Double Trouble

Chapter 3

Wanda, Cosmo, and Crocker

"Will you quit calling me Timmy?" Danny snapped. He looked down at his body and yelled. He was in the same clothes as Timmy Turner. He looked up at the lady. "Oh… You think I'm Timmy… But, I'm Danny. Danny Fenton. And you are?"

"You aren't Timmy?" the lady asked. She seemed to panic. "This isn't good… This isn't good…" A green-haired, green-eyed man seemed to 'poof' out of no where. He was the same size as the lady, and they both had wings and a crown.

"Hi Timmy!" the green-haired man said, waving. Danny looked into his green eyes. His first instinct: green eyes mean a ghost.

"Going ghost!" Danny cried. But nothing happened. The man looked at Timmy. "GHOST!" Danny cried.

"Where?" the man said. He looked around. "Is it invisible?"

"Cosmo, stop being stupid. Timmy obviously has amnesia or something."

"WHO ARE YOU!" Danny yelled. The man and lady looked to Danny.

"We're your Fairy Godparents, silly," the man said. "I'm Cosmo, and she's Wanda."

"There's no such things as Fairy Godparents."

"Yup. He's got amnesia."

"I DO NOT HAVE AMNESIA!" Danny roared. "There are no such things as Fairy Godparents, I'm not Timmy, and I'm dreaming! I know it!"


"MY NAME IS DANNY!" Cosmo and Wanda seemed frightened. Danny didn't mean to scare them. "Oh, alright. You can call me Timmy, but just until I find some way to get back to Amity Park."

"Timmy! Get down here or you'll miss the bus!" Danny rubbed his eyes and tried to get himself awake. He crawled down the stairs and into the kitchen. A couple (most likely Timmy's real parents), was sitting at the breakfast table, eating their breakfast. Danny got himself some food, walked back up the stairs, got dressed, basically what he did every morning in Amity Park.

Danny waited outside, next to the school bus. He was carrying a pink book and a green backpack. Little did he know, that was Cosmo and Wanda.

The school bus came. Danny got on and was drove to school. There, he walked inside, bored as ever, and got himself to where he thought his first period class was. Mr. Crocker's room, Wanda and Cosmo had told him this morning.

As Danny sat in the seat in the front, the teacher, Mr. Crocker walked inside. "Good morning class," Mr. Crocker said. "Today, we will not only talk about Fairies, but also Ghosts." Danny gulped. He knew this couldn't be good.

Mr. Crocker drew something on the chalk board. It looked like Wanda and one of the Ectopusses Danny once fought. "With the power of a Fairy Godparent"-Danny almost laughed when Mr. Crocker spazzed as he said 'Fairy Godparent'-"a ghost could be teleported from some random town to here in Dimsdale! One of us could be a ghost person… One of us could have Fairy Godparents"-Spazzation-"Timmy Turner!" Danny looked up at his spazztastic teacher.

"Yes Mr. Crocker?"

"Get up here."

"Yes Mr. Crocker." Danny nodded and got up out of his seat. He walked up to Mr. Spazz and smiled weakly. Crocker sniffed him. Danny seemed very puzzled. Does he do this everyone?

Crocker narrowed his eyes. "I smell a ghost…"