Double Trouble

A Danny Phantom/Fairly Oddparents Crossover

Chapter 1

The Big Switcharoo

14-year-old Daniel Fenton sat on a bench in the Amity Park Mall, waiting for his friend to come out of the Computer Store. Danny sighed. Only he and his friends knew he was half ghost, but his problem was that he captured and sent back almost every ghost in the Ghost Zone. His powers were almost useless. He hadn't seen a single ghost in weeks. Then, his breath was cold. Danny looked around and smiled. No one was around; the mall was almost empty. Danny whispered to himself "Going ghost!" and a circle of energy surrounded his stomach and back, and split into two, one circle moving towards his head, the other heading towards his feet. As the circles passed his body, his clothes changed. When the circles reached their destinations, they faded, leaving Danny's ghost half, Danny Phantom. His blue eyes had turned glowing green, and his black hair was now snow white.

Only a few seconds after his transformation, a portal was ripped open in the air next to Danny. Two girls came out; both looked just like each other. They both held a metal spear in their hand. The girls had black hair down to their waists, and green outfits that looked like bikini tops and skirts down to their ankles.

"Double Trouble, boil and bubble," the girls said in unison. "Phantom burns, caught in rubble." They raised their hands, and boulders fell from the sky. Danny gasped, trying to dodge them all.

"Who are you?" Danny asked demandingly while dodging more boulders.

"We are Double and Trouble," the girls said once again in unison. "We may talk unison and also rhyme, but you have committed an awful crime."

"What?!" Danny yelled. "I didn't do anything!"

"We'd beg to differ, yes indeed. But to punish you, we'll make you bleed. Now it's time for you to die, Phantom burns so now goodbye!" Double and Trouble raised their spears and energy came shooting out of the tips. Danny gasped again, trying to dodge all their blows. "Come now Phantom don't deny, we know that you aren't a good guy!" More beams shot at Danny.

Danny noticed the portal was still in back of Double and Trouble. "If I can push them in, I might be able to push them back where they came from…" Danny charged at the girls, knocking them back into the portal they came from. As they went in, Trouble grabbed Danny's shirt, pulling him in with them. The portal sealed behind the three. "Oh crap, I'm stuck!"

"Phantom, Phantom, please play fa"-

"Shut up!" Danny yelled. "Just shut up!" Danny flew past the two, trying to find an exit to the place. Danny looked behind him, seeing that Double and Trouble was on his tail. Danny flew fast, but Double flew past him, ripping a portal before the three, sending them all flying through a child's bedroom.

Danny stopped short, but the twins went crashing through the window, sending them outside. "Well, that helped," Danny said to himself.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my room?" Danny looked over his shoulder to see what looked like a ten-year-old boy.

"The better question is," Danny said, "why are you wearing pink?" The boy narrowed his eyes.

"I can get my parents. They'll arrest you for breaking into my room."

"Well, don't. I'm here because I'm a protector of Amity Park."

"Well, you're in Dimmsdale genius."

"Good for me"-

Danny and the kid were pushed back into the portal by Trouble and Double; they snuck back into the room by the window. The girls closed the portal as they followed the boys. "Who is that?" they asked Danny, pointing to the boy.

"My name is Timmy," he said. "Timmy Turner. Now, please answer me why you kidnapped me!" Danny elbowed the kid to shut him up. Double and Trouble grinned. They raised their arms, and Timmy and Danny were surrounded by rotating light. The light closed in on them both, and the two fainted…

"Timmy… Timmy… Timmy!" Danny woke up with a jolt. "Timmy…are you okay?" Danny looked up to see a pink haired woman. She was shorted than usual, however, and she had wings sprouting from her back and a yellow crown on her head. Her eyes were also pink. "Timmy, why is your hair black? Timmy?"