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Chapter 8: Kisu to Kizu (Part Two)

Fred should have known better than to think that he and George would end up happily in love. He should have, but he didn't.

"George?" Allison looked so small as she trembled against the doorframe. Her eyes were wide and glassy, her hair in a dark cloud around her face. "George?" If she hadn't been his precious brother's girlfriend, Fred might have been moved to pity for the sorrowful creature. She was, and so he felt nothing. Fred's sweaty fingers clutched more tightly against George's.

"Allison." The name was barely audible as it fell from George's lips. The average name took on a strange quality when George said it, a quality that Fred didn't understand. It made his stomach lurch. Fred wanted to pull George close to his chest and hold him there, tighter than tight, but something inside of him told him that it would all end if he did that.

"What are…? What did you two just do?" Allison swallowed; George echoed the motion with Fred watching his Adam's apple bob up and down. It was a perfect motion, a George motion. George refused to look at either of them. A long silence passed, during which Fred grew angry. Why was George so silent?

"He sucked my dick," he snapped, his crude choice of words betraying his feelings more than his tone. Allison's eyes got wider and she looked to George as if to ask him if it were true. George said nothing but his very silence spoke volumes.

"You… You… Pervert!" That word, which normally had no force at all, seemed a slap in the face now when spoken by the increasingly hysterical girl at the doorway. "He's your brother! Your twin brother! Oh, God!" She crumpled in the doorframe like a marionette that had just been dropped by a careless puppeteer. When she began to cry, her expression was so like the one that Fred had so often that his heart broke. Would this selfish love destroy them all? As much as he hated her for having George in a way Fred knew he never could, she didn't deserve this. She was easy, she had slept around, but she did love George. How must she feel now…? A sick feeling crept into Fred's stomach when he realized that he knew. He, too, had felt it. A selfish, selfish love.

"Allison, don't cry…" George begged, clearly torn between going to his girlfriend's side and remaining with his brother. Fred's heart ached for Allison, but he still hoped that George would stay with him. How could he not? "Allison…" The heart in Fred's chest stopped beating. All at once, he understood that strange quality in George's voice when he said her name and the curious hollow ache in his chest. It was love. A sweet, tender love the likes of which Fred had never heard in George's voice when he spoke his name. No, he couldn't! He couldn't do this…! Fred wanted to scream but it died stillborn on his lips.

George stood, his hand slipping away from Fred's. He had made his choice. And, Fred knew as he began to walk across the room, that choice had not been him. George wrapped his arms around Allison's shaking shoulders and stroked her hair, quieting her. No! Don't touch her! Don't touch her like that! Fred wanted to cry but did not. George and Allison stood to leave. As they crossed the threshold, George gave Fred a forlorn glance over his shoulder before walking out. Fred knew he would not come back.

"George!" Fred screamed, finding his voice at last and running to the door. "George! Goddamnit, don't do this to me! George!" Fred was sobbing and the patrons were staring. "GEORGE!" Fred fell to the floor.

George had not chosen him.

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