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Title: Ninja Magic

Chapter 1: Wizard to Ninja.

After a long day of classes and trouble, for Harry Potter, the boy who lives, whose a student of Hogwarts and wizardry stormed into the empty common room and jumped onto the nearest sofa. He just came back from a long detention with Professor Snap. "I feel so drain…………" As he slides from his sitting to lying position, and took off his glasses to rest tired his eyes, when he started to get thirsty…………

With his blurness, he could only make out a small glass a feet away from where he sat………… Not caring to take a closer look at the glass, he grab the glass and empty whatever was inside it. "Yuck! What kind of water is…………" But before he could finish his sentences, the liquid that was in the glass started to take effect. This causes Harry started to feel light-headed as he wobbly tried to get up but as soon he stood up.

A pain and a burning sensation shot up in his body, the pain made him unbearable to scream as he soon was knockout, the last thing he saw was an empty potion beaker.

When he started to come around, he realized that he was no longer in the comfort of his common room. He was in a forest; where the sun was peaking from the huge trees' branches as he shook away his sleepiness from his system.

'Next time I better look before I drink, now where am I?'

Trying to sit up, only to end up lying on his belly. 'What's going on? What's in that potion? It made me feel so helplessly weak………' As he tried effortless to get his limps to move, but unknown to him there were other people or person in the forest.

"I can't believe it………… I can't believe, I've lost my second son to that fox demon." The person sat on a rock; knees closed to her chest sobbing away her loss.

'Lucky my husband and the clan had gone off for a family mission, if they were here…………'

It was too painful for her to even think, but it was also a lucky thing that her first-born had a summer camp trip in the rocky country, so he was unable to see the loss of his little brother.

Before she could do a waterfall in full blast, a small rustlings sound caught her full attention. 'Whoever it is, surely need to work on his or her foot work.' She took out her Kunai from its holder, as she sat there waiting for the sound to mark where the intruder was.

When the same rustling sound returned, she turns around with great swiftness and pointed her Kunai at……………………………… A little baby boy?

The end of the Kunai was dangerous close to Harry's forehead, but without his glasses he couldn't see very well but he still knows it's dangerous to point sharp objects at people. 'Hey! Watch where you're pointing that thing, you can poke an eye out, MY EYE!' But the person dropped the Kunai and grabbed him into a hugged position.

"Oh my goodness, what's a cute baby like you doing out here?"

'Hey! What's with the change of behavior? Baby? Oh Merlin!' But the feeling of the comfort and warmth of been hugged makes him forget everything that happen in the past three seconds, he's been carried until they arrive at a house………………make that a BIG house. 'Where?' Harry took a look at his surroundings with his jade green eyes (Of course he's short sighted, welcome to the world of blurs) but before he could do anything his stomach decided to make itself known.

"Oh, looks like someone's hungry." Harry never felt so embarrass as the lady carried him towards the kitchen, she gentle put Harry onto the counter while she got ready some food…………

After Harry had finally filled his stomach with food, he started to feel very sleepy.

'One minute I was so hungry, now I feel like I've been awake for daysssssss………'

As soon he finished his thoughts, he was out like a light. The person smiled as she rocked Harry through and fro, watching little Harry snoozed………… "Don't mind if I'll call you after my dead son; Sasuke." In response, Harry now renamed Sasuke turned in his sleep.

"Welcome to the family, Uchiha Sasuke."

When her family came home from their mission, they were excited when they heard that a new face was born. Even Sasuke's older brother as bouncing with joy that he rushed home form his camping trip just to see his little Sasuke.

Seven years had passed by, Sasuke grew to a handsome boy and he pick up things quite fast. The clan knew that Sasuke had greater potential then his older brother, Itachi whose getting really jealous of him. (He did all this even when he was blind? Wow! Even they didn't know he's short sighted till……………) But problems started to surface…………

One of their members die in a mission, with his body beyond saving that he died on the way to the hospital, but before they could bury his body. Sasuke's mother told her husband that Sasuke do not have the 'Sharigan', although the head of the family a bit disappointed but soon caught the idea of what his wife was thinking.

