My first story that I decided to Publish. I have several more chapters and depending upon the reader's reviews and reactions will discern the release of more chapters.

"How did it all start? Bastok held my birth. I didn't last long with my parents. They weren't alive long enough to see me arrive. The whole family moved from Windurst to Bastok to escape from family depts. But it didn't stop them from chasing us. My grandparents were dragged back but my parents and me were able to get away from them. But then it happened. Just outside of the Bastok walls there was an ambush. The beast men were everywhere. By the time the gates opened to our screams my father had fallen. There was a strong beast that led them all. He stood strong with a spear. The guards came rushing out to try to help my mother and I. One soldier grabbed me. But a beast man got a hold of my mother.

Not a hold of her, no. She died before my eyes. That beasts' spear caught her. It pierced her chest and pulled her into the air. Her body hung like a rag doll. I couldn't tare my eyes away from the sight. Tears came streaming down my face and a battle cry came from behind me. The royal guards came running out pushing the beast men back. All that was left was me standing in the midst of a battle looking at my parents. I remember pulling them together and burying them. I sat there in between their graves all night looking at the sky. The moon was red and full looking down at me. Then I thought. What if I don't move from this spot? What if I stay here and wait to join my parents? But I couldn't. That is when I left for Bastok."

The small mithra walked through the gates and looked about. As she proceeded she couldn't help but be amazed by the large beings that surrounded her.

"What are these creatures?"

Her stomach grumbled in hunger.

"I haven't eaten in days."

Glancing around for a corner shop she stopped one of the Galka.

"Excuse me, but could you show me where I could find some food?"

"HA, little one. You are in need of a map. Here, I'll let you have one of mine. When your done eating go find an equipment shop. You wont last long around here in just a dress."

She bows to him and runs off to the closest diner and walks in. There are soldiers and adventures sitting at all the tables. She steps up to the bar and looks for a waiter. From behind her comes a voice.

"Do you have any money on you?"

She falls off the stool in surprise. And looks up at the tall Elven man.

"I have a little to spare for some bread."

He looks at her irritated. "We don't sell bread. If you want to eat here you need to have enough for a full meal. If you don't have the gil you are wasting my time."

"I only have a little on me, I didn't come here with any."

He picks her up and tosses her out of the building. From inside she could hear laughter and sneers. She gets up and runs off far away from the building. She finds a bench and sits down and opens the map.

"Not coming back to the port area anytime soon. In the market area should be a store named the Dragons Claws. I should be able to get some sort of weapon there. I'll go hunt some rabbits for food if I cant pay anyone here for food."

Quickly running off to the shop she notices other races running about. TaruTaru practicing their healing spells on others, children running around playing. But she didn't have time to play. Too afraid to ask for any help she just ran to the store. Upon entering she couldn't help herself but look at the assortment of weapons on the walls.

"Welcome to the Dragons Claws, the only weapon store in Bastok. How may I help you little one?"

"I need a weapon for hunting."

"You'll need a lot more than that if you wish to go hunting around these parts."

"All the gil I have is for a dagger. Its all I will ever have."

Oh you don't need to worry about that. I see that you are a new comer to these parts. From Windurst I'm guessing."

"Yes. I just arrived yesterday."

"Oh dear, your not. Oh my, I'm sorry. You're the one that survived the attack yesterday. Please excuse me for a moment."

The large Galka walks to the back room and rummages around for a little bit. He walks back out with a chest.

"Here, it isn't much but it was just delivered from Windurst. I don't carry much in the line for mithra equipment but here."

He opens the chest pulling out armored clothing.

"A full set of adventures clothing. I have a dagger you can use. Now for you're monetary troubles go see the gate guards. They issue jobs and quests for citizens. Tell them I sent you."

She gladly accepts the armor and puts it on. She purchases the dagger and bows graciously. Patting the wooden shield proudly she walks to the gate guards. She addresses them.

"I am here looking for work. The man at the weapon store sent me."

"Ah yes we have a quest for you. Now take this package and deliver it to the outpost in North Gustaburg. You will be paid when you give it to the man there."

"OK sir."

She salutes him and takes the package. Quickly she runs outside to the north. On the way there she encountered many enemies. With the dagger she acquired she dispatched of many, but had to hide and run from some. Traveling overnight she finally arrived at the outpost. Greeted by the guards she presented them with the package.

"Ah yes the supplies are here. Excellent work. Your pay is here."

He gives the little mithra a bag of gil. For the next few weeks she continued to bring packages to the outpost. Soon she got strong enough from fighting off monsters that she was able to fend them off quickly leaving her more time to deliver the supplies to the outposts. A month later she arrived to find a party of travelers congregating around the outpost.

"Well look it's the little errand child."

"Looks like a weakling to me. How are you able to get past all the goblins little girl?"

