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Warnings: There really isn't that much that needs a warning…Well there might be hints of Yaoi (boyxboy relationships) but just for humor. Also there will be swearing and potential dismemberment caused by extreme violence.

Things to know!!!!-

"Means talking"

Is Sora's thought

'Is Riku's thought'

Demons and Keyblades (InuxKH fanfic)

A young boy about 15 raced down the beach at full speed. His spiky brown hair wavered only slightly in the warm breeze. His deep blue eyes glimmered with annoyance. He looked up and spotted his target. A 16-year boy with long silver hair and aquamarine eyes sat by the waters edge. The boy sped up narrowing his eyes. There he is…

"RIKU YOU STUPID BASTERD!!!!!!!" he screamed at the boy by the water.

"Hi Sora!" He called back a sly grin plastered on his face. Sora ran to the boy and collapsed by his side desperately trying to catch his breath.

"R-riku pant you I- pant idiot." He whispered clutching his chest. Riku smiled sheepishly.

"Why whatever did I do wrong Sora?" He said trying his best to look innocent. Sora pouted after finally regaining his breath.

"You know exactly what you did wrong!" He said getting extremely annoyed. He had run all this way to demand an explanation from his silver haired friend and now Riku was toying with him…he knew what Sora was talking about! He just wanted to see the brunette suffer.

Riku smiled and scratched his chin in mock thought. "Now what could have made you so mad? Hmm…did I forget your birthday…no…did I sleep with your girlfriend or something…no you don't have a girlfriend…. Hmm…"

"CUT IT OUT RIKU!!!" screamed the boy obviously irritated.

"Or was it the threesome I had with Cloud and Mr. Leon…" Riku said with a smile. Sora's eyes grew as big as saucepans.

"WHAT THREESOME?!?!?!" Riku chuckled at the boy's reaction and decided to milk this a little more.

"The one we had when you were on vacation with your family…I do believe we used your room too…I hope we didn't leave too much of a mess!" Sora turned pale and fell backwards in the sand. Riku chuckled. The younger boy shot up with a look of sheer hatred in his eyes.

"IT'S NOT FUNNY RIKU!" Sora screamed pushing him away.

"On the contrary my dear Sora…I found it hilarious!"

"Riku that's not the reason why I came here and you know it!"

Riku sighed; he couldn't avoid it much longer. "It's about the school I'm going to isn't it…" he said his voice trailing off. Sora snorted.

"Well thanks to a phone call from your mother your not going alone…" He grumbled. Riku smiled.

"So your folks are making you come to?" He said combing a hand through his hair.

"Yes! And all my mom told me was that you got in trouble and had to go so I had to go too…my mom always makes me do what your parents make you do…its almost like their conspiring against us. Anyway the reason I came hear is to get an explanation! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO GET YOURSELF IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!!!!!"

Riku frowned. "I didn't do anything…much anyway…all I did was get in a few fist fights and blow up a building or two…nothing bad…or nothing that bad at least. But anyway…how bad could this boarding school on the Main Island be? Well…it's too late to do anything about it…I mean we do leave tomorrow after all." Sora did his famous 'I'm pissed off but still incredibly cute' pout and glared at Riku.

"I am seriously considering not talking to you EVER again!" He growled.

Riku smiled. Even when Sora was trying to look angry he was still incredibly cute. He cupped the younger boy's chin and laughed. "Aww come on Sora? You and I both no you couldn't last more than two minutes without talking to me."

Sora batted away Riku's hand. "I could so last more than two minutes!" he said defiantly.

"Yeah right Sora…"

"I could too Riku!"

"Could not."

"Could too!"

"Could not."


A/N: Riku remains calm through all of this, unlike Sora…--u

"Could not."

Sora stood up and glared at Riku. "I CAN TOO AND I'LL PROVE IT! I'm not talking to you for the rest of the night." With that Sora turned and started to walk away. It only took a few seconds for Riku to think of something to say. He took a deep breath and yelled after the retreating boy.

"FINE SORA! BUT DON'T FORGET TO PACK YOUR THONG FOR OUR NEW SCHOOL TOMORROW!" After hearing this Sora ran back to Riku and put a hand over his mouth.

"Riku you stupid basterd I do not wear a thong!!!" He hissed glaring at the older boy. Riku grinned evilly.

"What happened to not talking to me Sora?" Sora's eyes grew wide with shock.

"But…no…wait! That's not fair! You tricked me Riku!" Riku smiled and stood up.

"Come on Sora we should head home…its getting late." He said dragging a slightly confused Sora behind him. "Besides Sora…we have a big day tomorrow!"

----------------------Chapter end-------------------------

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