So they took out the Sharigan from their dead member and gave Sasuke an eyes transplant. (That's how he got the Sharigan) But on the very next day, Itachi was acting out of character and out of control that he killed everyone in the Uchiha clan except for Sasuke who was sleeping and was rudely awaken.

When Sasuke reach to the area where the bloodbath was held, he slowly untied the bandages around his eyes to have a shock of his life.

His (So call) father and mother were on the floor dead, Itachi was standing in the middle of the blood bath with a sicken smile on his face, as he turned to look at his younger brother with his actives Sharigan eyes showing him what he did to their parents.


"Sasuke, if you want to kill me you have to get stronger to kill me…………" Sasuke stare at his older brother with an angry glare at first then it turned into a calmness and cool look, which made Itachi uneasy all of sudden.

Sasuke stood up giving Itachi glares that could kill.

"No, I will become stronger. Not to kill you but to protect those you want to harm in the near future." As he took one step forward making Itachi a bit nervous, as he took three steps forward, Sasuke pointed a finger at Itachi who how shriving. "Get out, before I change my mind."

Within a second his only big brother vanished from sight, as Sasuke kneed before the battled bodies of his dead family, he touches the person he called mother. "I promise, I promise I will protect the ones that are important to me in the future." Tears flow down his face like rain as he cried the very first time since he step into this world.

A year later

Although the loss of his family and his insane brother still running mad, Sasuke still live a normal life………er………Almost…………As the last survivor member of the clan, which of course reminds him of his pervious life. In school all the girls had made a fan club of him and they chase after him, which piss him off sometimes, but he realized that he wasn't into girls. He's attention was at a cute, beautiful, loud mouth prankster and also an outsider, but things are starting to change when they met…………

Sasuke was sitting under a tree, studying a scroll that he borrowed from the library. He was near a playground as he took a few peeks from his studies; his eyes caught a blonde hair boy around his age playing with the other children but when the adults came………… Those adults dragged their children away from the blonde boy, who was confuse as the adults shot him dirty looks.

'What did that kid do to make them hate him?' When everyone had cleared the playground or was dragged away from the playground, leaving the blond boy all alone.



"Why didn't the Hokage destroy him when he was a baby?"

Sasuke's sharp hearing caught the harsh words of the adults that were blown in the wind. 'Monster? He doesn't look like one? He looks………' Sasuke rolled up his scroll and pocket it before walking up to the lone boy.

"Hey there!" But the blonde boy just stayed silence and it annoy him, knowing that 's not working he decided to use plan B. "How about you stay over at my house?"

"No thanks, I rather be alone………" The lone boy jumped off the swing and began his way; Sasuke had a flashback of him asking one of his teachers that was closer to the lone boy.


"Iruka-Sensei?" A brown hair teacher whose hair was tied up in a pineapple shape, look up at Sasuke from his paperwork. "Ah. Uchiha Sasuke what can I do for you?"

Sasuke just pointed at the same blonde boy alone on the swing. "Could you tell me what's his favorite?" The teacher was surprised at Sasuke's question; he was not expecting that kind of question. "What do you want to know about him?"

Sasuke dark blue eyes turned back to the teacher. "What is his favorite item, that he would just follow blindly?" The teacher saw a grin creeping up onto Sasuke's face; he closed his eyes with sign. "Miso Ramen."

"Huh?" Iruka open his eyes and look at the Uchiha survivor. "He like Miso Ramen."


The dark hair boy grinned at the memories before doing saying: "I can make instant Ramen."

This caught the blonde boy's attention, who just turned to look at Sasuke whose still grinning. "You can?" Sasuke nodded as he asked the blonde boy to follow him.

"What's you name?"

"Uzumaki, Uzumaki Naruto."