"Shut up you idiot." The leader of the group yelled. "You must have ran all the way here to have made it by night fall. Here we are starting a fire for the night. Stay here where it is safe. Tomorrow we are setting off for Sandoria. Maybe you would like to join us. A rouge would be nice change of pace too all the mages and warriors I have been traveling with."

"Sure. I would love to travel with you guys."

This was the first time she smiled since her parents died. "Maybe I will find a place to belong here." She thought to herself.

The next morning they all set off for Sandoria. Leaving Bastok and not looking back. They traveled through the Konchet Highlands and approaching the Valkrum Dunes.

"Now little one be careful and stay close to us here. Once we get to the dunes there will be very strong creatures here. Make sure to not get near them. They are very territorial and will attack if you get to close to them."

"Right." The little mithra said.

The group traveled long through the sands and found a tunnel.

"We will stay here till night fall. When the sun goes down we will break through the desert to the north and arrive in the La Thiene Plateau."

Many travelers came through the tunnel but it was a quiet day. Night came and so they left.

"It has been rather quiet tonight. All the beast men should be asleep but their aren't any travelers out. This is usually when people cross the dunes."

To the east came howls, loud hollering from many men. They were coming closer quickly.

"Everyone get down. Bandits are coming. If we all hide they will just pass by." The leader said

"Lisa, make sure they don't find our guest. Keep her covered and hidden."

"Yes sir." She answered.

The bandits kept coming in their direction and soon they arrived just feet behind them.

"There was word of a small group traveling at night. They should have some goods to our use and lets not forget all the gil they own." One of the bandits snapped.

"Well then where are they?" The leader barked at him.

"I don't know, they shouldn't have gotten far from that tunnel." He answered

From behind them an arrow flew through the air striking one dead. The group turned and the hidden party rose and ambushed the bandits. From a small fight came a huge battle.

"You impotent whelps. You think we came alone." The leader of the bandits spoke.

He let off a signal flare. As it exploded in the air dozens of bandits came rushing out. The party scrambled together as they were quickly out numbered. The mages stood in the back casting their magic trying to keep the warriors healed. But their constant casting took its toll. All the mages became fatigued and couldn't stand from all the magic they were exhausting. Then with an unsuspected attack one of the mages fell.

A sneaky thief snuck up behind the group and struck down the white mage. She cried out for help. The party looked to see they efforts to stay alive disappear. Then another fell. So fell with him another mage. The party was gone, all but the one black mage that was hiding the small mithra child. The bandits looted the corpses of the fallen party. Till they found the leader was still breathing.

"Heh looks like one of them is still alive. Well seeing that you put up such a valiant attempt to survive I'll make it quick." The leader of the bandits speaks.

As he raised his sword over the warrior he was blasted aside with a fireball. The black mage stood there casting magic at all the bandits. She screamed in anger at the bandits. But because her attention was so focused on the leader of the bandits she found herself surrounded by enemies. With viscous attacks she kept casting till she fell to her own death.

"Hey boss we found a live one!"

"Yeah this one should fetch us quite a lot of money at the auction."

The two men dragged the small mithra out of the hole she was hiding in. They shackled her and pulled her to the boss. He looked her over.

"Yes the slave auction should see us well with this one. We shall set off and be there by sunrise." He spoke.

The bandits set off for the west for a grand gathering of traders and auctioneers. All night the traveled kicking the little girl every time she slowed. As the sun came up the neared the large tents surrounded by hundreds of guards and men of various statures and races. Several looked at the small mithra in glee.

"Hey I can't wait for the auction. I want to buy that now!" One yelled to the group.

"No sales until the show. She is going up for fair trade. You'll have your chance." The leader snapped back.

They signed her up and got the auction number.

"He looks like you have a day left before someone else owns you little girl."

They sent her back and she was shoved into a locked cage and left there for the day. Hours past until night fell once again. That night was her final day. Several other slaves were bought and traded. It now was her turn.

"There she is. Bring her out she is going up in 30 minutes." A worker said.

Two men came in and wheeled her cage out and parked it behind three others. She could hear shouting coming from the room in front of her, numbers shouting over others, each one getting larger and larger than the next.

"Why me. Why am I here in this sad life?" She thought to herself.

"Next up is a small mithra girl. She is young but think of what you can do with the youth of a slave. Bring the lucky lady out." The auctioneer spoke.

The workers wheeled her out on stage. Hundreds of people were shouting and yelling catcalls at her.

"We will start the bidding at one hundred thousand gil."

"One hundred and ten!"

"Screw you! One hundred and fifty!"

"Two hundred thousand!"

"Two hundred and fifty!"

"Two seventy-five."

Men kept bidding on the small mithra child. The prices getting higher every time someone spoke. Then in the back a slender woman came walking in.

"One million gil!" she yelled over the crowd.

All the men stopped and turned to her. The crowd went silent in her presence. All the bidding stopped and the mithra's fate was sealed.

All Characters created were of fiction. I don't own rights to Final Fantasy XI. They only thing is mine is the main character mithra.