and to cherish through the good times and the bad times until death do you apart?" the priest smiled at the young couple in front of him. After they made up, they left to Hong Kong the very next day and resumed their wedding plans. As promised, Syaoran let go of the matter with Keiko and didn't attempt to fully ruin her life, knowing her pride was bruised deeply enough for a lifetime and would never attempt such a thing again. Sakura's father and her brother along with Tomoyo's mother were flown to Hong Kong for the wedding rehearsal and they stayed with Sakura, Syaoran, Eriol, and Tomoyo in the Li Mansion. Sakura also held a graduation party, contacting all of her beloved students to make up for her not being there on graduation. The boys were delighted to see her and she saw Kaho too. During the party, she introduced Kaho to Touya and was smiling from ear to ear when she saw that they got along very well. She sensed a romance blooming soon between them.

Yelan and Meiling were happy to have Sakura back and were glad the misunderstanding was straightened out. Meiling wouldn't let go of Sakura when she saw her and was at the point of bawling her eyes out.

Syaoran smiled at his beautiful bride in her white wedding gown, holding a bouquet of cherry blossoms, and nodded. "I do, now and forever."

The priest turned to Sakura. "Do you, Sakura Kinomoto, take Syaoran Li to be your beloved husband, to hold and to cherish through the good times and the bad times until death do you apart?"

Sakura smiled as she felt the happy tears welling up in her eyes as she gazed at her groom. "I do, now and for eternity."

Kaho, who was picked to be the ring bearer, approached the couple and held a tiny, heart-shaped, white pillow that had two platinum bands in its white ribbon. Syaoran took the smallest ring and slipped slowly into Sakura's ring finger. Sakura took the other ring and slipped it into Syaoran's finger.

The priest took their hands and joined them, with his on top of them. "And so, by the power invested in me, I now declare you man and wife." He smiled at Syaoran. "You may now kiss the bride.

Syaoran didn't need to be told twice, he grabbed her by the shoulders, pulled her towards him, and took her lips in a fierce kiss. Everyone in the church stood up and began to clap wildly. Tomoyo and Meiling were bawling, Eriol smiled and nodded, Touya had a small smile on his face as he looked at how happy his baby sister was, and Yelan and Fujitaka had tears in their eyes.

Syaoran bent down and swept Sakura off her feet, getting a happy squeal from her. Everyone followed them, throwing cherry blossom petals at them as they went out the church and into the limo awaiting them.

When they were inside, Sakura began peppering Syaoran with light kisses. "And now begins the second phase of our love story, hubby."

Syaoran smiled at her and took her hand. "Yep, and this will be the greatest story ever told...my wife." He yanked her towards him to steal her lips in a deep kiss.


Sakura, now 22 years old, hummed to herself as she sat in the huge gardens of the Li Mansion. Her 3-year old daughter, Sayuri, was giggling as she played with her toys in front of her mother. Sakura smiled fondly at the toddler. She got pregnant during her sophomore year in college with Syaoran. He was overjoyed at finding out he was going to be a father. Sakura was a little concerned about raising the baby and juggling school but it turned out to be surprisingly easy, and now that she was a college graduate with a degree in business management, she could help Syaoran run the family's company and have plenty of time to spend with her husband and her baby. Tomoyo and Eriol married a short time ago and her older brother was dating Kaho which Sakura suspected they would marry soon also. She patted her growing stomach. She remembered the tears of joy in Syaoran when he saw the newborn baby in the delivery room after a lengthy labor. Sayuri Li Kinomoto had her green eyes but had Syaoran's dark chocolate hair and she was beautiful, her and Syaoran's result of their deep love for each other.

And soon, Sayuri will have a sister or a brother or both, she smiled to herself. She then heard a male chuckle behind her and she turned around with a smile to find her husband behind her. "Hey honey!" she jumped out of the chair and threw her arms around him. "How was work?"

Syaoran smiled and hugged her tight. "It was exhausting!" he pouted. "I want my wife to baby me."

Sayuri stopped playing and when she saw her daddy, she got up and went to him, stretching her arms towards him. "Dada!" she smiled. Syaoran let go of Sakura and with a laugh, picked up his daughter.

"I can't believe how time flies." Sakura said in wonder as she patted her growing belly. Syaoran looked at her and wrapped an arm around her while holding Sayuri with the other. "Yeah, but I still love you the same, my darling." He said. Sakura smiled and rested her cheek against his chest. "For eternity, right?" she said softly.

Syaoran nodded and kissed her hair. "For eternity and beyond...watashi no mi Sakura." He said sweetly.

Sakura could only smile.


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