"Uchiha Sasuke, Nice to meet you."

". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

"You are an Uchiha!" The boy's name made Naruto jumped away from the dark hair boy. "Hey, I'm not going to eat you. Do you still want the Ramen?"


"I thought so."

As the years pass, Sasuke had secretly made friends with the outcast Naruto; he nailed the blonde boy's brain with knowledge, which includes Genjutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu in exchange for free lunch or dinner and sometime sparring.

They both didn't show this to anyone, Sasuke acted that he a know it all, Naruto acted he was an idiot. Even before the Genin exam, he purposely use the Sexy no jutsu just to get the teachers to scold him.

But things have change a bit for the two…………

At the age of 12

The sun rose into the sky, as the rays of the sun shore into the sleepy Uchiha's eyes. The dark hair boy slowly got out of bed knowing that today is the Genin exam and he's early.

Silence as a ghost he walked out the room without waking the blonde up, (Sasuke asked Naruto to move in with him, I guess he don't like to say in a big house all alone.) he made breakfast for himself and the sleeping blonde before waking Naruto up.


The blonde just turned around and carry on sleeping, Sasuke just roll his eyes, as he had to do this almost everyday. "Naruto, you better wake up before I decided to finish your ramen as well."

Well that work, cause Naruto pounce on Sasuke with an angry glare. "You better not eat all of them!" Sasuke just grinned. "If you don't hurry, I will."

Naruto got off Sasuke as he made his way into the bathroom, while Sasuke still grinning. "Also if you don't hurry for the Genin exam, I thought you want to give the teachers a shock of their life?" He then heard curse in the bathroom and a loud crash, as the blonde boy came out dress in nothing but orange pants and jacket.

'I'll never understand why do he always wear bright color?'

Later Naruto and Sasuke are jumping from roof to roof towards the Shinobi Academy, but that would be boring so Sasuke plan out a way to make it interesting. So Sasuke had made Naruto and himself to wear weights to strengthen their speed. (Adding one pound every month)

"Last one there, will cook tonight."

"What! No fair, I don't know how to cook." This made Sasuke laugh. "Then we have to bye in I chose, we can't eat ramen all the time."

(Did I forget to tell you?……… Sasuke is watching Naruto's eating habits.)

"What's wrong with ramen?"

Sasuke just smile as he channel his Chakra, then blast off in full speed. When they arrived to the classroom, Sasuke was the first one been knock down by all the squealing fan of him.

"Naruto! A hand would be nice!" The blonde boy had to dig into the mountain of girls before he could rescue the poor Uchiha, who then brushed himself as if nothing had happen. "Next time I'll use the window as a door." He mumbles as Naruto quietly giggle, but before he could to reply, Iruka-sensei had entered the classroom as all the students' scrambler for their seats.

"Okay everybody, listen up. Today is the Genin exams. You all will be tested on the basics of being a shinobi. That includes, weapons skills, Genjustsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. You are tested in an individual basis, there are three different examiners for this test: Ibisu-sensei, Yumi-sensei and myself. Each of us will be testing you in different areas; I'll be testing your Ninjutsu and Genjustsu. The other two you have to figure out yourself, so don't do anything embarrassing." As he eye Naruto who just grin.

"Any question before we begin."

No one raised his or her hands as Iruka held up a sheet of paper. "If that so, lets begin." He then pin the paper onto the wall. "This is the timetable for each section of the exam. So Good luck, you may need it."

As Sasuke studied the timetable while Naruto was being the joker in the background, he realized that the class was split into three different groups and the each teacher would be grading two students at once. He was going to pair up with Naruto all the way. 'At least I can keep him at my sight, so he wouldn't cause trouble…………who am I kidding!'

The exam with Ibisu-sensei and Yumi-sensei was a walk in the park, which also a shock of their life, now let not go into that shall we?

When it comes to the their exam, where they have to face Iruka. They had to do a basic Genjutsu Henge, Sasuke partially breeze through it while Naruto had a bit of error here and there.

