100-word Buffy / X-Men crossover Drabble, a response to certain reviews of the previous chapter. Characters are the property of their respective creators and are used without any intention of infringing copyright. This story may not be distributed on a profit-making basis.

Genetic Anomoly

By Marcus L. Rowland

"That was amazing," said Scott Summers, staring at Glory's smouldering corpse "I couldn't have done it."

"Yeah, well I only got some of your genes," said Dawn, "obviously my mutation's gonna be different."

"I suppose so."

"Think about it - no two mutants have identical powers, why would anyone except an obsessive fanboy think otherwise? I'm not a Buffy clone, so why should I be a Scott clone."

"Nobody's arguing," said Buffy. "By the way, what happened to those fanboys?"

"Oh, Glory sucked their brains while they were saying I couldn't kill her. Some garbage about role-playing games."

"No loss."