'I should have spent longer on that subject………' Sasuke cursed himself, as he hoping that Naruto will be able to get a pass.

The Second one is on Ninjutsu, Bunshin. Sasuke's Ninjutsu was outstanding, while Naruto's was half dead. "FAIL!"

Sasuke's hopes went crashing, as he words left his teacher's mouth, Naruto didn't look up at Sasuke before he turned and walk away. "Naruto………Wait up!"

Iruka-sensei had notice Sasuke's behavior when he announced that Naruto failed, he had thought that Sasuke was cold and heartless but what he saw was then he relished that it was all an act, which made Iruka feel a bit guilty. At the end of the examination, everyone have received their hitai-ate, some were fooling around with it.

Sasuke put it in his pocket, he's a little upset that his beautiful blonde wouldn't be joining him in the mist of been adults. 'What when wrong?'

After when everyone had left, they were asked to return the very next day to find out which genin team he would go. 'But it's not the same without my blondey.' Sasuke walked up to Iruka-sensei who was cleaning the blackboard, as he turned around to see the Uchiha behind him.

"What can I do for you?"

"Iruka-sensei, could you help me watch over Naruto today?" Sasuke asked shyly. "What about him?" The teacher just smile but then was wipe away when Sasuke had a worry look. "I'm worry that he do something stupid. Could you find him and treat him to ramen for me? Please, if he see me it will only break his heart that he did not pass the exam."

"Uchiha? I was wondering why……………"

"Cause he reminds me of me, the people were giving him dirty glance and making him an outcast is going to make him worst. You be lucky that he haven't decided to leave the village, he did mention it a few time."

Sasuke watches his teacher paled and flinch at the sentence, while he mentally smile at the lie he made up. 'Maybe I could use this as my advantage……… Not………'

"Are you telling me that you stop him from leaving?"

Sasuke nodded, "I told him if he leaves, that will only leaves me been defenseless from my stupid fan club." Iruka knew that wasn't the answer he's been looking for, but he decided not to stick his nose into people's affairs.

"Okay, I'll look for him and maybe asked him to redo that last test?" A smile appeared on Sasuke's face as he thanks Iruka before leaving the classroom.

Naruto had fled to one of the many training areas that Sasuke and him had used as a sparring ground, he sat there thinking what when wrong. 'I did the hand seal correctly……………Where's the mistake?' He and Sasuke had repeatedly Genjutsu over and over again, although he was poor at that subject he found out that Sasuke was with him. No matter how many failures he had done, he always saw a smile on Sasuke's face.

"Damn! I let Sasuke-kun down…………" He murmured as he hugged his legs to his chest.

"There's a way you can pass." This made Naruto snapped up at the voice, he look up to see one of his teachers'. "Mizuki-sensei?" The teacher just smile at the blonde boy's surprised.

Iruka, who had finished a filing some documents, is now looking for the blonde boy that the little Uchiha asked him to watch over. He was about to give up when he saw Naruto rushing out of the Hokage's office with a huge scroll. 'What's is he up to?'

Iruka then found the scroll a bit familiar. 'That scroll………it looks like the…………'

"The Scroll of Secrets!" He watches some of the Chunin tried to chase after him, at the corner of his eye he saw Mizuki slipping into the forest where Naruto had vanished. 'Mizuki, I should have known.'

Iruka followed his college but soon lost him in the mist of the forest. "Damn where is that…………" His eyes then found the boy he was looking for.


"Iruka-sensei? What are you doing here?" The ponytail teacher landed in front of him with a serious look. "What am I doing here! I was looking for you when I heard that you stole that scroll…………"

"But Iruka-sensei, if I can do one of the skills in this scroll I will be able to graduate." Naruto saw a confused look on his teacher's face. "Who told you that?"


Iruka was confused and in rage, that one of his college trick one of his students in stealing. Then a bunch of knives were thrown as Iruka quickly pushed Naruto out of the way, as he was hit by the sharp throwing knives and was pin into one of the trees.

On the limb of a tree, Mizuki had a sickly smile. "I'm really impressed that you were able to follow me and found Naruto for me, Iruka-san."

"Why you……… You use Naruto to get the scroll for you." The ponytail teacher had a hateful look on his face, Mizuki just ignore him. "Now Naruto hand over that scroll." The Blonde was stunned with confusion as he asked what was going on, as on queue Iruka pulls a knife from his leg pocket.

"Naruto! Whatever you do don't give him the scroll, even in death! That scroll is forbidden with Ninjutsu, Mizuki-sensei only used you to get the scroll."

Somewhere else, someone looking at what looks like a crystal ball on the table? "What on earth is going on over there?" The person who's now holding the ball as he watches the scene. 'Maybe I needed to turn up the volume………… Where on earth did the Hokage put the controller for this thing?……… I don't copy this item for nothing.'


"Oh well this will have to do." As he waves his hand in the air, smiling that he hasn't lost his touch.

Mizuki only laughed which sent chills running down his spine. "Oh really? Is that true? It more like you're scare of Naruto of having the scroll."

"What the nine hells are you talking about?"

"Twelve years ago a rule was created in this very village, this is a rule that nobody was allowed to tell you about." This made Naruto wonder why there's a rule that nobody was supposed to tell him, unknown to himself that he had said it out loud. Iruka was now very angry and yells to the other teacher not to say it, but Mizuki continues. "The rule that nobody is allowed to talk about the fact that you are the Demon Fox. It means that you are the Nine Tailed Fox Demon that killed Iruka's parents and destroyed the village!"

"STOP!" But Iruka's cried was unheard, Naruto was shocked about the news that Mizuki just told him. "Everyone lied to you, demon. Have you ever wondered why everyone hates you? Nobody will ever acknowledged you, even Iruka-sensei hate you."

"Mizuki Shut up! Don't talk as if I'm not here! Naruto don't listen to him! Naruto that's not true!"

The ponytail teacher recalls the words from the Hokage. 'Naruto has never known a parent's love, and he is hated by all the villagers because of that incident. So to get attention all he could do was make a lot of mischief. He's seeking acknowledgment of his existence. He may act tough, but the one that is suffering is Naruto.'

Then he remembers that there was another person caring for the blonde boy was Sasuke. 'Cause he reminds me of me.'


Mizuki pulls one of his large shurikens from his back and throws it at the stunned Naruto. "Die Demon!" The blonde tried to scramble away as the shuriken was coming closer to him. "Get down!" Iruka covers Naruto's body with his own, as the shuriken was stuck in the middle of his back.

"AHG!" Blood was coughed out which lands on Naruto's face. "Iruka-sensei, why?"

"They are the same, after my parents' death no one acknowledge me or compliment me. I also acted like an idiot too just to get people's attention, it's painful, you must be in a lot of pain and so alone…………" Tears fall from his eyes, but Iruka's apologizes are not doing a better job hoping Naruto wouldn't feel his pain.

Mizuki laughs at Iruka's pitiful words. "He's just holding you responsible for the death of his parents, all he wants to do is to get the scroll back." Fear and lack of trust the blonde boy turns and run deeper into the forest. Mizuki jumped from the tree as he approaches the injured Iruka. "You should know that fox is not the change of heart type, he plans to use the scroll to get revenge on the village. Did you see his eyes, the eyes of the demon fox?"

The ponytail teacher pulls out the shuriken from his back and rises slowly to his feet. "Naruto is not like the demon fox!" Iruka threw the weapon, which was dodged easily by the traitor Mizuki. "As long as I kill the demon and gets the scroll, I will deal with you later."

Mizuki heads after Naruto after saying those words, the ponytail teacher was now furious at the traitor. "You wouldn't get Naruto, traitor. I'll make sure that."

There were two people looking through their crystal ball, saw all that took place in the woods. (That means hear too.) 'He told Naruto, now he's so afraid like a lost cud. I'm worried that the seal maybe released by Naruto's fear and anger………………I'm also worried that the Nine Tails Fox Demon may reappear since Naruto has the scroll of seals…………Even if it the odds of the million.

Iruka-sensei found Naruto running through the trees. "Naruto! What Mizuki was saying was false, you could pass me the scroll since Mizuki is after it!" Naruto then suddenly hits Iruka with a shoulder charge to the chest, which send both of them flying to the forest floor. "How do you know that I'm Mizuki in disguise?" As Mizuki undo his transformation.

Naruto just smile in responds "Cause I'm the real Iruka." Undoing his own transformation, which gave Mizuki a shock. "Iruka! W………Why would you change into something that killed your parents?"

"I would not give the scroll to an idiot like you. Dope."

"But Naruto and you are he same, if you two can use the skills in that scroll they can do whatever you want! There's no way that demon fox would not use that power!"

"You got that right." Naruto who's hiding behind a tree was surprise by his teacher's agreement; he felt hurt that deep down Iruka-sensei did not acknowledged him………… "If he was the Demon Fox that everyone knew, but Naruto is different! I have acknowledged him as one of my excellent students! He shows me that he's hardworking and dedicated but because of his clumsiness no one acknowledges him! He already knows what kind of pain in your heart. He's not the Demon fox! He is the Hidden Leaf Village's Uzimaki Naruto!"

Upon hearing the words of his only teacher, tears flowing down Naruto's face. For the first time he's been acknowledged by someone. Mizuki decided that he enough of chitchatting and got ready to kill Iruka, who was prepares his death. Mizuki charge at the ponytail teacher but he was suddenly kicked, which sent the shuriken flying off into the woods.

This shocked Iruka to see that Naruto had save him from death, the traitor then threatens the blonde who gave him a glare that could kill. "If you touch a single hair on Iruka-sensei I'll make sure you are a thousand miles under!"

"A punk like you? I rather kill." Naruto then grinned. "I dare you!" The blonde boy then used the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, which surprised Iruka as Naruto had created over a thousand of copies of himself. The clones then surrounds Mizuki who was stumble, not knowing what to do. "The Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is a high level Ninjutsu that creates actual bodies instead of illusions." He then grins at the stun Mizuki as he watches the clones gave Mizuki a beating that he wouldn't forget, literally.

"Iruka-sensei? Are you okay?" Iruka nodded and told him, what he did was impressive and he may someday surpass all previous Hokage. "Hey, Naruto could you come over here, I got a gift for you."


The Hokage watches the group of ninjas who had returned asking one another to see if they found Naruto. "Don't worry about it, if seem very thin is under control once again. Naruto will be back soon." Which could be told on relieves on the ninjas' face.

While the Hokage just smile as the sun rises to the sky.

"Can I open my eyes now Iruka sensei?"

"Sure you can." When he open his eyes to see a smiling Iruka Sensei standing in front of him, holding his old goggles. The blonde boy was now wearing his sensei's forehead protector.

"Congratulates Naruto." Naruto was lost for words as he gave his teacher a bear hugged, which hurts a bit of his wounds. "Ow! Naruto, I think there is someone waiting for you." The blonde boy had a confused look, as Iruka bring Naruto out of the forest.

When they arrived to a mansion, there waited a dark hair boy wearing a dark blue shirt and white pants, smiling in the morning sun. 'Sasuke?'

"Welcome home Naruto-kun."

The blonde boy hesitated cause he was afraid that Sasuke may reject him, cause of what he is, but Iruka gave Naruto a gentle push of encouragement towards the dark hair boy who held a cup ramen in front of him.

"RAMEN!" A lot of hearts appeared around Naruto as he dashes around Sasuke like a little dog for the cup, which made Iruka smile.

'Maybe he's not alone after all…………'

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